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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Life is as hectic as it always was - before. Not much time to think, write, reflect - especially at this time of year with all the Christmas (and birthday) planning. But for me it’s now about trying to minimise all the daily stresses – because being stressed damages my sense of wellbeing: I find going to Tescos more draining than doing an aerobics class – so I’ll be shopping online with Ocado from now on (they have free delivery slots)! People keep asking if I’ll be going back to work – but that’s something I can’t think about at the moment. Its tough being a working mum: there’s even less time. You end up spreading yourself more thinly. The thought of having to keep up to date with everything to be competent at work is a huge additional stress I can’t face just yet.
We were at the Marsden again this week; it was the most well I have felt when there. (This was helped by a Kings Road shopping trip beforehand!) Had a few blood tests, examination for lumps/bumps etc. They’ll refer me to speech therapy to see if there is anything that can be done to improve my voice – as it still packs up when I try to speak louder (and long gone are my singing days!). They’ve left it up to us to decide the frequency or whether I want regular CT scans – so I don’t have to have them 3-monthly as previously discussed.
The plumber has started work to on our ensuite. Hopefully just 2 weeks of the contents of it in our spare room and dust/ noise in our house – but I’m beginning to think that it’s going to take longer than this (and preparing myself for the prolonged disruption!).
Life can be so unfair sometimes – there are many tragedies. But with every tragedy that occurs you could think of an even worse one. A former pupil at Sophie and Sam’s school died this week of a brain tumour – aged 12, her younger sister still attends the school. For me that would be a far worse thing to try and cope with – to loose a child. But to loose all my children and husband would be so so much worse. And people still find a way to deal with these losses. Amazing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
So great to keep up to date by reading your blogs. We miss you at work. You are a truly amazing person. Positive thought is such a powerful thing. Hope your Christmas preparations are going well. Take care. Dawn

Annie said...

Hi Katie

There are some sad things in this world, but there also many happy and fun times.

I have just been on eurostar to dusseldorf to visit my brother, he out working there..lucky for him. Christmas market--wow to all glitter and gluhwein..also walked another section of the Rheinhohenweg, beautiful scenery mainly in fluffy snow.
liebe annie x

Celia said...

Katie and Giles. Have just been sorting out some papers today and found a note from Ursula telling me about Sophie's birth on 29th November. I hope she has a happy day on saturday. Katie you sound as if you are packing loads in. Wouldn't give work a second thought at present nor supermarket shopping. There are alternatives. I've been reading back over the blog since your first entry 4 months ago. Evie has doubled her age. You are still here and doing a brill job. Sophie and Sam look great in the photos. Keep smiling and love to you all. Celias

Jenny Crewe said...

Its great to read your blog and see that you are managing to be so positive. You are right, every day and every experience is precious. I also found it so upsetting about the little girl who had attended Wheatcroft. Is hard to imagine how the parents feel and how they get through such an awful time. Its true, that without the bad experiences we would not value the good ones as much but sometimes life does seem so cruel.
Keep positive beautiful Katie.
p.s.I love the new photos of the kids.

Nicole said...

Dear Katie and Giles
Winter and Christmas are times when one looks back - all the things that happened during a year. For me my Grandfather died, two of my sons got diagnosed with illnesses which will be part of them for the rest of their lives. These were my personal low-lights, together with further sad news. But beside that there are also wonderful things that happen every day and I get up every morning believing that all will be well. I really try and say it to myself - a bit like a kick and it makes me feel stronger. And so I also believe in living now and enjoying now. Sad stories are part of everyone, but happy memories as well. And so let's just enjoy the weeks to come and look forward to happy children around Christmas. You have a wonderful family! Love Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
When you made your reference about work i knew i had to over come my luddite way's- and here iam.
i miss you,we all miss you at work and want you back with us.However,you are clearly in the process of rethinking,evaluating and reshaping your life.
Your positive attitude and strength are as amazing as ever,so,i know you will make the right decision at the correct time for you.
Untill then enjoy this time of year and the enjoyable part of Christmas shopping on line or otherwise!!