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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Firstly thanks for everyone’s kind words, poems and messages of support. It has been a great help to know there were so many people reading the blog, thinking of and praying for us. Katie earned every bit of that support through her dignified, unselfish battle. She never complained as some of her worst fears became reality, she always looked for the positives, just accepted and got on with each new challenge. She was always worried about being a burden to me and the rest of her family, and always apologising that this was happening to us all. But I would have loved to have had the chance to continue caring for her, I miss her so much and still can’t believe that she isn’t coming back home.

Anyway back to the Party etc. This is what is happening:

Sunday 7th March - 2pm - Thanksgiving Service - All Saints Church, Hertford. SG13 8AE
Everyone welcome. Katie specified that she wants people wearing colour and did not want everyone wearing black.
(For those not familiar there is some parking within the church gates (accessed via the bottom end of Queens Road), otherwise on residential streets near the church or the multi-storey car park on the other side of the dual carriageway – church accessible via a pedestrian underpass.)

Straight after the service – so from 3pm approx we will head to Hanbury Manor Hotel, Ware, SG12 0SD. There will be a crèche for children with entertainment and activities. Children’s food in that room from 4ish. Finger buffet for adults during and after the interval of the Abba Girls Tribute act. The Abba Girls start at 5pm. Disco after but probably only till approx 10pm. Please feel free to drop in for just part of the party if you prefer. Some people have asked about fancy dress – Abba style – it’s absolutely fine if YOU want to!

There will be some boxes for donations to the Isabel Hospice at the party. This together with, The Willow Foundation and Cancer Research UK were Katie’s preferred charities. Please don’t buy flowers etc – we would much rather see you give that money to a good cause.

Close family will be having a Cremation Service on Thursday 4th.

Hopefully that covers everything - if not please ask.


Sara said...

Dear Giles, Sophie, Sam & Evie,
Thank you for continuing to keep us all up-to-date... you really are quite amazing.
I know that everyone here in Baku and in Aberdeen who had contributed to (or just read) the blog has asked me to offer you their sympathies and let you know that they are thinking of all you and Katie's parents, Rob, Tom and Jane too.
I find myself thinking of Katie all the time... remembering shared conversations, all of the thoughtful gifts that she gave me, moments that I had the privilege to share like her Hen Party, your wedding, Sophie & Sam as babies... so many happy memories.
As you know, I am into the hippy-dippy stuff of yoga, so I have been dedicating my morning chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (to keep you safe on journeys... physical and spiritual) to Katie and all of you too.
Although we are not able to join you in the UK for the service and party, we will be having our own tribute here on 5th March... if I can wrestle control of the ipod from Andy then lots of ABBA will feature :)
With lots of love to all of you,
Sara & Andy

Anonymous said...

Dear giles,
it's wonderful that you're still having the party so that we can all celebrate katie amazing life with you and your family. We will continue to support you through this difficult time and even though I'm sure we all have our dark moments, I try to think about how katie would deal with it! She would put a smile on her face and reflect a postive attitude.
Take care giles
love terri xxx

Jenny Crewe said...

Dear Giles
Its sounds like you are all planning a fitting tribute to Katie and I am only sad I will not be able to be there. I think you are amazing the way you are handling everything and I hope that the service on the 4th and the party go really well for you all and you are able to celebrate the wonder that was Katie
Much love to you all

Anonymous said...

Oh Giles, I see you have now stepped straight into Katie's shoes to be an inspiration to us all. I am sure she would be very proud of you for that! I am so sorry we will not be able to come to her 'party' but I did e-mail her ten days ago to say that. What is truely amazing is, a woman who I have never met, who was fighting the biggest battle of her life and preparing her family and darling children for the cruel inevitable outcome, still took the time to reply to me and to wish us luck with our upcoming house move. I have been so humbled by her kindness. I only wish I had got the chance to meet her. I am sure we would have been friends. We will light a candle here on 7th March and throw some flowers off the cliffs into the sea (what we decided to do when my dear Grandmother died last summer and I couldn't get to her funeral due to fog grounding the plane). I hope Katie would have thought that was a fitting tribute and I hope you do too. Your mum told my mum when they met a few weeks ago that Katie had commented that she felt she knew me, even though we haven't met. Well, I feel the same thanks to her and your efforts to keep the blog going. I so hope you are all coping and the children can begin to understand. We are thinking of you all, and Katies family also - of course.
Much love
Hollie, Deryk, Lachlan, Fyntan, Raven and Ythan. xxxxxxx

annie said...

Dear Giles, Sophie, Sam, Evie and all your family

thinking of you all with a mixture of sadness and bright happy memories too

love annie x x

Liz said...

Dear Giles

Thank you for keeping us all informed at this sad time. Also for sharing those wonderful pictures. Such a beautiful family, it seems so unfair.
You are always in my thoughts.


emma said...

