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Thursday, 2 October 2008

I was told the blood & urine tests, chest X-ray and CT scan were all normal today. I am therefore suitable to start the trial although I won’t be randomised until the end of next week. Let’s hope they remain normal and I’m one of the lucky 40-50% (as quoted by cancer research UK) that make it to 5 years time. Whilst driving back from the Marsden today we saw a full rainbow arched over Hertford. Hopefully that’s a good sign!


Angie said...

Great news that your tests were normal! Full rainbows are the best and I believe they are a good omen!


Angie, Paul & the girls

Rebecca said...

Yes, great news re your tests - you must have left the Marsden feeling much more positive today and long may that continue!
Love, Rebecca. xxx

Clare Ian and family said...

Thats fab news- now you can off on holiday feeling more positive. Lots of love to you all Clare and Co xxx

Dawn said...

Woooo, that's excellent news. Hope you get to celebrate in style! Love Dawn

Anonymous said...

You sound really positive, must be something to do with not being in constant pain. Good news and talking to positive also helps of course so good for you. Also glad you're getting back to the nitty gritty of mumhood, the school run. Keep the blogs coming.

Love from Pam and Gary Davis

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
That's great news re your scans/tests. Hopefully you can allow yourself to relax and really enjoy your family holiday. It was lovely to see you, you look really well. Speak to you soon. Neil, Amanda & Cameron xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, KatieI read your blog everyday to see how you are but I never feel it's appropriate to comment, as I haven't met you. However, through knowing Giles and your blog, I feel like I know you now and your lovely children. You are obviously doing really well in circumstances that most of us will hopefully never experience and you truely are an inspiration the way you keep your sense of humour. We are thinking of you and Giles a lot while you get through this. Lots of love from the windy northern isles of Scotland. Hollie xxPS FAB coat!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

Wonderful news about the scan results. You have come such a long way in terms of recovery (although it probably seems frustratingly slow)... and your positive attitude makes all the difference to tackling the challenges and enjoying life again. Have a lovely holiday and see you when you return.

love LisaX

PS: cute photo of your little Angel...makes it all worth it!