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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

One week till the op

This week has been about stopping breast feeding without getting mastitis prior to the operation. Evie has been an angel baby and has taken to the bottle really well. She has also started taking some baby rice at tea time - and is now going through the night much to Giles' relief. We are still planning the arrangements for the children while I can't function as a mum.

Also this week Sophie and Sam are on an intensive 4 day violin course. This has been a useful distraction from thinking about whats in store for the future for me. It has also been an opportunity to do things together as a family as we have had to cancel our holiday booked for the 23rd. It has made me really proud to see Sophie and Sam performing in front of an audience as they are quite reserved children.

I am still petrified about how I will be feeling and looking next week but all the while the tumours are still in my neck I am convinced they are growing and doing more damage.

Thanks so much to everyone that has contacted me by phone, email or via the blog. Everyone has made such positive/supportive comments and it's a big help. It has been lovely to hear from people that I have not been in touch with for many years. Please keep them coming.


reena said...

hi katie

i can only imagaine what a difficult time this must be for you and your family. be strong and have your tears - they are also therapeutic. enjoy this week with your family and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. wishing you so well.

James Bebb said...

Hi Katie

We've been thinking of you a lot, the blog is a great idea- try and keep a positive outlook- The Marsden is a great hospital- please let us know if there is anything we can do, however small.

All our love

James, Caroline, Alice and Ben xxxx

Rosie said...

Hi Katie,
just to let you know I'm full of admiration for you - at your strength in dealing with this - it just goes to show how much fight you have, and just look at all the people who believe in you!
All of us are willing and wishing like anything that things go the best for you next Tuesday and afterwards ... so I hope you can draw strength from all that positive energy!
I'm not really the praying type normally .. but I'll be praying for you!
Much love & best wishes,
Rosie, Mick & the girls xx

Rebecca said...

Hi Katie - really impressed with your blog and lovely to see the new picture of Sophie feeding Evie! Glad to hear that their violin course is going so well. I know you're really strong and have an amazing ability to cope and I'm so glad that you're feeling so supported by all your friends - all that positive energy will be doing so much good. Am thinking of you loads and we send you all our love, hugs and thoughts for next week.
Speak to you soon.
Much love,
Rebecca, Danny, Amelia and Lauryn

Sharon said...

Dear Katie
Since I've heard your news,you have been constantly in my thoughts.
I hope that you can continue to have the strength to fight this, and the hope to look forward to and enjoy your life with your wonderful family and countless friend ,when you have recovered from your operation.
You are an incredibly wonderful and strong person, although you may not feel like it at the moment.You are dearly loved by everyone who knows you and have the faith that you will see this through.
All our love and thoughts are with you.
Sharon,Simon,Cara and Matthew

Nick said...

Got the link from Giles. Not been in touch for a while. Head down.
I am quite gobsmacked to discover what has happened. I am impressed by your positive mental approach demonstrated by this impressive blog and it seems you have tremendous support. I do wish and pray the best for you all.
Nick Brand

Tom said...

Dear Katie,

I, like everyone else on this blog, am really impressed with the way you are fighting this. I have always looked up to you, big sister, as a shining example of how to live life. I know that you will fight this thing (possibly in a jelly bath!) and win!

Over the years you have been great to me. You always looked out for me at school and later on. You also got me drunk for the first and second times in my life when I had your stale cider and ate raw eggs! Another time you kindly dressed up your 'Girls World' mannequin head, which I was very scared of, in a full outfit and hid behind the sofa with Robert until I came in - I'm sure Rob was the instigator of that little joke though :-)

Speaking of Rob, we've both applied to run the London Marathon for Cancer Research next year. Hopefully we can get in, raise loads of money and somehow run 26 miles which I never thought I'd even consider doing!

Anyway, I am thinking of you constantly and my full support is with you, Giles and your three wonderful children whom I'm so lucky to have as nieces and nephew.

My love is with you always,



Annie said...

Hi Katie

There are no words to say how devasted I felt when I heard.

I hope the children are like rays of hope,they look so angelic. They must take after you!

Giles, family and friends are all here to love and support you in your time of need.

I'll be thinking of you on the
19th and every day.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
We thought of you today at the hospital, as we do every day, and night as well, and trust everything was as expected. We are here to do anything that we can to help but will be praying for you all even if we can not give practical help.
Lots of love to you,Giles, Sophie, Sam and Evie.
Chris and Ursula

Anonymous said...

hi katie
To say you have my sympathy would be a massive understatement. After reading your blog i am really impressed with your attitude and mental strength in combating your condition.

I hope the operation is successful and the outcome proves to be better than your highest expectations. I hope you can get over this quickly and resume the rest of your life. It is strange that only when a person is placed in danger that they truly feel alive.

I think you have to tell tom and robert to start running now as 26 miles isnt going to be easy.They wouldn't immediately be mistaken for long-distance runners!

I hope you get some good luck.
Thinking of you

Marianne said...

Dear Katie

Like everything you do, this blog is amazing. I can't believe that in the midst of this trauma you have found time to set up such a lovely site with beautiful pictures where all your friends and family can get a bit closer to you. You're incredibly unselfish, that's one of your most endearing characteristics. But now it's all about you - don't worry about anyone else (I know you can't help it) and concentrate on looking after yourself! Thinking of you, lots of love and hugs

Marianne, Matthew and Jonathan

Dan said...

You have my love and support now as ever. This is a fight that you will win.
If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I love all the photos of you and the kids. This blog idea is great.
Just to let you know that you are always in our thoughts and only a few doors away if you need any practical help or an ear to listen.
You are such a strong and beautiful person inside and out and will always be that way to us. We are all here for you. Love Jo, Phil, Matthew and Alex. XXXX

Nicole said...

I'm Nicole and even though you don't know me I feel that I have to tell you how beautiful you and your children are. Ask Giles about me (Ursula is Godmother to my daughter Colette and Giles and Daniel often played as young boys with my firstborn, Ralph).
I'm sure all will go well - you are certainly in very good hands and the love of all will get you through this difficult time. I don't know you, but I admire the way you cope. Love from Switzerland, Nicole with Ralph,Colette,Philip and Timo