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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Our weekend was really fantastic. Spending time as a couple without the children is such a rarity for us that it made it all the more special. Wonderful food, saw Chicago in London (the choreography was great – and Giles, in addition, liked the costumes!). Walked past Giles’ old house, where we both lived, in London ten years ago. The (smaller) photo is of me with some of the girls when we tried ice skating on Monday evening (thanks Jill – I pinched your photo!).
At this time of year it’s all too easy to feel anxious about getting everything ready that we forget to enjoy it. As we get older I hear people say (and have in Christmases-past been guilty of saying) that “it comes around too quickly, it’s a waste of money, it’s the same every year”. If you think this, then it WILL BE for you (and you need a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy!).
Watching the kids in their Christmas excitement is absolutely priceless. This Christmas is even more special for us because we are spending it at home for the first time ever. It’s our first attempt at cooking a turkey (luckily the one I’ve ordered comes with a timer and instructions!) But it doesn’t matter if things don’t go the way we expect/ hope. If the ordered presents don’t arrive in time for the big day, if we don’t get to see all the people we want to beforehand. We have to recognize that things can’t always go the way we want. That’s life. No-one has a perfect one (even if it looks like they do). All we can do is try and have a happy one by learning to accept (and therefore live with) whatever happens along the way.


Celia said...

What is really important are the people: You, Giles and the children. The rest could be deemed to be cosmetic. Enjoy your day and lots of love and laughter


Anonymous said...

Hello Katie and Giles,
we are so looking forward to see you all on Christmas day. It will be the first time in 39 years that I do not have to cook the Christmas dinner.
But we will be on hand to help on the day; please to not get stressed. It will be lovely to see Sophie and Sam all excited and Evie wathing it all.
Lots and lots of love to you all from us, from so many of our friends here in Kent and my family in Switerland.
Mum and Dad xxx

Annie said...

Hello Katie

Wishing you a very happy christmas with your family and loved ones. The children will so excited, its funny watching their antics.

So don't get tied up in tinsle or stressed by sprouts.

have a lovely christmas Katie
lots of love Annie

carla said...

Dear Katie
I've got your Christmas card today. Thanks a million! I was totally shocked when I saw your blog. Had no idea that you were having such a tough year.
I really hope 2009 will be a great year! Your kids are beautiful! Have
a wonderful Christmas! And we must try and catch up this year. Now that Louis's exams are over I can have a social life again!
Lots of love

Carla xx

Mum and Dad said...

Darling Katie,
I just wanted to say Happy Christmas to all your friends who have helped you through this year.
You yourself, have come a long way and in some ways you are a changed person. You no longer let the little things worry you and you are even more caring than you were before. Your attitude towards life shown in your words of wisdom are there to be taken note of by many.

Have a wonderful Christmas Day and we look forward to seeing you all on Boxing Day.
Your Mumxxxx and Dadxxxx

Anonymous said...

HI Katie and belated birthday wishes to Giles.
It is really great to see you have done so well over the last few months. Have you bottled and patented your optimism yet?!! I spotted a note from Ursula saying she and Chris will be with you for Christmas dinner, [remember to hide the chocolates or the phantom chocoholic might just nibble them all!!!!] oops sorry Ursula.
Have a brilliant time with the family,
love from
The Waites in Kent,
[and possibly now ex friends of Ursula!!]