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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Katie is dictating this to me and I am typing it on the laptop from the ward:

Last night I couldn't get comfortable in any position so I used plenty of morphine from the PCA and didn't move all night. Unfortunately the PCA line blocked this morning and I was left with no pain relief for a while. Giles then sorted this out with the surgical team and together we came up with a suitable cocktail to replace the PCA. I was a bit sceptical this morning because swallowing was so painful but by this afternoon I am managing to drink from a cup - something I was told I wouldn't be able to do. The pain is still pretty full on but the nurses made me get washed and out of bed and somehow I do feel better for it.

It was lovely to see the children and my parents this afternoon. They have raised my spirits. Thanks Mum and Dad for doing the trip - I hope the journey back is going ok.

I just looked at myself in the mirror. The left side of my face isn't as bad as I thought it would be - although still noticeable - the only advantage is no wrinkles on one side of my forehead! Perhaps I should have some botox on the other side?

I am pleased to see that it is now nearly 6 o'clock and so my next lot of pain killers should be arriving soon - in fact here comes the drug trolley. (I have taken over writing now because the only thing on Katie's mind is the little pot of tablets in the nurses hand - now I can see why junkies struggle to come off heroin!)

4 tablets later ....

Radio Marsden have just come round asking me if I want a song played on the radio tonight - I have chosen "We are Family" by Sister Sledge.

And now Tom and Jane have arrived so I will stop writing now.

PS. I have permission to publish the photo but will wait till after the watershed!


Savita said...


You are amazing and sound really well so soon after the big op! I guess you'll be home before you get too hooked on those little pills.

We are continuing to think of you daily and wish you a speedy recovery, can't have you sitting around too long.

All our love to you, and Giles and the kids
Savita and Simon

Nicole said...

You have most certainly won the first rounds - so keep at it and go on bein positive. You will be back on your feet very soon. When all is over, do come and visit us in Switzerland - would love to meet this beautiful, strong wife of Giles - this lucky chap. All the best, Nicole and family

Karen Batchelor said...

Katie I couldn't believe what I was hearing when i heard what you have been going through! I have been reading your blog, all of those amazing commments from your friends and family. Aren't they lovely?!! And you, well you are truely amazing!! I had already noticed what a strong person you are but the way you are dealing with all of this is absolutley remarkable. You take really good care of yourself. We are all wishing you a really speedy recovery.
All of our best wishes, Karen, Batch, Kallie & Max.
Ps See you at school very soon!!

Mum said...

Darling Katie,
Just as I thought, you look as beautiful as ever, smiling through the pain especially at Sophie, Sam and little Evie who beamed when she saw you! I am so proud to have you as a daughter and, although I know you are concerned about the prognosis, you need to continue fighting this monster in the same determined, dignified way you have done so far;Giles is being a great help to you.
We look forward to seeing you again tomorrow: your children were squealing all the way home on the M25 pretending to shoot me with their water bottles; Evie didn't complain once!
All our love for a better night's sleep, Mumxxxx and Dadxxxx

jonty said...

Dear Katie
All of our thoughts and prayers have been of you over the last few days. So glad that the surgery has gone well. We hope that you are gaining strength from all the positive thoughts.
Lots of love (and to Giles and the children as well!)
Jonty, Abby, Milly and Felix

Sarah said...

Katie. I heard your awful news through my parents, and it all seems so far removed from my childhood memories of the "wood view" clan!! Am relieved to hear that the op seems to have gone well and have everything crossed for you. I'm no contorshonist so typing is proving difficult but worth it for you ;-). Tons of hugs and love, Sarah (Holmes)

Anonymous said...


Hope those pills have kicked in and that you will get a better night's sleep. We are looking forward to seeing you home soon.

love LisaX

louise and david said...

Good first day, well done sleep well tonight x Louise and David

Clare and Ian said...

Hi Katie we are so glad to hear your 1st day post op has been so much better than you expected- well done for continuing to be so positive it will really help your recovery and fight.Those pills are obviously the magic potion!! Keep looking forward, especially to the children's visit tomorrow.

with all our love Clare Ian and co xxx

mariex said...

Dear Katie.... this is Marie here. So pleased to hear the operation was successful. Good bye and good riddance to your glands. Glad to hear you have the pain relief under control. It must be ahuge support to you to have such a wonderful family supporting you at this time. Go girl you can beat this!!! lots of love Marie and James

Angie said...

I´m so glad the op went well, you sound in great form. I bet it was really wonderful to see the children and your parents. Fingers crossed the PCA behaves itself and that your need for it is brief so you can get back home soon.

Lots of love,

Angie, Paul, Lucy & Kate