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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!
2008 is over and I consider how I was feeling this time last year and how I was preparing for it to be a daunting year for different reasons – I was envisaging how hard it would be with three children/ a baby all over again. And when it came to it, this was the most easy, wonderful part. How wrong I was!
This year I think we’ve gone through pretty much every emotion there is to be experienced. I still have moments in every day where I think about all the traumas, although I don’t talk about them; they don’t overwhelm me any more. This past year has been one huge wake-up call - and I feel I have been so incredibly fortunate.
Sophie saw her first new year in last night (something she’ll boast about to her friends when she’s back at school!) The highlight of Christmas for them was watching Mamma Mia at least twice a day! So that’s my new lasting memory of Mamma Mia – Christmas 2008 (much better than the old one of singing the Abba songs in my head to keep me sane whilst listening to the loud hammering noises in my first hour-long MRI scan!)


Anonymous said...

Loved the Christmas photos of you all enjoying yourselves- any more? Mama Mia very popular here too. Heard of one family who played the DVD on Christmas evening and by the time they'd watched it twice, enjoyed the singalong and out takes it was 2am.
Love from Pam and Gary Davis

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie Happy new year!!I must be the only one in the country who hasnt watched mamma mia... i bought the dvd for my sister who was over from Greece for Xmas... hoping to watch it but somehow never got round to watching it. Lovely family photos. We are off to China on Wed to visit Andrew our eldest son who is teaching in Hainan . Luckily it is a tropical part of China... known as Chinese Hawaii. Wishing you, Giles and family all the best for the new Year love marie and James

Annie said...

Hi Katie

Wishing you a very happy new year.
We love all your beautiful family photos..
We just wanted to tell you about our visit to the Van Hages ice rink..it seems to differ from yours.! There was no elegant dancing on ice but wobbling and crashing into the barriers! But oh the ice was so shiny and bright and very very cold...we couldn't stop laughing..especially when Laura fell over..ha ha ha..

love annie and laura

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Happy New Year to you all. Neil bought me Mamma Mia for Christmas and I still haven't got round to seeing it but hope to next week once everything's back to 'normal'. Hope to be over your way in Feb so will catch up with you then. Love Amanda xx
PS hope your first ever home cooked turkey went well!!

Nicole said...

Dear Katie, Giles and family

Happy New Year from a cold white Switzerland.Love the photos and beautiful children.I hope for everybody that 2009 will bring good health and every day special moments, which make life so beautiful.Nothing can beat positive thinking and positive living.Love to you all, Nicole

Azza Elnusairi said...

Dear Katie

Happy New Year to you and the family. The photos are wonderful - your kids are beautiful and you and Giles don't look a day older than when we last saw each other!

All my love and best wishes for 2009.

Azza, Kevin and Zain xxx

Anonymous said...

Have been thinking about you and am sending lots of love from Kent. Hope the children have settled back into school.I expect they were hoping for a bit more snow! We had a 22hour power cut here -amazing hope much destruction you can create groping around in the dark!! Love Pam and gary

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Happy New Year to you, Giles and the family. You are so right about the power of thought...if you think then it will happen. If we can use this to positive effect then good things start to happen!!!

May this year bring you much happiness and may the positive thoughts keep flowing.

love LisaX

Anonymous said...

Since we received your Xmas card, we have been thinking about you a lot and wanted to post a quick message to wish you a better 2009. Sounds like you are putting up a great fight - just like we remember you at SOP. Hang on in there kiddo, you have so much to live for.
All our love
Rob and Sharon Poolman

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Wishing you a Happy and also positive New Year !

Katie i also believe in the philosophy of positive thought.
We are all aware that life is extemely difficult at times, but equally there is a lot of beauty and more.
Being positive is infectious and therefore is not just benefical to you but all the people around you.
Wishing you continued strength and positive thought for 2009!!