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Sunday, 26 April 2009

My brothers did amazingly well today - the hot sunny weather making their run even more enduring. Tom did the 26.2 miles in 4 hours 36 minutes and Rob in 3 hours 58 minutes. Some people will now have to double their donations! I am very, very proud!


Rebecca said...

Hi - I was wondering how they'd done - very well done to both of them - good times too!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing. What a fantastic achievement and I see that they've exceeded their financial target. Please pass on our congratulations to them both. Love Neil, Amanda and Cameron xx

Mum said...

I can't believe they did it! Ten months ago, Tom really struggled to walk 26 miles with us along the New River Path and Rob was suffering from client over-entertainment!!
Needless to say we are immensely proud of them fighting their personal fitness battles whilst you, Katie, are fighting your personal battle with such courage and fortitude!
Now it's Jane who has to start training I think, although looking out for three children amongst 36,000 would be even more of a challenge!
The atmosphere on the route was terrific and it is a very emotional thing to understand that all those runners and their supporters have been affected by some tragedy or serious illness of a loved one. Anyone who puts himself/herself through that arduous course, with the sun beating relentlessly down, must have a serious reason to do it!
It was an amazing day, long may the goodwill it brings continue, and well done everyone who contributed to the still- increasing fund.
All our love, Mumxxx and Dadxxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all is well. You are often in our thoughts. You must be very proud of your brothers!! A big well done to them both!
Keep on fighting
Sharon and Rob

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, I travelled through London on way to Heathrow on the marathon day. The tube was buzzing with runners relating their triumphs and sporting their medals. Your brothers did really well. Enjoy the summer and every day the sun shines, Love Pam and Gary

Annie said...

Hi Katie

wow well done to your brothers-what brilliant times. i'm jsut back from Canterbury and the 12 mile walks take me a day!!

what a lovely family photo of the christening at the church.

keep being strong and positive.
love annie

Nicole said...

Dear Katie, Giles, Ursula and Chris
The longer all goes well the more one is happy for life to go on, without thinking of illness and sadness every moment. But I often think of you all in England and it makes us all very happy to read and see pictures of a very special family. Don't forget to come and see us, if you should travel to Switzerland. Much love to you all, Nicole and family

Annie said...

Hi Katie

just to say hello.

love annie