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Friday, 10 October 2008

I’ve found out that I’m randomised to the observation arm of the trial. After initially feeling a little disappointed, we now accept we have no control over this. It’s what’s meant to be. We’ll make the most of being able to have a better quality of life: I don’t need to be at the Marsden so often and I don’t need to worry about possible side effects from Avastin. Giles has rationalised the benefits by considering the travelling, parking and congestion charge savings that we will make. It means that we can now join a more expensive/luxurious gym/health club! (This morning I managed to pull a muscle in my back/neck so the pain and stiffness are back to some degree temporarily – hence regular exercise/relaxation is essential!!)
Considering Jade Goody, I feel I’m much better off: with her cervical cancer she has roughly (if you believe the media) the same chances of surviving 5 years, however she apparently has to have chemotherapy/radiotherapy for a year. My quality of life will be more superior to hers; I’ll be able to enjoy and be much more of a hands-on mother because I’ll feel well with no injections, infusions and side effects for a similar prognosis. It’s also so much harder to feel positive when you don’t feel well.
So for me making the most out of my life now is the best strategy (negative feelings only occur when I think about the past or future). So on Monday we’re off for an exciting week at Center Parcs.


Celia said...

Katie and family. Go and enjoy Center Parcs to the full. The timing is perfect as you sound so positive. On another note. I ran the Great North Run in aid of Marie Curie cancer care. It was so tough at the end. Thinking of you and Violet (friend who has breast cancer) helped me to finish the run running!

Mum said...

Just wanted to say that it is now 12th October and a special day, so have a very Happy 36th Birthday!! Then enjoy your holiday; I'm sure the children are excited but look out where you put Evie down in case she rolls too far!
Lots of love as always,
Mumxxxx and Dadxxxx

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday Katie!! Hope you're having a fabbo week on holiday - enjoy spending some lovely family time together.
Loads of love and positive wishes as always

marie said...

Dear Katie.... Am back on line after a holiday in Mallorca. Couldnt get your blog for a while and i blamed tiscali.But after checking your email address with Ursula am back with you again. Don't you look good in all your photos!!I hope you have a great holiday in Centerparcs... my boys used to love it there. Lots of love Mariex

Annie said...

Hi Katie

I was very glad to hear from Giles about all your tests being ok. That is such good news!

I know thinking too much about your illness is awful, so hope you are having a fun, relaxing, mad, knackering, energetic and most of all HAPPY time at Centerparcs.

Make the most of the spa (and the water slides!). And have a very Happy Birthday.

Love Annie

karen said...

Happy Birthday Katie.
No worries about the Avastin. You're right that it's less hassle and there's no evidence for it in melanoma anyway. If the patients in the active arm do really well they'll put you on it anyway. At least you're doing your bit for research. Good on you.
Enjoy your hols.
Love, Karen

Lynne Cavanagh said...

hi Kate
havent seen your blog for some time so very heartwarming to hear your positive news and your positivity. My Dad was a guinea pig for his cancer drug - 8 years ago.....
Hope you had a lovely birthday and enjoy Center Parcs - be careful in the water park!!
Great to see you back at school too
Take care
Lynne Cavanaghxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie and Giles,
I just heard today from our mutual friend, Sarah Horwood about how your life has been turned upside down. I don't know what to say, but wanted to say something. I have looked at your blog, and you seem to be meeting this all head-on. You are amazingly inspirational, and I am humbled to be able to read it all.
My heartfelt thoughts go out to you both and your beautiful and growing family. Drop me a line if you get time, I would love to pop up and see you, if you are up to visitors with children!
Nicky Draper and Max and Aurelia (ex-wife of Dr Nick Brand)

sarah horwood said...

Hi Katie,

I met with Anna Black & Jenny Crewe for the first time in a year today and was very sad to hear the news about your cancer, but at the same time happy to hear about baby Evie! I have read your blog and you are amazingly positive despite everything you have been through. I guess having a wonderful husband and three lovely children helps you to stay positive. I hope that Sophie and Sam are enjoying school-Alice has settled in well. Baby Evie is such a cutie-she looks just like her Mum!
I wish you all the best in your fight against this evil disease.
Sarah, Simon, Charlotte & Alice Horwood xxx

Anonymous said...

Evie looks so gorgeous!Have been thinking about you all at Center Parcs. Bet the children thought they were in paradise!Escaping from hospitals is a wonderful thing. You are surrounded by the love of family,friends and randoms!!Gary and I are off to Oz to see Sian but will be thinking about you lots With love Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

A belated Happy Birthday. You managed to keep that quiet!!! Your holiday in Centre Parcs sounded wonderful. A great way to celebrate & spend quality time together as a family & alone with Giles. The way you have both coped with the challenges & still come out positive & stronger than ever is a lesson to us all.

Would be lovely to meet up sometime soon.
love LisaX