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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Sorry for not adding a blog earlier but I havn't had the energy and Giles hasn't had the time.
The car journey back from the hospital was slow (usual M25 Friday traffic), tiring and painful (blame Giles' clutch control!). Since being back at home I have felt exhausted. Even just going up the stairs is knackering and its frustrating not to be able to do things. I have limited neck movement and can't lift anything so Giles is doing everything. The pain is still constant and the swelling, especially in my ear feels worse. Also I still have no voice but hopefully that will get better soon.

Before Katie signs this off I just want to add that the clutch is still wearing in! And also to let you all know that the MRI scan from Monday was clear and showed no mets in the spine. We have to go back to the Marsden on Thursday 28th at which time the histology result will be available and from that a prognosis. But we are trying not to think about that yet. Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday weekend and forgive us for not minding if it rains in Devon all this coming week!


Dan said...

Hope you enjoyed your first day back at home a bit Katie. Just remember not to try to do too much too quickly, and let me know if I can help at all. If at least one bike keeps working I should see you on Sunday for a while. Take care. :) x

elaine said...

Glad you are safely home Katie. I have been reading this page daily but still have not got the hang of which password and identity I am using! Take time to enjoy the peace and quiet at home and the enforced"lazy" feeling post operative surgery forces upon you.Llet everyone else run around and you will get prime time for conversations when your voice gets stronger. Thinking of you.

Dawn (in Oz) said...

Hi there, love the post-op photo. Katie, most people don't look that good first thing in the morning, never mind after an operation! You're doing brilliantly. Any maybe Giles should think about a chocolate milkshake or hot chocolate.... that would hopefully slip down a little better. Been thinking about you all lots. Try and enjoy the weekend and take getting better one day at a time. And was Cassie ok? Sounds grim! Lots of love, Dawn

louise and david said...

hello evie sam and sophie have a nice holiday weekend love from austin and amos xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

louise and david said...

Hi It must be so nice to be back home, feel human again! Ursula has kept us in touch with the latest, I know she is coming up to see you today - with provisions !!! lucky you !! Her home cooking should speed up your recovery no end. xx
Thinking of you.

Celia said...

Katie, give yourself time. I know its frustrating not being able to do things and to have to ask each time. For day 1 after an operation you look amazing. Give my love to all your family and enjoy Ursula and Chris visit. I am running the Gt North run in October in aid of Marie Curie. I know someone else who is battling breast cancer at present. I've got you two uppermost in my mind as I train. It keeps me going and hopefully I'll run a PB. Take care

Annie said...

Hi Katie

hope you're feeling bit better now, its so much nicer to be at home. make sure you relax and just be looked after, you can do the ordering about. Have you got a bell to ring?!

thinking of you
love Annie

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie and Giles,
What a feeble excuse 'the clutch is running in'!!!.We are glad to hear you have arrived home and with some good news about your spine.Considering the trauma you have been through with the op as Dawn said you look fantastic, I'm one of those poeple who would love to look that good when I wake up!!
Make the most of Giles running round after you. If he is typical of the male species it won't last long!!!
Enjoy your day with Ursula and Chris, keep building your strength up and hope the pain eases very soon.
Best wishes Yvonne and Malcolm [ friends of Chris and Ursula. xx

reena said...

hi katie, your pics look just like i rememeber you from those days at sop! good news to hear you're home. gladop went well. convalesce well and enjoy your family.

Sam said...

Hi Katie
Glad to hear you made it home safely and that the MRI scan was clear. It must be a relief to get away from all the night noise and to get some proper rest. I hope you're not trying to do too much. Learning to relax can be quite a challenge when you have been leading such a full life.

So the post op photo has finally arrived and I must say that I did laugh at Dawn's comment. She is so right.
On friday it was lovely to see Sophie and Sam. They were both very happy with all their friends and Jodie's face painting made it a really enjoyable morning for everyone. We all missed little Evie though.
Thinking of you all lots
love Sam, Christian, Elizabeth, William and Charlotte xx

Jo B said...

Hi Katie,

glad to hear you were having a well deserved rest when I popped round today. Sophie and Sam had a great time on Friday. I only saw Sam when he needed the loo, and even had to call him in for his lunch at 12, unlike last time when he wanted lunch at 10.45 when we had just got there!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I will be thinking of you on Thursday, and am relying on Rosie to keep me up to date with you blog as we won't have computer access whilst camping, (please note that whilst it can rain in Devon as you requested we would like some dry weather in Dorset)!

I'll pop round next weekend.

Big hug.

Jo B x

Clare and Ian said...

Hi Katie
Glad you are safely home- however tired you are it is bound to better than a hospital ward.It is so hard watching everyone else doing things that you normally do but just switch off and let chaos regin- it wont be long before you will be at the helm. We have all our fingers and toes crossed for Thursday - we might not have internet access agin till the weekend so please remember we are all thinking of you so much. love Clare and Co xxxx

Mum said...