Dear Giles,Sophie,Sam and Evie,
The photo's are absolutely beautiful,you are an amazing family and we hope that the service on the 4th and the celebration on the 7th go well,Katie was so amazing and selfless and this will live on in you and your children,
love from
Emma,Matt,Jessica and Katie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Giles Sophie Sam and Evie

Thank you so much for keeping us informed-I feelso sad that you are writing this in the small hours- I send you a big hug from us and please remember we are thinking of you constantly.
The photographs are truly beautiful and will add to the many wonderful memories you have of an amazing lady.

with much love Clare Ian & family xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Giles

It is with great sadness that Jane and I learnt of your beautiful, inspirational and courageous wife’s death this week as we logged on to Katie’s Blog. We have not contacted you before but in recent months have regularly looked at your news and hoped and prayed for a different outcome for you all. We have also been deeply moved and amazed at all the things you have managed to achieve together in the time you had.

David says- I am particularly thinking of the children at this time having lost my dad to cancer age 36 years when I was two. It is so wonderful that the children will have so many happy memories, mementoes, photos and I assume video clips of their mum as this will help so much in the coming years for them to keep that connection with her. I used to get angry when people kept on telling me how wonderful my dad was as it somehow added to the loss, but having pictures of him and knowing what we did together and that he held me were so important to know. I did not fully appreciate until I had my own children just how much a dad can do with their child in just two years and this was a great comfort. I am not saying that the children will not have their difficult times when they will miss their mum greatly but the old cliché is actually true-it does get easier with time, particularly if they are surrounded by love on a daily basis. I am reminded of an old friend who died of leukaemia many years ago when he had a young family to leave-it was of great encouragement to meet up with his wife and grown up children last year and see how well adjusted, mature and happy individuals they were.

So Giles, please accept our deepest condolences. We know you have lots of people helping you out, but we are here for you if you need anything whatever it might be. Please ask.

Our love

David and Jane Maddams.

Marianne said...

Dear Giles
These arrangements look so lovely. Thank you for sorting it all out and letting us know. It's fantastic that we will be able to celebrate Katie in a way which fits all her wishes. I'm sure there will be a very colourful set of people on Sunday. I hope you are coping ok and having lots of hugs from the children. Thinking of you all lots and lots.
With love

Lynne said...

Dear Giles

Just wanted to say that you and the children are in my thoughts daily and also that the photographs are beautiful and something to cherish along with all the other happy memories you shared.

Take care



Anonymous said...

you are an inspirational family, so courageous and positive at every hurdle. I knew katie way back from cuffley school days and reading the blog has made me see what an amazing woman she turned out to be.
I hope with all my heart you and your beautiful children find some solace in the love that everyone has for Katie and her beautiful smile shall live on in your hearts forever.
God bless and may your party be a fabulous success and a joyful celebration of her life.

Karen Watt said...

Dear Giles,
I'm so sorry I will not be able to attend Katie's party.
I send my love & kindest regards to all the family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Giles
I am so glad you are going ahead with the party - of course Katie will be so glad and will be with you. Thank you for sharing the lovely family photos with us.
Thinking of you all every day - you are doing brilliantly Giles.
Look forward to the Thanksgiving on Sunday.

Take Care
Lynne C xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Giles,

the photos are beautiful of you all, and shine with Katie's fighting spirit and courage. You obviously share this gift. Thinking of you all on Thursday.
With love and hugs
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...


I'm really sorry to hear about your loss. Katie sounds like an amazing woman and wife.

I'm a local freelance journalist who works with national newspapers and women's magazines and would like to know if you'd be interested in doing a tribute article - in memory of Katie and in a bid to raise awareness of skin cancer. I would understand if you wouldn't want to - but should you be interested you can contact me on sarah_f18@hotmail.com

Many thanks and best wishes


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you all today. No words can make any of this better but we wanted to send our love.
Hollie, Deryk and the children. xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that we are thinking of you all today.

Mandi, Jon, Melissa and Adam

Debra Foley said...

Dear Giles,
Sophie, Sam, Evie and all The Family. You are in our thoughts and prayers each and everyday, but especially today.
All Our Love, Debra, Kevin, Niamh and Sorcha xoxoxox

Christel Ainge said...

To all the members of Katie's family,

Like many, many people I have been thinking about all of you a lot every day and even more today.
I hope you can now find some peace and serenity tonight after saying good-bye to Katie,your beautiful wife, mummy, daughter, sister...

I am sure her love will give you the strength to keep looking after one another.

All my best wishes,

Christel Ainge

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about you all so much today.

Sending you all my love,


Anonymous said...

Dear Giles and children,

I hope today wasn't too difficult for you, you are in my thoughts often, but especially today.

See you on Sunday

with love

jan said...

Dear Giles, Sophie, Sam, Evie & family,
you are constantly in our thoughts. Sending you all our love.
Jan, Mark, Chloe and Abby

Anjella said...

To all of Katie's family

I have been thinking of you today especially.

Anjella & family

Joleen said...


I have just come across Katies blog. Iam so sorry for what you and your family are going through. Its my worst nightmare. I have 3 babies and to see how bravely you and Katie have dealt with this is inspiring. As a mother, I don't think I could cope as well as Katie. You are all such amazing people, so much strength and courage, not to mention your beautiful children. Reading your blogs, they are a credit to you and your lovely wife.

I don't know you personnally but to me you are a hero and Iam sure that your babies, if they don't realise it yet, will see it as the years go on. Keep being strong, Iam sure it's easier said than done, but you'll find good reason to stay strong in your childrens eyes. All my love, thoughts and prayers for you and your family. xo