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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

After a weekend of good weather, meeting up with friends and family, many children’s activities, a swift unexpected girlie shopping trip while the children were at a party (dangerous!), we’re still busy! I visited Diana for a third session today. She’s helping me to recognise and challenge my negative thoughts in order to change the way I feel physically. It’s giving me something to focus on – I’ve actually got homework this week! I am not getting my hopes up to receive the active treatment on the trial. In the event that I’m recruited to the monitoring arm I can at least feel I am being constructive by bringing about positive change in my life – something I can control. There is so much hype about Avastin – how it has changed the prognosis for other cancers and how, because of its high costs, Primary Care Trusts are not able to fund it for many of their patients (maybe I’m watching too much daytime TV!). There is no proof that it helps prevent the spread in melanoma – at the moment it’s just a theory so I don’t have to and shouldn’t waste emotional energy if I am not going to be on it.


Rebecca said...

Katie - firstly apologies if this comment appears twice - I thought I'd published it but then can't see that it's appeared on the main page, so am writing it again....

So - great coat! That colour really suits you (as I remember from the 'House of Colour' day we did for Marianne's birthday a few years back).

Am glad to hear that your sessions with Diana are helping - and I do hope that Thursday goes well - whether you get on the trial or are just monitored you are, as you say, doing something positive and that must be a real boost for you.

It was really good to see you last Monday - I could see that you had loads more energy than a couple of weeks ago - and it's great to hear, from others' comments on the blog, how pleased Sophie and Sam were when you picked them up from school!

So, take care
Lots of love,

dan said...

Good to see your positive outlook there Katie. Take care. Dan. x

Nicole said...

Dear Katie and Giles,it's always with great hope that I open your site and I'm glad to read that you are getting stronger, that your children are looking at you as if nothing happened and that you seem to be surrounded by wonderful friends,family and great professional help. Fear is the worst enemy, but you are fighting it well.Ursula has perhaps told you that I have four children. Two of them have been diganosted with Colitis within three months of each other and will need drugs all their lives. So for 20 years I had healthy children and suddenly it changed. Things can change so rapidly.In the end the positive thinking is stronger than the fear. So keep your fight up and win!Love to you all from Switzerland, Nicole

Sara said...

Hey Sweet-stuff,
Sounds like you are making great strides and managing to find the happy too... which couldn't be more important right now.
Your neck looks much better than I anticipated and the trial sounds like a good thing too... I did one of those and it worked very well :)
I have popped something in the post for the kids - please give them a hug and kiss from me. Things have been hectic here but we are all thinking of you.
Lots of love and hugs, Sx