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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Katie was admitted to hospital this afternoon. She woke up this morning with worsening pins and needles in her legs - it was moving up above the knee and she felt uncoordinated with her legs. Her pain was also much worse last night.
We spoke to the doctors this morning and they arranged an urgent MRI scan of her spine. This showed a mass arising from her thoracic vertebrae (T8 and T9) which was compressing her spinal cord. Left untreated this could, within hours, cause paralysis and loss of sensation from the lesion down. She had the first of 5 fractions of radiotherapy to it at about 5pm and intravenous steroid to reduce the swelling around the mass. Now we have to wait till it starts to work. In the mean time she has been warned that the pain will probably get worse before it gets better!
We have tickets to take Sophie and Sam to see Mamma Mia tomorrow so we are desperately hoping that she is allowed out, at least for a few hours, to do this.

So 2009 is nearly over and 2010 about to start! Happy New Year to you all.


Anonymous said...


Its about time i wrote a comment. Hope you remember me, we started at CMH within a week of each other many, many moons ago! I've been reading your blog and i have to say, you're pretty amazing! Your kids are beautiful and you lead such a full life. The strength you have seems to be never ending. I wish you all the very best for 2010 and hope that you win the fight! My e-mail add is mamtaph@hotmail.com. It would be nice to re-unite!

Take care


Sara said...

Dear Katie,
Mamma Mia sounds like the ideal therapy... we hope that you are able to go.
Alternatively, I am sure that the family could do a short ABBA revival for you... everyone knows the words :))
It sounds like you have been having a time of it lately... we hope that there is some respite soon.
Wishing you, Giles and the kids lots of big, big love and extra kick-ass energy for the new year,
Sara & Andy

Jen Tickle said...

Dear Katie,

Sara (Griffiths) pointed me in the direction of your blog. She teaches me yoga in Baku. Your blogging is inspirational and far more meaningful than my own attempts. I'm not a believer in prayer, but I do believe in the power of positive thought (or maybe they are one and the same?!) and I know this helped my Mum get through cancer some years ago. You are clearly a very strong woman but everyone has their dark days, and I hope our thoughts and wishes help to ease these a tiny bit. I hope the pain lessens for you and that you are able to start 2010 feeling better than you ended 2009. I will be thinking of you, as I know many others are. We are skiing in Bulgaria at the moment and tomorrow when I stand on the piste in the fresh air I will take a moment to think of you and send some of the energy of the mountains in your direction. Even though we have never met, I hope this helps in some small way.
With best wishes and respect for your courage and warmth,

Anonymous said...

To my beautiful friend,
I just keep reading about someone I love going through some kind of torture. All I can do is pray.

Heather L K R said...

Dear Katie,
I heard of your story from my good friend Sara and wanted to send you all of the goodness and positivity I have to offer! I am, currently, having my own struggle with health so forgive me if it isnt my usual surplus! ;) But I used to work as a bartender and other bartenders would come in to my place and I to theirs. We, of course, are the best tippers so it was almost better than putting your money in the bank! Maybe happiness, goodness, and positivity are like that too. I hope so, anyway! Everyone seems so excited about 2010 and I've decided to get on the bandwagon...why not join me?! The photos of your family are lovely. Hopefully, someday, we can have that too. Happy New Year to you and yours!

ps. "Mamma Mia" (ABBA) is the best medicine! Although, I've seen the show and the movie and both, equally, made me want to stand up and sing!

May the Lord bless you and keep you,


Anonymous said...


Firstly, I wanted to say that your family won't let Evie forget anything about you. Since Bethany passed away just over a year ago we have mentioned her name every single day, we talk about things we all did, things she did and even though Megan was only 6 when we lost Bethany I will guarantee that she will know everything about her big sister as she grows up.

Also, something I will always regret is that we waited too long before taking her to Disneyland Paris. This delayed our trip by about 3 weeks and meant that she had deteriorated so wasn't really aware of her surroundings, she died 8 days after our return.

However, you organised your trips quickly and therefore had a lovely time in Disney and Lapland - well done, a very good decision!

Take care

Louise Walker x

Anonymous said...

Dearest Katie, I have been following your blog since Amanda told me about you being unwell. I have not posted as I have not seen you since her wedding. You are always in my thoughts. I am sending you a hug from myself and my family.

Nichola (Williams), Simon, Maddison, Sonny and our little Evie..xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie

Wishing you the strength to continue your brave fight ...keep thinking positive thoughts and don't give in to it.