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Thursday, 5 March 2009

The debate over the coverage of Jade Goody being sick entertainment has played on my mind. What everyone could take away from her story is to be more appreciative of the lives they have. Tragic news helps us to feel that we’re more fortunate.
We were diagnosed with different cancers at the same time, but they were both staged (3) the same, giving us the same prognosis of a 40-50% chance of making it to 5 years. I hoped we would both reach this target. After my diagnosis I thought that what is happening to her would happen to me. I was given information on how to prepare your children for when you’re not there anymore - reading them especially designed stories, assembling memory boxes. Stuff I found unbearable to think about. She has to cope with doing this knowing that death is just around the corner, being in terrible pain when the treatment/ operations she’s endured haven’t worked.
Thanks to Jade’s publicity I’m even more thankful for all the hard, mundane, stressful bits that come with living. I hope that I will continue to be lucky and be able to see my children grow unlike Jade.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie - Evie looks so grown up -the months when your children change so much .... are not always recognised because - as you say -those times can seem pretty mundane and all about getting through the daily routine.You are appreciating this though, while many of us wish we could go back in time when we would savour every single moment! Life is precious, you are living it to the full -being able to share such hearfelt thoughts with others is a gift and is much appreciated! Love from Pam and Gary

Marianne said...

Katie, you've said exactly what I have been thinking! I wish more people could see what Jade is doing and going through in this light.

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

i think that you, and Jade, and all who go through this fight, are amazing and brave, and who is to comment on how you tackle that fight?
You are all inspirational,

love Nicky, Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Haven't written on here for ages but I often look to see how you're doing and the real passion you're showing for seizing each moment is inspirational. I think everything you've said about Jade is spot on and each time I read about her I think of you and feel enormous humility and admiration towards anyone coping with cancer.

Angie x

Annie said...

Hi Katie

although i've not seen you for ages i often think of you.. the way you cope is amazing and writting about it so others can understand and be positive too and live for the day is just fantastic.

I can't believe how Evie has grown!! and as you say every moment is so precious... even if it is sick in the car!!

I went to visit my brother, who's now working in Munich and I went on my own to Dachau-not sure of the words to say but very moving....

On a lighter note have a wicked new tattoo!

love annie