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Friday, 30 October 2009

The extravagance! Have just booked 10 days at Disney World, Florida - leaving in under 2 weeks AND Lapland for 3 nights in early December!
Sophie has made herself watch Michael Jackson's Thriller video twice today in preparation for tomorrow and as a result of seeing his exhibition at the O2 today. Way too scary for Sam!


Yvonne and Malcolm Waite said...

We were very sad to hear from Ursula about your latest condition. Your positive attitude is really fantastic, 'gutsy lady'. Good for the family to go and visit all these great places.
We really hope the gene test will be of benefit to you.

marie said...

Great idea to go and have some fun. The children will love Disneyland.... I was over 50 the first time i went, thinking I would hate it .... became addicted to the scary rides!!thinking of you and wishing you all the good fortune in the world. Make sure you take your Christmas wish list to Lapland Love marie and Jamesxx

Anonymous said...

We're so pleased and excited for you all - it'll be a truly magical experience. Will be thinking of you and looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing the piccies when you return. All our love Amanda, Neil and Cameron xxx

Anonymous said...


what can I say... We never know what to say in these situations and I have written something and deleted it I don't know how many times.

You have always displayed such dignity, beauty and grace in this past year. (Even last week when roller skating while trying to hold Sam up!)

Seriously, I can't believe this. You are truely an inspiration.

Florida! You are going to have the best time! We have a brilliant book that gives the best advice about the rides and attractions, you are more than welcome to have it. Or maybe I could just talk to you continuely for 3 solid hours about the whole experience...I'm full of helpful tips.

Let me know.

You are amazing.

Karen Batchelor x

sarah horwood said...

Katie, I was so sad to hear from Nicky (used to be Draper) about your latest fight. What a cruel disease, but what an amazingly strong woman you are, such dignity and courage. Your children are a credit to you, they are beautiful.
Have a wonderful time at Disney-that will certainly keep you occupied! And the kids will love Lapland, almost as much as you!
Much love
Sarah Horwood (NCT bumps and babes group, had Alice when you had Sam)

Anonymous said...

Dear Giles and Katie,
We are thinking of and praying for you continually.
So pleased that you have been able to arrange a trip to Florida and Lapland. The children will be so excited, probably Evie not so much.
Keep positive and fit and you can beat this dreadful disease.
All our love
Mum and Dad xxx

Dawn said...

Have a great time Katie. Will try and speak to you before you head off to Florida, but you're so busy it is hard to catch you. Much too busy to be sick! Lots of love Dawn x

Anonymous said...

I remember you well as a lovely little girl Katie. now your`e a beautiful young woman with 3 lovely children. I admire you so much.
I taught with your mother in London in the sixties. Like you ,lovely, with a personality to match. A wonderful father as well. Have fun in Disneyland.

Anonymous said...

I`ve just sent a comment Katie but not being very computer literate could only get it to go by saying I was anonymous which i didn`t mean to be. Sorry to be so stupid!the person who said `i taught with your mother once.

Tom said...

Go to Bush Gardens in Tampa Bay. It is a zoo and theme-park in one. The kids will love it and you will too with the crazy rides.

I bet Giles wont have the guts to do any rollercoasters though!

louise and david said...

Wow!! what a great way to end 2009 you will all have a lovely time - such great places to go as a family and not at all extravagant! This is exactly what's called for, a real tonic to boost the 'positivity scale'
Such fun, great distractions for you all.
When you are at Disney don't forget to 'wish upon a star...your dreams come true....'
Sophie and Sam - Austin is green with envy!!!! HAVE A LOVELY TIME.
You all deserve this.
Lots of love Louise David Austin and Amos x

annie said...

Hi Katie

hey thats soooooo cool!Have a wicked time.
Lapland sounds like Narnia, Christmas and outdoor magic with deer,snow and pine trees all rolled into one. most excellent.Enjoy Disney too, Sophie,Sam and Evie will go mad with delight. I bet secretly you and Giles will too!

bless you
lots of love
annie x x x x

Anonymous said...

I've never been to either place, but can imagine that you will all have the time of your lives - disney and christmas - sounds like there will be 5 very excited children!
Wishing you easy journeys, rest, fun, laughter and unforgettable memories
Nicky, Max and Aurelia xxx

Clare , Ian &Family said...

what a brilliant idea to book such amazing holidays. Disneyland is full of laughter and fun and Lapland pure magic- just what you all need.

As for nearly dropping Evie - we have all done similar things - maybe not so many of us had run 9k the day before!

Katie you are inspirational to us all by embracing each day and I am sure your attitude will keep you well.

Have a truly wonderful time and make sure you all take your Christmas lists to Father Christmas

With all our love

Clare Ian and family

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great idea - bet the anticipation in your house is already beyound control! As for Lapland -the snow,forests, bells and lights.....
You know what we all wish for Christmas and dreams do come true. Have a great time. Love from Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

hi katie,
sorry to hear the news. try not to worry too much about statistics. about 60% of all statistics are made up on the spot (theres another one!). concentrate on the little things like making you and your family happy and hopefully the bigger things will take care of themselves.
our thoughts are with you
asa+ natalie

Anna said...

Hi Katie,

I haven't seen you in ages so buzzed in to your blog when James told me about Disney and Lapland today!

I'm so sorry you are having to go through this again so soon. Your completely positive approach is inspirational and we are sending you lots of positive vibes and love from Wewyn Garden City xxx

Nicola said...

I was so sorry to hear about your news. I just want to say I'm thinking about you and if anyone can win this battle through positivity, dignity and strength you will.
Have a fantastic trip to America and Lapland.
Lots of love
Nicola (Ellas mum)

Anonymous said...

Katie. Bad things happen to good people. They shouldn't but they do. Everytime I checked your blog I was pleased to see you had not updated it as I assumed that was a good sign. I am so sorry you needed to start it up again. Reading what you write makes me realise what we all take for granted. Its a big perspective check. Keep fighting. Keep enjoying your beautiful family. Love Hollie, Deryk, Lachlan, Fyntan, Raven and Ythan xx

Celia said...

Hi Katie. Just to say have a wonderful time in Florida. Thinking of you lots. Keep being positive as only you can. Love to you all


Anonymous said...

We were both so saddened to hear the news. You have been so positive and full of life - long may this continue. Have a fabulous time in Florida and Lapland-enjoy every minute with your family and hope for good news on the gene test.
Would love to see you- maybe we can arrange a time to catch up.But only of course if you want to?

Thinking of you- you are in our prayers
Sharon and Rob Poolman

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Lapland sounds magical.Disney is magical,exciting,joyful and vibrant.You are all going to have a wonderful time.... enjoy!

Andrea x

Mum said...

Darling Katie, Giles, Sophie, Sam and Evie,
Have a wonderful time in Disneyland! We shall be thinking of you all tomorrow and for the next two weeks enjoying all there is to offer for both big and small!

Have a memorable swim with the dolphins, enjoy meeting all the characters and going on all those rides. We'll look forward to seeing some super photos on your return!
Bon voyage and all our love,
Mumxxx and Dadxxx

Dawn said...

Safe trip, Katie. Didn't manage to catch you before you went. Have a wonderful time with your very special family. Love Dawn x