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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

We've added the "My new neck" photo to the blog after a bit of a debate. Some of you may not wish to see it but I think that it serves a purpose. 1 in 3 people are diagnosed with cancer during their lives (I would have prefered to wait until the children were all grown up before I got my cancer diagnosis - but can't change that!) Cancer is part of life. Disfigurement is quite often involved. No-one should feel ashamed of how they look as a result of it. Saying that having long hair is very handy in hiding my disfigurement - for anyone who feels a bit squeamish looking at mine!
The other photos are from last weekend. Thanks to Jill & Jo P who did much of the organising and made our Bumps & Babes barbeque loads of fun for every member of the families involved.
Giles spoke to the Marsden again yesterday and they've arranged for me and my lump to be seen on Thursday this week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
I think it's a good idea putting all the photos on your blog, both the family ones and the surgery related ones. You still look great from what I can see! Glad you're getting out and about and will be thinking of you on Thursday. Will call you next week. Amanda xx (and a big hug from Cameron)

Mum said...

Darling Katie,
Sorry, it's me again but I have to make a comment about your so-called disfigurement. Even with your hair up your scars show the signs of battle and add to who you have become. No soldier goes to fight with the fear that they may become scarred and your wounds show the bravery with which you have fought thus far.
I feel that a tremendous example of how to wear disfigurement bravely is exemplified by all the paraolympians. They don't worry about what they look like, just how well they can perform and how they can do the best that their abilities allow. Their cups are half-full not half-empty!
Your cup is overflowing with love from all your family and friends.
May God be with you always.
All our love as ever,
Mumxxxx and Dadxxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
we will be thinking of you on Thursday and are looking forward to see you all on Friday.
It is so lovely that you can do some "normal" things again and we are sure nobody will notice your scar under your beautiful hair.
Lots of love to you all
Ursula and Chris xx

Nick said...

Hi Katie

Have been reading your story and wanted to to say hello and send you all our best wishes.

Nick, Melissa and Elena x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
I've been reading your blog with awe and admiration. The pics of the kids are so cute - I had no idea Sam and Sophie were so talented musically. Heard about your news at the start of term and you have all been in my thoughts since then. Damn cancer is such a bugger but you're a strong woman Katie who is clearly surrounded by love. Keep on fighting and sending you loads of positive thoughts!
Mandi (and Melissa)

Simon and Savita said...

Disfigurement is such a relative term. You are still a very beautiful woman, and have a strength that is truly inspirational.
Looking forward to seeing you and the family soon.
Simon and Savita xx

Anonymous said...

Sister, Katie.

When I was knee high to a grasshopper,I got my first scar slamming on the brakes on a wet day in Wood View. You may remember my bravery, which I like to think you learned a lot from!

...OK, you may say I was a bit of a wimp, but in my defence it blo*dy hurt, and they only gave me the sugar cube after sewing me up after I had blubbered my eyeballs out.

Fortunately you have hair for your war wound, whereas the wounds of my handlebar accident live with me forever (I had 5 stitches) - I could grow a beard but doing so would seriously itch.

Luckily for us both, we are blessed with inner beauty!!! I've had 34 years to psych my ego up to come to that conclusion! But, this blog and everyones messages of support tells you that you don't need to take so long.

Lots of love and respect for the neck wound.


Clare and Ian said...

Dear Katie
You still look gorgeous - how do you do it so soon after major surgery.Your mum is so right in her comments. The family photos are fab - what a beautiful family you are.
We are thinking of you today.

With much love from us all
Clare Ian and family

Celis said...

Hope your visit to the Marsden went ok today. Was thinking of you. Love the pictures of you all. Great to see you looking so much better than post op picture. I have great admiration for you as you tackle this cancer beast. You have brill support from your family. Keep going with the positive attitude. We all continue to root for you.

Anonymous said...

Have been thiking about you so much today - you have so many people caring for you and routing for you. So much to go through individually - and as partners whose happiness is totally bonded. You will be able to to support and guide your children as the amazing parents you are. Scars amongst friends are nothings, you know that - and friends new and old are everything. With love to a very special lady, husband and family Pam and Gary XX