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Thursday, 21 August 2008

You have all been saved from the post op pictures for now because the connection here doesn't allow them to upload. But once we get home you wont be so lucky!
Before I hand the laptop over to Katie I should just point out that she chose the Sister Sledge track last night and not me. However I like it too and it was nice to hear her name given a special mention on the hospital radio.
This morning I woke up with very stiff neck. I got a bit of sleep between the noise of doors banging, nurses moving around and other patients. The surgical team came round first thing and said I would be able to go home tomorrow if I behave! The trauma of the day so far has been the removal of the drain from my neck. Everyone said it wouldn't hurt! Liars! I felt quite faint for a while but now it is lovely to walk about without having to remember to take the bag next to me as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Fantastic news!!! Now be a good girl and don't give the nurses any trouble so that you can go home...

love LisaX

PS: the sun has come out for you and with any luck it will be a good bank holiday weekend (although haven't looked at the forecast)

Celia said...

Just got on the blog to read of your progress. Brilliant. Don't be tempted get too far ahead of yourself when you are released tomorrow. Enjoy being at home with G,S,S & E. Also welcome being looked after. I know from personal experience the 'Mother' instinct and tried to do too much after an op! Look forward to following your return to good health on your blog.

Liz said...

Hello Katie

So pleased to hear that the first hurdle is over and that things are going well. It will be lovely to be home but do allow yourself to be looked after and thoroughly spoiled.

We all think of you constantly and everyone sends their love.

love Liz, Laurie, Sue & everyone here.

dan said...

That's good news Katie. Glad you are doing so well. Hope they let you go home as suggested. x

Jo said...

Hi Katie,
I am so glad (and relieved) that your operation was a success and that you have been up and about so quickly. We were all thinking about you on Tuesday and I hope you got your strength from that! I know that you still have some way to go before you get all your energy back, but take it easy and let Giles and everyone else run around after you for a change! If Sophie and Sam are like my two they (sometimes in my two's case) like running errands, it makes them feel useful and grown up! We look forward to seeing you when you get home.
love Jo P X

Rosie said...

Hi Katie,
I'm relieved and glad to read that the op and the recovery are going well - we should have expected you'd be forging ahead doing stuff you weren't supposed to able to, the day after the operation !
Can I just say what a great idea this blog is, as everyone who's worried about you can check on how you're doing - what a grand job you are doing Giles, top man!

Hope you continue being a good patient and that we'll see you back in Jasmine Drive very soon!
Take It Easy ...

all our love
Rosie, Mick + girls ...

Debra said...

Hello Katie, We are so glad that everything is going so well. It will be great to be back in your own home, with your family around you. Do take it easy though. You, Giles and your Beautiful Family are in our Thoughts and Prayers. All our Love, Debra, Kevin and Girls XOXO

Dawn said...

Hey Katie, well done! That's excellent news. That's much earlier than expected so well done indeed. Either that, or you're causing them too much trouble and they want you home! Take it easy, take the pills and enjoy being looked after. You deserve it. Lots of love, Dawn