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Friday, 19 February 2010

Unfortunately Katie has not improved with the fluid. Her potassium and sodium levels remain abnormal and it now looks like her kidney function is getting worse. She remains as drowsy and nauseous, and unable to get on with any of the things she wants to do – like Evie’s portrait.
Clearly she did not make it to Manic Ceramics this afternoon but the children did and had 2 hours of fun with paint and clay. Meanwhile we had the Medical, Endocrine and Hospice teams to see us. There was a possibility of getting transferred to the hospice tonight but in the end the doctors decided there were still some tests that should be done and so she will stay on the busy medical assessment unit over the weekend. Hopefully it won’t be too noisy and the hospice bed will be kept for her till Monday.

I need to confirm numbers for the party early next week so if you are thinking of coming please let me know. It’s likely to start about 3.30/4pm and not go on particularly late as it is school the next day. If you just want to drop in for a couple of hours that is fine too.


Mum said...

Darling Katie,
There is never a moment that goes by without my thinking of you, of how much I love you and wish that I could help you.
We are looking after your treasures and love to have them but I would so much rather it was you who was able to be with them.

Sophie and Sam had a lovely morning with their cousins, Noah and Farrah and had lunch there thanks to Julijana!
They loved going to Manic Ceramics and Debbie (who sends her love along with Ella's Mum) was lovely. We spent two hours there in glorious paint and when Evie was fed up with painting she played with the toys; Dad enjoyed finishing her bowl but we wondered if Evie might be too scared by the lurid, grandad painting - would make another interesting leotard design!!

The children are still very happy and enjoying their extended sleepover: we hope that Giles has been able to catch up some sleep for the past two mornings, we're awoken bright and early I can assure you!

I really hope the medical team(s) manage to sort out the reason for the dehydration and that you get some sleep: it certainly seemed noisy yesterday when we brought the children in to see you.

We are looking forward to seeing the third masterpiece of Evie, only you could manage that.

Sending all my love, that of Dad, Jane and the children - we miss seeing you all day and every day!
I love you so very, very much, Mumxxx

fibo said...

Dearest Katie, I have tears pouring down my face after reading your mum's message to you. What an awsome woman. Only someone who has been through what she is going through can truely understand, but all mothers can empathise. I am now going to give my children an extra big hug (well, the ones that are still awake). Sleep well and recharge those batteries. Love to you too, Giles. Hollie xxxxxx

Marianne said...

Dearest Katie
I have to agree totally with Hollie about your Mum's beautiful message. Thank you to Giles for taking the time to tell us how you're doing, when he's so busy looking after you and the children. It's really appreciated by everyone who reads your blog. I'm very sorry to hear that you are still in hospital, but am sure that you are in the best place to get the quickest access to what you need. Fingers crossed that you will be out very soon. Thinking of you all the time.
All my love
Marianne xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I read your blog everyday from this side of the atlantic, I usually check it around tea time our time (about 10pm yours) to find out how you are.
I am also crying after your mums words and I am sad to hear that the last few days you have been feeling poorly.
I do hope they can make you feel better and you get to really enjoy your party. I will certainly be thinking of you all.
You were my 'inspirational person' in my "mumnet" group last week - as you truly are!
Sending all my love and best, best wishes.
Lynn Torres

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie So sorry to hear you are in hospital.Hope you will soon be home with your family.Looking forward to your party.Thinking of you much love from Rob Mel Harry & Charlie

Scrapbagleader said...

Dear Katie

I have been following your blog since Jan told me of your illness and have found your courage and determination truly inspirational.

I just wanted to send you, Giles, the children and your family my very best wishes, and to let you know that all of us at Kingsmead are thinking of you all.

I hope that you are feeling a little better and home very soon.

June Hillyard

Laura Layton said...

