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Friday, 22 August 2008

When I arrived at 9am the surgical team had already been round and have given Katie the ok to go home. Her discharge medication has already been prepared so as soon as we get all her stuff together we will be out of here.
Last night was quite noisy on the ward as the nurses were busy with one of the other patients in her bay. Hopefully my snoring will in the future sound like a soothing lullaby compared to the noises of the last 3 nights!
Katie feels her throat is more swollen today and her voice is still quiet and hoarse but I am sure that will settle over the next few days. Her present trauma's include being unable to eat chocolate properly (cos evrything gets stuck in her throat), unable to wash her hair and discovering that dry shampoo makes her hair darker!
Thanks to both Katie's and my parents for visiting yesterday. Also to Cassie who had the misfortune of being hit by a taxi on route.
We are both looking forward to getting home now so I will stop writing and pack Katie's bag. By far the biggest on the ward!


Marianne said...

Hurray you're out! That's fantastic news. I'm looking forward to seeing you hopefully on Monday. I wonder when you'll be able to wash your hair properly. I know what you mean, because that's the thing that makes you feel really clean. Safe journey home and enjoy your own bed!!
ps Poor Cassie, I hope you're ok!

dan said...

I'm sure you're glad to be going home Katie. I shall aim to drop by over the weekend. :) x

Clare and Ian said...

Fab news you are now home - by the time you read this you will be able to judge which is worse - the ward noise or Giles snoring - I know the answer in our house!! Enjoy being home and with everyone. Be good!!
love to you all Clare Ian and Co xx

Anonymous said...

So glad you're home Katie and back with your lovely family - recovery will be speedy -they'll make sure of that. Gary and I have been thinking about you so much and it was a relief to read your news when we got back from a wet - and yes at times, foggy Devon.Take things one day at a time and enjoy being at home with the op behind you. Love Pam and Gary

Sally & Emma said...

Hi Katie,

I hope you managed to catch up on some of the sleep you would have missed in hospital. I'm sure Giles has got your pain relief well organised but remember to keep taking the pills, don't wait till you're sore, they work better if you stay ahead of the pain. Say YES to all drugs for the next wee while anyway. I'm afraid that is the only useful advice I have Sara is much better at the positive energy stuff, I think all that yoga is having a weird effect on her brain!
The kids look great, huge applause for getting Evie to sleep through the night (do let me know your secret- Emma is not playing that game yet). We will continue to read your blog and you are constantly in our thoughts.
Lots of love and wishing you a restful night!

Sally, Pete & Emma xxxxxxxxx