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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Despite our alarm not going off, repeated firealarms and an evacuation at Gatwick we have made it to Florida. Everything is much bigger here. Liz and Laurie's house is so huge that we may lose the chidren in it. We thought the Q7 was big but you should see the size of our "suburban tank-thingy" we have now! We are not doing well time adjustment; the kids were awake a 1am, we had breakfast at 3 and played basketball in the games room at 4. Still 3 hours to go till Disney opens!


Mum said...

Darling Katie, Giles, Sophie, Sam and Evie,
So good to hear from you that you arrived safely after all the events of the fire alarm at Gatwick; lucky that Giles has some strong arms to lift Evie, in the pushchair, up all those stairs.

It's going to be a very long day if you started at 1 a.m.! I think the children will be sleeping very well before long, with all the excitement Disney World will bring.

As I said before, have a super time!
All our love Mumxxx and Dadxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie, Giles, Sophie, Sam and Evie from a wet and windy Goffs Oak! We're glad that you've all arrived safe and sound and now for the fun part! Neil particularly recommends Epcot Centre and the Universal Studios Islands of Adventure if you get a chance. It all sounds fantastic and we wish you the happiest of times.Lots of love Neil, Amanda and Cameron xxx

Dawn said...

Glad to hear you made it safely, if eventfully. Enjoy. And hope everyone is soon sleeping through the night!

Anonymous said...

Hi katie,Giles,Sophie,Sam and Evie,

It has been a dull and wet november day here (poor us).
I am sure you are experiencing a sunny Florida day !!

We at work have been wondering what you are all doing - how exciting!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I hope you have a wonderful time over there. There is nothing like the look on young children's faces in Disney. Many happy memories to be made, to keep you smiling while you fight this melanoma.
We are thinking of you and all of your beautiful family, take care sunshine.
Sally, Pete & Emma xxxxx

Marianne said...

Hurray, glad you got there ok! There's nothing like a drama on departure to start a holiday off properly. Hope you've settled in really well now. It's so wet and windy tonight that I just can't imagine the heat you're in. Have loads of fun - I'm looking forward to hearing all about it xxx

Anonymous said...

we hope you have a fantastic time in Florida. The Peter Pan ride in the Magic Kingdom is brillant!! The weather back in Hertford is cold, wet and gale force winds so enjoy the Florida sunshine.
Have a fabulous time. Love from Julia, Steve. Clare and Chris (no 10 Jasmine Drive) XXXX

Rebecca said...

Hi Katie - sounds rather a drama getting there, but glad you made it safely! Hope you're having a great time!
Lots of love Rebecca xxx


Some how I can across your blog, and perhaps it was to be. I will be praying for your healing tonight. Your family is beautiful, and I pray that you have many more days of life with them.

louise and david said...

Hello you famous five !!

lots of love Louise David Austin and Amos xx

Anonymous said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! You can sleep when you get home

Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

ursulaandchris said...

Dear Giles, Katie, Sophie, Sam,and Evie,
We read in our newspaper that the sun is shining for you in Florida, most of the time anyway.
We are sure you have a wonderful time and enjoy all the excitment Disneyland brings.
Hope your return flight will be less eventful and I hope I will not have the same experience when I fly to Switzerland !!
Thinking of you all.
Lots of love
Mum and Dad xx

Celia said...

Hi all of you. It was a long long time ago that I went to Disney. But recall it was great fun. Enjoy all the USofA offers you. It is BIG isn't it. Think Sophie will have her birthday whilst you are away? If so happy birthday to her.love from Celia