Dear Katie & family,
I am sorry to hear that you are not home yet, though it is lovely to hear your kids had a great day at manic ceramics.
Your mum and dad must be so proud of them and so proud of you too. They clearly are fantastic, brave, supportive and truly amazing.
I hope and pray with all my heart that your body can fight this and bring you home to the love and comfort of your family.
You are in my thoughts every day, the tears are rolling for you too, you have been an inspiration to me in many ways.
May peace be with you Katie
much love to you all xx

reena said...

oh giles and katie -- i am so sorry that you have to be stuck in a busy MAU over the weekend. i hope the kidney function imporves and you can get katie to the hospice and home thereafter.

thinking of you, stay strong

reena xx

Jenny Crewe said...

Dearest Katie
My heart goes out to you still stuck in the hospital as I know you just want to be with your family.
I hope they can help you to get home after the weekend and that you are feeling better.
Your dear Mum is wonderful and I know if must be a comfort that she and Giles are taking good care of the children.
I am praying for a miracle for you all.
Much love Jenny

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie- you and your mother certainly are two amazing women- I also shed many tears this morning reading your mums words.

We do hope you get some peace on the ward - dont worry about Evie`s portrait you will manage to do it as your determination never fails you.
Our love to you all

Clare Ian and family xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear katie and giles, as many gave said before your mums message was so amazing and with so much love and feeling. I read your blog every day and think of you constantly. After talking to debs yesterday when I was at manic ceramic I think we both feel that you have touched so many peoples heart with your strength and dignity. Take care as you as such a special person. Lots of love terri xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie

Thank you to Giles for keeping us updated.
Thanks to your mum for writing such beautiful words and making us all cry!
Thanks to your beautiful children and husband for making your world a nicer place.
Keep on fighting.

love Catherine Wakelin (Grainger)

Sharon Day said...

Dear Katie
Just got back from holiday last night and the first thig I did was to look at your blog. I am so sorry the the last few days haven 't been good for you and hope you can get the strength to fight this. You have so many beautiful messages from people who love and admire you so much and a family who want you back home. So looking forward to your party and seeing you looking as lovely as ever.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie & Giles

I think all the messages put on here sum just about everything up... What a truly wonderful, determined and strong family you all are.

I hope you get some of what you need Katie in hospital but most of all that you can come home and be with the wonderful family you have.

Take care and our thought & prayers are with you.


The Greenfields

annie said...

Katie and Giles,
thinking about you and how courageous and wonderful you both are.
love to you both and all the family x x x

Anonymous said...

Dear katie and family,
It does not surprise me at all tht you are loved by so many people.you all are beautiful and loving that everyone who know you or know about you,love you instantly.
You all are in our thoughts
and hearts and our prayers are with you always.
Lot of love from OTs of CXH

Anonymous said...

It must be exhausting to be on such a busy unit but if they can stabilize these problems then you will be able to rest in the hospice and then be on your way home where you belong. I hope that by now you will have managed to complete Evie's portrait. It will be all the more special and beautiful for the supreme effort you are having to make to do it.
Know that you are one of life's truly special people. Love Pam and Gary

Rebecca said...

Katie - I do hope that the medical team are able to help you feel more comfortable and reduce your nausea, and that you will be able to leave the hospital soon. I know that you will take heart that so many people are thinking of you and willing you to keep going and stay strong. It is a testament to how special you are. You and your wonderful family are always in my thoughts.
All my love, Rebecca xxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

we are so sad to hear that you are still stuck in the QEII, and wishing and willing that you can escape as soon as possible. Thank you to Giles for finding the time to let us all know your progress - and sending you all our love and prayers that you can get through this awful stage with all the strength and determination that you seemed to have found for everything else,
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Sara said...

Thanks for keep us all up-to-date Giles... you do a wonderful job :)

Please give Katie a big hug and kiss from me... I hope that tonight is better and tomorrow brings good news.

You are all in our thoughts - lots of love, Sx

Anonymous said...

Giles, i will be there. keep positive.