Darling Katie,
I just wanted to make a comment about your wonderful children and how super they were when we had them last week and whenever we see them. They are truly a credit to you and Giles and how well you have brought them up.
Sophie and Sam were busy and happy all the time and Evie didn't cry once; just smiles and singing (Evie style),as well as the occasional dirty nappy!
When we brought them down to see you on Wednesday and Thursday, they didn't complain once about the long journeys, especially the return on Thursday which took over three hours!
Now you are back together again they are being helpful and enjoying playing 'hospitals'!
They thoroughly enjoyed going to the Church club on Friday with Jo and Rosie and a big 'thank you' goes to all your true friends who are so helpful. Not forgetting all those people who cannot be near you but have sent you and us such messages of support in their phone calls, cards, letters and the comments in this blog.
Everyone will be thinking and praying for you every minutute of every day but especially on Thursday when we hope you will be given extra strength.
We love you so much as always,
Mumxxxx and Dadxxxx

Lisa said...

Dear Katie,

Have been thinking about you all weekend while we were camping. Bet you are glad you're in the comfort of your own bed... you know how comfortable blow up mattresses can be!!!). Take it one day at a time and enjoy not being able to do anything (however frustrating it seems). Will pop round with some classical music to relax you.

love LisaX
PS: how do you manage to make a hospital gown look so glamorous?

Alison & Helen (Sam's Friend) said...

Hello Katie,

Sam has kept me in touch with your news and I wanted to send my very best wishes to you and your family. It's been a long time since I've seen you with your beautiful children having moved away from Ware, but please know I am thinking of you a great deal at this time.

With much love, Alison, Will, Helen and Catherine xxx

Linsey said...

Hiya Katie,
Amanda passed on the news, your children look lovely by the way. Just do the things you CAN manage for now, you did the right thing to make yourself better informed, and I know it is difficult, having spent the best part of four years visiting my mum in hospital and to see her now is incredible, bumbling about on the buses and coffee shops, returning to us pretty much her old self! I think you need to play some Dire Straits from 1987! Quality. Lins the old warhorse, as Robert used to call me. Hi to Rob too, all grown up I hear! Lins in Cheltenham xx

Nicole said...

Good Morning Katie - just a little hello from Switzerland, where there is not a day that goes by without thinking of you and your family. I hope that you feel a bit stronger every day and that you can hold on a lot of people to keep your spirits up. The kids I'm sure are the greatest support. I wish you a day filled with lots of little, precious, smiley moments. Love to you all, Nicole

Annie said...

Hi Katie..
It was lovely to see Evie and Giles yesterday.
I loved her punk rock hair style!

Hope you got messages of love and support. Will be thinking of you especially tommorrow.
Love Annie

Anonymous said...

So sorry that the pain is awful-really grim. When you gradually leave it behind you will get some energy back. Make some plans for a break - have you been to Fowey? Had a cottage in the town last October right on estuary and all was great including the weather. Devon remains shrouded in mist!Thinking of you esoeciallt Thursday, love Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Katie, Hope the classical music is helping you to relax and that you are gaining strength from all the love and support around you.

Giles, your devotion and love for Katie and the children is obvious...you know they couldn't get through this without you.

Sam and Sophie, hope you enjoyed your tennis lesson (wish Natalie would show some enthusiasm for sport!).

You are in my thoughts today and especially tomorrow.

love and hugs

dan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dan said...

Good to see you on the weekend. I shall be thinking of you tomorrow especially. Hope it goes well. Dan. x

(The other post was me as well, but I seem to have confused google/blogger and it appears to be using somebody else's account. Maybe. They haven't made a computer yet which I cannot break.)

ursulaandchris said...

Dearest Katie and Giles,
It was lovely to see you all last Sunday and to play football with the children in the garden. We hope your pain has eased, Katie.
We are always thinking of you and especially tomorrow afternoon. We hope you have encouraging news.
We are always here to help in any way possible.
With all our love and kisses for the children.
Love Mum and Dad xxx

Marianne Gaspar said...

Good luck for tomorrow Katie! I'm so sorry to keep postponing my visit to you, it feels like I'll never get to see you, but never fear, you won't escape me that easily, I will be with you as soon as I can, tummy bugs, bank holidays and Jonathan allowing. Until then, you are constantly in my thoughts and I'll be sending you lots of good vibes tomorrow for your appointment lots of love, Marianne

Keith and Liz said...

Hi Katie, My Mum (your Grandad's sister) has just told me about your blog and so have been reading all your news. Very interesting blog and courageous to have written it all despite what you have been facing! We have just got back (on Mon 25th) from 3 weeks in France. Whilst there we were told about your news and your impending op. We prayed for you and we are so glad to hear that the op has gone well and that you are recovering. We will keep reading your blog and keep praying that the Lord will fully restore you and give you peace in the battle. Much love to you and your family, Keith & Liz Hammond

Angie said...

Hi Katie,

Just a quick note from the world´s most ancient computer here in Mallorca to say good luck today. Thinking of you loads and sending you lots of love and support.

Angie, Paul, Lucy & Kate