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Saturday, 12 December 2009

So we have returned from Lapland and it was wonderful and certainly action-packed! Thankfully for Evie (as she kept pulling off her mittens) not as cold as it could have been. I think we’re all paying the price for our exertions now though. For me – I’ve already missed two Christmas nights out and am not sure I can face the one tonight either. My immune system has taken a dip and I’m definitely fighting virus. But what is really discouraging is the lump that I know shouldn’t be in my right breast. This time I have pain because of what it is displacing, but also pains in my ribs and I wonder whether this is indicative of further spread – or whether it’s just the virus. I’m scheduled for a big screening day at the Marsden on Dec 29th and if I pass, I’ll start the trial on 6th of Jan. However in my current frame of mind/ body I wonder if I should have asked to start earlier. I’m not sure it’s now possible to organise with Christmas and their skeleton staff structure - and I don’t want to miss out on seeing the children in their performances/ concerts during their last week of term. Must focus harder on what we need to do now - buying a new Christmas tree and decorating it.


Celia said...

Hi Good to hear your trip to Lapland fun packed. Now Katie you have to think of you and put you first, so you can get to the end of term school stuff.If your body says go rest, just do it. You are an inspiration. Celia

louise and david said...

Hi Katie, hope you have a lovely week with the children doing all their nativity stuff.
Get everyone to wait on you - if you can, just sit back and enjoy the shows.
Plenty of sleep and lots of brussel sprouts should get rid of your germs !
Love all the Braziers. xxx..

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie and Giles,
So sad to read your latest news; we hoped so much the holiday would make you feel better. Perhaps Katie, if you take things a bit easier now, you will gradually feel more positive and the discomfort will lessen.
We are here to help whenever you need us and we are thinking of you and praying for you all.
Take care of yourself and hope your Christmas tree has been decorated successfully.
Lots of love
Mum and Dad XX

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

You are bound to feel exhausted by your resent travels ,any of us would.For you ,i am sure it is the combination of the positive stress with the anticipation of the holidays, then the preparation and doing of them.
Unfortunately, you also have the negitive stress of your condition to contend with.
Understandably, you sound frightend.
When we are tired the negitive can take its hold on us.
Take your mum and dad's advice and rest,put your feet up if you can and go back to your one day at a time approach.
Yes of course we all missed you at the Christmas do ,but socialising with us adults is the least of your problems at the moment.You need your energy to enjoy your children and their Christmas events and we all know that.
Keep strong .

Andrea x

Anonymous said...

Will be exhausted after your whirlwind Katie -rest and focus - exactly your own advice - do what is important - kids rule at Christmas! You look pretty darn good in your white furry hat smiley lady! So hard but fight the fear and don't worry about the skeleton staff at Marsden - they can cope! Always thinking of you Love Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, Glad that you had a lovely time in Lapland and sure you're exhausted now, as anyone else would be after these two big trips. Enjoy the last week of term and continue taking things one day at a time. Will call you later xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie

Just reading all your activities is exhausting - little wonder you are feeling tired. Enjoy every moment of the Christmas plays and in between find some time to rest and put yourself first.

with love Clare Ian and Co xxxx

Dawn said...

Hope you've got that tree decorated by now. Although you've personally told Santa where you live, he won't come if he's got nowhere to leave his presents... I've bought a tree and have decorated it, but it is too big so need to buy more stuff! Have a break over Christmas, put your feet up and try and stay strong. Winter is such a time for chills and nasties, you need to look after yourself and let others look after you. Lots of love, Dawn x

Jenny Crewe said...

Dearest Katie
Try not to be too down. There are so many bugs around it may be not be connected at all.
You sound like you have been doing so much, I feel exhausted just reading it all, so take some time to relax now!
Sofie looked soooo grown up last night in the play and I can't believe how tall she has become. Fab.
Wrap up warm and maybe see you on the school run before the end of term. Jenny xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sending you lots of inspirational and relaxing thoughts.....lapland looked magical, enjoy christmas with your beautiful family
lots of love
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi katie, I haven't left a message before but I just wanted to say how well you seem to be handling things. I know it's easy to put on a brave face in front of people and then when you are in the safety of your own home you let
it all out.

Also I'm not sure if the temozolomide you are having is tablet form but if it is then Bethany had that for 6 months (5 days each month) and on a positive note it caused her little side effects (slightly nauseous) and no hair loss.

Louise Walker xx