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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Our break at Center Parcs was the best yet. The children are able to join in with more activities every year we go and we certainly filled all our available time there. Sam’s favourite was the water slides. Sophie’s was roller-skating. We had a babysitter every night and made use of our kids-free time using the spa twice, eating out on our 8th wedding anniversary and doing the waterslides in the dark on the last night. Sam reported how sad it was that we had to go home. Sophie woke us up in the middle of our first night back in tears that we were no longer there! (And Evie woke us up being very snotty!)
Today my two brothers ran in the 10k Cancer Research run at Hatfield House – along with our next door neighbours Mel & Rob. Around two thousand people did the run and it was moving to see that most of them knew someone affected by cancer – by having their names written on the back of their T-shirts. For my brothers it’s all training for the London marathon next April. When they get their online sponsorship link sorted out, I’ll put it on this blog as they need to raise lots more money for Cancer Research!


Mum said...

It was lovely to see you at Center Parcs and really having a great time; it wasn't just the children who enjoyed the water slides and Katie, how well you remembered to roller skate!!

Robert and Tom did very well today recording times of 48 and 52 minutes respectively: not sure how they'll get on in the London Marathon but we'll be there supporting them as I'm sure all the people who visit this site will by donating money to such a worthy cause. It does make you realise just how many poeple are affected by this terrible monster but also the good affect it has by people wanting to do their utmost to help in bringing it down.
Well done all those who give their time and energy to help others.
It was so good to see you there Katie supporting your brothers.
Love Mumxxxx

Anonymous said...

Best wishes from Eddy and Elisabeth and family from Switzerland. Katie, your fate occupies us and we're thinking of you a lot. Love

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie

It's my first time replying. Last time I attempted I sat here for ages compiling a load of dribble but lost the lot when trying to submit. It felt impossible to try and repeat then, but seeing you today urged me on for attempt no.2.
I was a late straggler for our course this morning but my heart lifted when I saw Evie sitting there. I knew our 4 hours were going to be a whole lot more interesting. Then you arrived, which I wasn't expecting, and snatched away our pleasant distraction. Not to worry, when Evie left we still had Laurie.
It was so good to see you and if it weren't for the fact that I was saving Resussie Annie's life I would have popped over to say hi. We all really miss you both here, mainly for selfish reasons when we're after a bit of help but also your lovely demeaner.I've kept a long list of questions for you when you've got a mo. And Giles too, Laurie just isn't impressed when I ask for his advise on macros and templates.
You're doing a grand job and I hope that we'll see you again soon.
We're virgin centre parcers off to Suffolk in December so I'm wanting to know more about water slides in the dark.

Best wishes to you and your families
Sallyanne xx

Annie said...

Hi Katie

How lovely to see you yesterday Katie. I thought you looked Sparkling....
Fab coat too!
I was indecisive as usual and it was just too late to jump up and give you a hug- well something like that..Isn't Evie just like you- think she was angel Evie when we saw her.
Centreparcs sounds wicked, glad you spent time in the spa, they get good reviews. I'm going along to roller derby with a friend and i'm scared.. And night slides. wow so goth!
love Annie