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Friday, 1 January 2010

We all made it to Mamma Mia! And it was well worth it. Sophie said it was better than the film and that is saying something!
Katie was feeling the boost provided by the steroids, her pain had eased and she felt quite well. We managed to get the doctors to agree to let her out for a few hours and we borrowed a wheelchair from her Grandma. I can’t fault the black cab drivers for their help and assistance with the wheelchair but I can’t say the same about the roads or their suspension! Katie was in pain with every bump and jolt, made worse by several diversions because a number of roads in Central London were still closed after the New Years Day parade. In fact the first cab was unable to get any where near the theatre so we opted to walk/push/roll a short distance before then getting in another cab! The next challenge was getting to our aisle seat! The only problem being that the aisle the seat was on was not accessible by wheelchair! On the plus side there was no queue for the disabled toilet unlike the ladies toilets.
So our brief trip around London with a wheelchair was quite an eye opener but, as I have already said, it was well worth it. The show was superb! Katie’s pain was a bit worse once we got back but hopefully she will manage to get comfortable and get some sleep. She has another blast of radiotherapy tomorrow morning and is not expecting to be discharged before Monday.


Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Sending lots and lots of positive healing energy to you!
Om shanti

Rebecca and Maytham x

Anonymous said...

hello Katie, I am a friend of Sarahs out in Baku, i have only just found out about your cancer. I am sending you lots of love and kindness in my meditations.

Sam x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie and Giles, I'm so pleased that you all made it to Mamma Mia and it was well worth all the effort that went in to getting you all there safely. Neil and I have been thinking of you all over the Christmas and New Year holidays and never cease to be amazed by your strength and determination to not let this stand in your way. We hope to see you soon. Sending you all our love, Neil and Amanda xxx PS As I promised I'd let you know, Our scan revealed another boy and not sure about the other one as had crossed legs so will find out when I have my next scan at end of Jan xxxx

pat said...

So pleased you all made it to Mamma Mia, Thoughts and prayers are with you good luck with the treatmemnt.
Love Pat x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Well done - that took real courage and determination to get to Mamma Mia.So pleased you all enjoyed it.

Thoughts and prayers are with you as always.


Liz said...

I'm really glad you made it to Mamma Mia and enjoyed it, what an inspiration you all are.

Good Luck with the treatment and hopefully you will be home soon.
You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

meltem said...

Dear Katie,

I wish that these days will pass and you will have wonderful times with your wonderful family soon.

Much love from Baku,


Anonymous said...

Katie and Giles,

You are in our thoughts as always.
We hope the steroids and radiotherapy give you some respite. Send our love to the children

Steve and Ali