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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Just a quick update tonight. Katie had radiotherapy this morning and as expected it stirred up the pain. She is putting on a brave face as usual and coping remarkably well. It also makes her quite tired so fortunately she managed a quick doze before the peace was disturbed by the arrival of Evie, and less so by Sophie and Sam, this afternoon. No noticeable improvement with her legs yet but this is not surprising - at least there is no deterioration so fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie
My thoughts are with you, and I'm sure everyone will agree you have made a tremendous impact on all our lives by just how you have and are battling this horrible disease with such strength, courage and dignity, something no one will forget.
I'm so glad you got to see Mamma Mia
what a fantastic show and as my Dad is a London Cabbie driver I'll pass on the comments lol.
Much love to you all

Nicola Mc xx

Celia said...


Delighted to hear you made it to Mamma Mia. I echo what Nicola has just written. Katie you are quite someone. I think of you so often along with Giles and the children.
Keep fighting and I cross my fingers the radiotherapy abates this wicked disease disease.
my love to you all


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
Just read your latest blogs and wanted to say how amazed I am at your courage and determination. I've got 3 little ones myself and I can picture how delighted your kids must have been that you beat the pain and made it to Mamma Mia with them for a family day out. I'm guessing the next few days may be low ones, but know that there are lots of us out here rooting for you!
B xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
We hope that the treatment at the hospital in the coming days, will reduce your pain and discomfort. We hope too that the radiotherapy will affect the problem in your back and give you more feeling in your legs.
Giles keeps us informed and he will send you our love but this message is to tell you that we are thinking of you always and especially during your time at the Marsden.
Hope to hear soon that you are able to go home.
Love Ursula and Chris

Dawn said...

Giles, thanks for taking the time to update the blog. I can only imagine how much you've got to deal with at the moment, so I, like everyone, am very grateful that you are keeping us up to date. I hope this blog helps you and Katie as much as it helps us. Let's hope the radiotherapy and other treatment eases the pressure and also the pain. As you say, Katie is coping so amazingly well, she deserves that miracle. Lots of love to you all, Dawn

Jo said...

Keep on fighting Katie - i dont know what it might be like to have complete strangers writing to you but in a way we are all connected and here in Baku Sarah has been a champion herself in her work with refugees, helping stray dogs and cats and being such a good friend to so many of us that when she sent the email I really wanted to send you some positive spirit.. you are a very brave and courageful woman I wish you strength and lightness,