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Thursday, 17 December 2009

I’ve been feeling increasingly healthier since the weekend. Feeling ill and not knowing whether I’d ever feel well again; if it was the cancer causing a start to the decline in my health was frightening and depressing. I’ve still got pains and lumps but maybe they’ll settle down. We’ll see. Thanks for all the lovely comments that have been written. They are all helpful. If melanoma hadn’t recurred we wouldn’t have dreamed of doing two action-packed trips simultaneously so close to Christmas. We’d have considered it far too much like hard work and also waited till Evie was older. But that’s also true of other things we have done in the past year. Cancer has made us get on and do them rather than putting them off until the right time – and then may never have done. Thinking about the future is petrifying – but its human nature to do so. Like reading a book and wanting to skip some of it and sneak a look at how it ends. When people talk about events in a year’s time or sooner, I wonder whether I’ll still be here. But that’s really dwelling on the security I don’t have of a long life (when no-one else has that security either.) I am so, so appreciative of everything I do have. It was fantastic to feel well enough to see the kids in their Christmas performance last night. Thankfully I haven’t missed out on anything they’ve done!


Mum said...

Darling Katie,
I know I saw you this morning, last night and the day before but it is so good to see you looking and feeling better than you did at the weekend. I'm writing this comment whilst your little darling Evie is sound asleep; she, as well as darlings Sophie and Sam are as super as their mother was as a child, not so many years ago!
Your positivity is absolutely brilliant as is Sophie's lovely card. I particularly liked her letter to Santa, stuck on the fridge, which asks in such a sweet way for a few gifts for herself but also for some new shoes for her little sister. How unselfish is she, so like her mother who does everything for her children without thinking about herself!

Yes, the comments made are very supportive, what a good thing you started that blog it has been such a help to you and Giles, also us, in knowing that so many good people out there are praying for your strength in dealing with what you have faced and will face in the future.
We are still here and we shall not give up the hope that you will be with us for a long time: advances in cancer research are being made almost daily and you never know!!

All our love as always,
your Mumxxx and Dadxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie - I know we spoke earlier today but just wanted to reiterate that your attitude by taking things one day at a time and "seizing the day" is absolutely the right thing to do as I think are all the decisions you are being faced with making are the right ones ie fantastic family holidays and delaying your scan so that you can enjoy these weeks leading up to Christmas. I'm really looking forward to seeing you next week, albeit briefly, and catching up with you properly in the New Year. Remember, you are not giving in to this easily and none of us is going to let you either. You have been my good friend for the last 30years and I am going to need your friendship for the next 30 at least! Lots of love Amanda xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie, so pleased that you are feeling better and enjoying all those special family times with your lovely children. Everthing thing you have done with Giles and the family is right -risk taking is part of life so if it doesn't pay off each time without a blip - so what. How great to experience heat and wow! - and then cold and yes! in the space of weeks with your wide - eyed children. Very special times - just enjoy! Everyone is on your side so feel the power! Love Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie
We are praying for you every night....even though while saying our prayers the other night Elsa (2) asked me to sing the hokey cokey. So yes I stood beside her cot in the dark singing the hokey cokey! No one who knows you will accept that you are going anywhere...so I hope you will keep well, keep strong and continue to live each and every day to the max...a lesson to us all.
Best wishes for a lovely Christmas Bronagh xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

just a few words to say ....delighted you are feeling better.

I love sophie's picture, very clever!

Andrea x

annie said...

Hello Katie

Really lovely to see you and Evie. Despite worries and illness you look fab fit and gorgeous!!
Glad you are doing lots and still being so positive. We are all here thinking of you.

lots love annie

Marianne said...

Dear Katie

I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet up last night due to all the snow, but in a way it was probably for the best as it sounds like you are benefiting from some quieter and earlier nights. You sound like you are being very strong and positive, as always, which is so amazing to see. I'm thrilled for the children that you took them to see Father Christmas in Lapland. As many others have said here, anyone would have been exhausted by all that packing and travelling. I'm sure the joy of Christmas with your family will be very restorative. Looking forward very much to seeing you on the 3rd.
lots of love

louise and david said...

Hi katie, Giles. Sophie, Sam and Evie.
I hope things are a little more peacful for you all now that school is on christmas holidays. I hope you get lots of time to enjoy the kids and do your 'own thing'.
Have a really lovely time together. Merry Christmas and lots of very special wishes for your new year.
Love Louise , David, Austin and Amos. xxx

Liz said...

Hi Katie

Pleased to hear that you are feeling better, just hearing about your trips exhausted me!

Just want to wish you and all your family a very Happy Christmas.

Love from Liz