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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Mother’s day – a day to consider and be thankful for our mothers whether they are here or no longer with us. In case you were wondering, I’ve shed a few tears for Jade and her family over the last two days. But it’s also due to the reality of what could have been/ could still be. The same anxieties/fears flash back into focus. All the positives to the situation just don’t seem to hold enough value and I become an emotional wreck all over again. I live in the face of melanoma being my terminal illness. But as Evie’s fever and the broken sleep eases, so does my grief. There is much to be planned; going on my first girlie weekend for 7 years this weekend. Giles has readily accepted the challenge of looking after 3 children although he’ll get a little assistance from both sets of grandparents!
Following this Evie will be christened just before her 1st birthday. We then have another appointment at the Marsden and this time we’ll take the children with us and stay overnight in a hotel nearby. I think Sophie and Sam will benefit from seeing where I go in London -and they relish staying in hotels!


Clare Ian and family said...

I did think of you so much on Sunday and especially with the news about Jade Goodey dying.

Have a fab girlie weekend and enjoy all the celebrations with Evie.

I am sure Giles will manage admirably so you can make a regular habit of weekends away!!

Lots of love from us all Clare xx

Anonymous said...

Jade's death is a tremendous blow - not right in any way -we all know it happens and there is no reason - only chance and part of being given the tremendous privilege of a life in the first place.
Enjoy your girly weekend - what fun! The children will be spoilt rotten!
Hotels are great adventures as a family - all must eat lots for breakfast, have lots of baths and- dare I say it - wrap up in soft white towels. Love Pam and Gary

Dawn said...

And so... we need an update on the girly weekend. Where did you go? What did you do? And did Giles have fun too? Or is this all too much information? What goes on tour, stays on tour... Glad you're all doing so well and enjoying life. You deserve it.

Annie said...

Hi Katie

How lovely to see you looking like a ray of sunshine at the party!

was very interesting to hear about centre parcs...i fancy the high wire thing, bit like army assault course..similar incidents have occured on my walks!

hope you enjoy the Easter celebrations..love those photos

love Annie x