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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Last night was not the best. I felt nauseous throughout and poor Giles ended up sleeping on cushions on the landing again! I have been drowsy, nauseous and thirsty all day but made it downstairs to see Cassie and her beautiful daughters. Managed to eat 2 pancakes too that Giles made. He did very well to make them in large quantities for everyone!
Would be really grateful if people could let us know ASAP if they can make Sunday March 7th. It's only 2 and a half weeks away and we need to have an idea of numbers! Please email response to katiesfight@googlemail.com . (We've now got the ABBA tribute girls sorted.)


Anonymous said...


What a beautiful picture of Sam, there are really no words to express what I am feeling whilst looking at it. You really have shown so much love and attention through this but all the positive thoughts must keep on going as you will be going to the ball!

Stay strong Katie & good for you downing two pancakes!! I only managed 1!!!!

The Greenfields

Marianne said...

Dearest Katie

That's a lovely sketch of Sam, a perfect partner for the one of Sophie. Looking forward to seeing what Evie's looks like too.

Hope you don't feel too nauseous tonight - you deserve a break from that.

Glad you are thinking of good songs for the party. I am rubbish at suggesting music. I will keep thinking though!

lots of love
Marianne xxx

Rebecca said...

Katie - brilliant portrait of Sam! Lovely to talk to you earlier and see you soon.
Lots of love, Rebecca xxx

Dawn (Oz) said...

Katie, even when not well you're so talented! Evie's portrait will complete the very beautiful set. Well done! Hope you're feeling less nauseous tonight. That must be horrible. Glad to hear that your party plans are progressing well. Lots of love, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Dear katie,beautiful picture of a beautiful child by a beautiful artist. Awaiting the next one.
Hope and pray that you feel better today.
Lot of love

Jenny Crewe said...

Dear Katie
What a wonderful picture of Sam. You are so talented.
Sorry to hear you have been feeling worse but maybe its the anti biotics and the infection. Give it a day or so and I hope you are feeling better.
You are amazing making it to the pictures!
I am sending you a big hug beautiful lady.

Christel Ainge said...

Dear Katie,

I'm repeating what your other friends have said but it REALLY is a very beautiful picture of Sam showing what a sweet gentle boy he is.
Yesterday I found a funny list that Elise had done a few months ago in my shopping list booklet. You know how girls like to do "good boys" and "bad boys" lists! Well, I'm happy to report that your Sam was in the "good boys" section!!! Too right!

Perhaps you shouln't do too much today: put the organising of the party on hold for 24 hours, wrap yourself in cotton wool and just marvel at having your lovely family around you.

I will be thinking of you today, as always and sending you lots of positive vibes to make you day better.

lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Picture of Sam so lovely. You are a lady of many talents. Giles is becoming a bit of a legend isn't he? Very impressed by the bulk pancake making! Hope you can ditch this nausea Katie -all willing you to do so. Love Pam and Gary

liz said...

So sorry to hear that you are not feeling good today. The recent photos of Sam's birthday and the beautiful sketch you have done are wonderful to see. I was particularly impressed with those racing car cakes.

Hope you can get this nausea under control soon.

Thinking of you all constantly


Anonymous said...

Hello Katie,
You are so talented, thats a lovely picture of Sam.

Congratulations Giles on the pancake making, we know you are a dab hand at the coffee!

Katie you are so positive and strong, an inspiration to us all, hope you have a good night tonight.

See you soon.

Kathy xx

Anonymous said...


What a lovely portrait of Sam, you really are a talented lady.
Aimee had a lovely time on Sunday, she was really impressed by your mothers shortbread.
I hope you are feeling better today.
Take care

Mel Kelly XXX