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Thursday, 15 October 2009

I’m very sorry to say that it’s time to restart this blog. Was given the unexpected devastating news after a chest x-ray today that they’ve found something in my lungs. Have also had a CT scan and will get the results when we go back next Thursday. Think I went into shock after I was told and now I feel quite spaced out! I’ve been so healthy and had the best time lately. Just two days ago I managed a 10k run – for the first time ever! Poo, poo, poo! (Rudest word I’m prepared to use in front of children!)
Have to try harder to stop myself from thinking about the future – just keep on living and loving every day…….x


Robert said...

We're all with you together, supporting you, fighting with you and loving you.

It's all so confusing at the moment.

I'm coming to give you a hug as soon as I can.

All my love.

Robert x

Liz said...

Our thoughts are with you all. You have shown such courage and taught us so much about life.

We will give you and Giles all the support we can.

Love Liz & Laurie

David Nicholls said...

Mum will be able to put our thoughts into words far better than I can. Just to say that you know how much we love you. So many other friends and relations feel the same. If the love and thoughts and prayers of everyone is pooled together then with your strength and determination the future will be better.
We will be with you all the way....with all my love....Dad.

Mum said...

Darling Katie,
We have had such lovely times recently, especially as we shared our 40th Wedding Anniversary with all our family.
You know how much loved you all are and it is with all the love a mother can give her oldest child and elder daughter that I say, 'please don't give up yet!'

You have been an inspiration to us all in your resilience to this dreadful disease and you have been so happy. You have always shown dignity and courage and I know you can still fight.

Again I say that we shall be with you every step of the journey and you know that we think of you every moment of every day.

Our undying love,
Mumxxx and Dadxxx

Marianne said...

Oh Katie, this is so not what you need, especially after the previous year! Keep strong, you have done so incredibly well already and will do so again.

lots of love from Marianne, Matthew and Jonathan

Celia said...

Katie. You have fought this demon before and am sure you will again.You have such a fabulous family who are all there right behind you. Keep going taking each day as it comes. Great you ran 10k a girl after my own heart. Love to you and Giles and Sophie,Sam and Evie xxx

Levi said...

Katie, I'm so sorry to hear.

I'm in New Zealand, and I know it's better to say something than nothing.

I do think of you often, I don't say much though. I'm really proud of my family over in Cuffley, and especially the children.

I'm especially proud of you.

Annie said...

Dear Katie

What very very horrid news.

My thoughts are with you loads. You are so beautiful inside and out.
I'll be joining the flow of love and support as once again you go through this.

much love

Anonymous said...

Katie - Devastated to hear this news.
I can only reiterate the previous words of support from your friends and family.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Be strong.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
If the comments posted on your blog over the last year or so are anything to go by, then you have all the love and support you need to give you the strength to fight this once more.
All my love Amanda xx

Tom said...

I love you so much Katie. I will do anything to help you, Giles and the 3 wonderful children that you have.

I wanted to cry when I saw you on
Friday and give you a hug, but the kids were there and I thought it better to play some football with Sam instead!

At least I re-arranged the Top Gear Cool-Wall on your fridge putting Giles' car as 'seriously uncool' and mine as 'sub-zero'!

Here for you always.



Anonymous said...

Katie we are so very sorry to hear this news. You are such a beautiful and inspirational young woman and surrounded by people who love and admire you so much. Everyone is behind you and you can fight this again. Love from Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

Just to say we are thinking of you daily and praying for your strength and determination to get through this. We are here for you if you or Giles need anything.

All our love
Lisa, Mark & NatalieX

marie said...

Dear Katie... I had hoped we would not have to use this blog again. Time was passing and everything was well You have proved already how strong you are and you will have to build on this strength.Remember one day at a time..All our love and certainly hope for the future Marie and Jamesxxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Giles and Katie,
We want to tell you how much we love you all and think of you constantly. We are always here for you and will do anything we can to help.
Remain strong and positive. You have been such an inspiration to us all, Katie; so full of courage and determination.
Lots of love and prayers,
Mum and Dad. xx

Dawn said...

You've faced the last year with such dignity, bravery and determination, that I know you'll have the strength to get through this. I hope you get some positive news tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you all. Lots of love Dawn x

Anonymous said...

Dearest big sister,

I re-iterate your poo poo poo. I thought and truly hoped we'd seen the last of this.

My admiration for you, support and love are always with you and the family. I'm thinking of you all today as I do everyday and look forward to seeing you at the weekend

Love you fighter
Jane xxxxx

Clare Ian and Family said...

We are thinking of you all so much and will be there to help you fight this all the way.

we send all our love to you , Giles,Sophie, Sam and Evie

Clare and family xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

You're a fighter Katie,
Perserverence and determination is the key. Thinking of you all