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Saturday, 13 March 2010

I have just found out that there is an article and photo in todays Daily Express and on their website.


Anna said...

I have just seen your beautiful family smiling out from page 4 when I picked the paper up by accident!

Anna G

Anonymous said...

A beautiful picture of Katie, of both of you, and a good aricle too, keep spreading the word. Katie so missed, i send all my love to you and your children.

Angel said...

I have seen the BBC web page article this morning. The message will reach so many people this way...well done!

Yesterday must have been hard for you but so many beautiful memories to hold on to.

Love to all of you xxxx

Anonymous said...

We thought of you all so much yesterday - the photos of you all and the lantern are beautiful - well done what a lovely thing to do.

much love from us all

Clare Ian and Co xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lynne said...

Missed the Express on Saturday but just read the BBC report on their health page.What a good article and what beautiful photos.Katie would be so proud that she is making people more aware of this terrible desease.

Lynne (HC) x

Anonymous said...

Am sorry to have only found out about this (through the BBC story) after Katie lost her battle and am so moved by what I have subsequently read. She was so brave and you have all truly lived her life together whilst you had that brief chance. Very sad but uplifting also. This blog is an inspiration for all in similar situations and a treasure for the future for your family. For what it's worth from a stranger, my sympathies, but also huge admiration for a wonderfully courageous, united fight. I hope the good memories stay with you all and see you through hard times. With every best wish, Jo W

Austen said...

It is not fair and we don't need to be told that life is not fair. But you have loving memories to hold on to, treasure them.

Billyb19 said...

I too, only just found out about the blog via the BBC website.

I was diagnosed back in 1999, and my wonderful GP removed my tumour under local anaesthetic a week later, saving my life.

I will take the time to read the blog, thank you for creating it.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, its amazing how it changes the way you live too..

Nick, West Sussex

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across Katie's blog by accident this morning. I always read with interest other people's experiences of this horrible disease since I lost my mum to pancreatic cancer in July last year. I nursed her through her final months and was amazed at her strength and courage - in much the same way Katie was an inspiration for your family. I wept when reading her blog. I know how much pain you are going through - take comfort in your beautiful children - Katie's gift to you and know that she will be watching you and with you always. You and your family are an inspiration to others. Take care and much love. Richard

Phil said...

I have just picked up on your story from the BBC News pages.
Wow !
What an inspriation you all are !
My families thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficut time.
But what a legacy Katie has left . . .

emma said...

Giles,Children and Family,
The photo's are amazing,i have read both articles and think its amazing,the awareness katie,yourself and family have created and continue to do so,i initially missed the daily express article but went on their website sunday and searched katie pratt and it showed the article ,thinking of you all.
Emma chesterman and Family.