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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Unfortunately I found out today that I don’t have the BRAF gene so am not eligible for the trial at the Marsden and another one due to start next year that looks promising in the US. However they do have another trial (temazolamide +/- ABT-888) that is open for recruitment for another week only. So in a way the decision has been made for me. I signed the consent today. I still have to have MRI & CT scans of my brain and will be excluded if melanoma is lurking there, and they stress – again that it is not curative - its aim to prolong my life. But I can live in hope. I will never accept that I will leave my children forever; I feel guilty leaving them for just a weekend!
We leave for Lapland early Sunday. So much to organise before then – so must get on!


Dawn said...

Katie, glad to hear that you will be able to participate in one trial. Good luck with the extra scans - I know you'll be just as brave for this new challenge as you have been in facing all your previous challenges. And with 3 such gorgeous children, you've got such an incentive to stay strong. Say hi to Father Christmas for me when you're in Lapland. And if you can, send me a reindeer to make it feel like Christmas in Oz. ;^) Thinking of you all, love Dawn x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie - As I said to you last night, you're being amazingly wise in taking things one day at a time and I know you will make the most of every single moment in Lapland. I hope you have a truly wonderful time and look forward to seeing you soon xx

Clare Ian and Family said...

Have a truly magical time with Father Christmas- please say hello to him for us.

Thinking of you all

Love Clare Ian and familyxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie-

My nme is Brandona and I am a 4 1/2 year mealnoma survivor. I am 37 years old. I have survivird for round of biochemotherapy, two craniotomies(to resect brain tumors, but have finally found a clinical trial which accepted me. It's the GSK MEK inhibitor trial. There are a lot of very good treatments for melanoma coming of age, and we are very fortunate to be able to be battling this disease in this day and age. It's important to keep your immune system strong, So I eat a very good diet, and have a CHinese medicine doctor, Michael Broffman, in San Anselmo, CA, who keeps me on nutritional supplements whixh are known to help fight melanoma. I even take THC glycerin tincture daily orally. Best wishes, we can beat this!

Kim Owen said...

Hi, good news about the trial it looks like it was "meant to be" doesn't it from the timing.

I told Olivia & Holly that you were taking Sophie to Lapland where Father Xmas lives & they wondered if Sophie would get to see him. I will be hoping a little xmas magic rubs off on you during your trip.We all send you a big hug (you probably won't read this till you get back now). Kim, Warwick, Olivia, Holly & Theo

louise and david said...

Hi you all, Disney looked fab, as I'm sure Lapland will be.
It all sounds very hectic, I hope you are taking some time to look after yourself and rest!!! Christmas is a very stressful time for mums and dads, but you must take care of yourself!
So sorry forgot to send Sophie a birthday card!
Wow 7 already.
Take care, you all enjoy this fun month.
Love Louise, David Austin and Amos.xx

Anonymous said...

Keep on fighting Katie -you are so needed by people who love you so much. These trials can achieve remarkable results - even for an individual. Each day taken being with your family and just keeping going is a step further in the fight. Enjoying thinking of you all in Lapland, love Pam and Gary

annie said...

Hi Katie

missed you last night. There was some strange dancing, two people fell over, one ended up in a cupboard instead of toilets, Lawrence narrowly missed a thrown chair..we're a bit zombified today.

hope Lapland was brilliant, Giles seemed keen on reindeer and Father Christmas-hope the kids loved it.

thinking of you
love annie x x x

Mum said...

Darling Katie,
I love the photos and can't wait to hear all about the trip; now all you've got to do is get ready for Christmas!! No wonder you were tired out when I spoke to you last night! What you have just been doing and the thought of all there is still to do.
By the way, you all look very well clothed, what a different climate from Florida!
Lots of love as always,
Mumxxx and Dadxxx