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Thursday, 11 December 2008

In the last two weekends Sophie has turned 6 and Giles, 37. I’m now able to give my full attention to the race against time to get everything bought/ wrapped/ organised for Christmas. Doing well with the presents – although having wrapped a few and put them under the tree, Sam announced he couldn’t possibly wait another 2 weeks till Christmas day to open them! I still haven’t written a single card though! This weekend my lovely parents have the children while Giles & I stay at Hanbury Manor (5 star Marriott) with Tesco Deal vouchers.
After however many weeks it has taken, the plumber finally finished our ensuite today. Although it still needs flooring (hopefully next week) and painting. I also had my third complimentary therapy session at the Isabel Hospice today. It’s wonderful to have an hour off from everything and be able to relax.
Now back to all that packing/ wrapping/ washing/ writing etc etc....


Barbara Brown said...

Katie - You are included in prayers at my church (Congregational,Coulsdon).

No - you don't know me - but I worked for your father in the 1990s.

Love, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie and Giles- have a fantastic weekend- what a wonderful tonic just before Christamas. Treasure every moment and forget about the long list of jobs- the cards can wait!
Lots of love Clare Ian and Family xx

Clare Ian and family said...

Have a wonderful weekend- a fantastic tonic just before Christmas- treasure every moment- the Christmas cards can wait!
With love from us all

Clare Ian and family xx

Tom said...

Hope you both have a great time. I phoned Mum and Dad earlier and Evie was stuck under the couch and Sam was causing some trouble. I think they're coping ok though :-)

See you on Boxing Day if not sooner x

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie , well done with the shopping and wrapping but stay well clear of tescos!i know you are going to have a magical time -the children are so beautiful in the photos. I pride myself on my cards being last minute or even after!Don't forget you are superwoman! Love from Pam, Gary and you mat get a message from James!