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Friday, 22 January 2010

I just thought I would make a quick entry for everyone eager to know how Katie is doing. Its not that Katie is too ill to write tonight but she has gone out!!! The stairlift was completed by 6pm and by 8pm Katie was ready and eager to get downstairs and out! It was only up the road but a girls night that had been planned for a while. So the stairlift has been tried and tested (by me and the kids first of course!) and Katie successfully wheeled to number 3. She can fill in the details of her night out tomorrow!


Pat Wordley said...

Wonderful. I am so glad you got out. Look forward to hearing all about it.



Rebecca said...

How lovely that you've gone out Katie! Hope you've had a great evening and finally you've got some fresh air! Will email tomorrow about visiting. Lots of love, Rebecca xxx

Anonymous said...

Go girl!

Matthew, Marianne & Jonathan x

louise and david said...

Have a fun evening and a couple of glasses of vino to aid your sleep !!!!
Enjoy !! xxxx
love Louise

Anonymous said...

Excellent to hear you have gone out. Hope you are having a fab night and what a fantastic tonic to get out with the girls.

Hope if you have a late one you remember how the lift works, or sleeping on the sofa for you tonight, lol

Love Nicki

Anonymous said...

lol... you go girl!

E xxx

BB friends said...

It was sooooo lovely to see you. Although we were all wondering where the food had gone when you left!!! Think maybe giles had put in an order for a cheeky take away! Of course you still manage to outshine us all. How do you do it? Planning another one at Jan's in a couple of weeks. Hope that's ok jan!? So hope you can get some go faster stripes for then. Loving you big time. Your BB friends x.

Dawn (Oz) said...

Well done to all - getting it installed so quickly, getting it working and then getting Katie out and about! Am imagining the races to see who does the fastest lap! Glad you are having fun Katie. Only way is to keep on smiling, which you've always done so well. Love Dawn

Karen Watt said...

Woo Hoo,
Glad you could make your escape. Bet you will be taking turns with the kids for a ride.
Love, Karen

Jenny Crewe said...

Fantastic! Tee hee well done girl! So glad you made your escape. Hope you had a great night.

Anonymous said...

good on you katie - hope you had a good night out - Mrs Spires

Celia said...

Thanks Giles for the update. I think of Katie and all of you so much. Katie. I hope a change of scenery was good fun. I look forward to the next blog. Love from Celia

Nick said...

Hi Katie, I hope you enjoyed getting out and about.

All our love and best wishes,

Nick, Melissa and Elena

Anonymous said...

You go girl.. I hope you had a great night out and enjoyed the change of scenery.

Keep blogging, glad to see some of your old school friends have been in touch.

Hugs, Nichola, Simon, Maddi, Sonny & Evie..x

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've had a night out. Good for you!!!
Hope you enjoyed every minute.
Sharon and Rob

pat said...

So glad to hear Katie went out last night. Hope she had a great time look forward to hearing all about it.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you went out, I'm sure that's just what you needed.

Love Nicola M xx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you elbowed the children aside to get down the stairs for a fun night. What a girl! Lots of love from Pam and Gary

Lorraine said...

Hi Katie
A blast from the past here - Its Lorraine Chandler - from your school days - (I also used to teach sister Jane at Sunday school!! that was a few years ago now!! :-), Mel Chappell sent me a link to your blog this week... You are so so strong and I cant send you enough positive thoughts strength and total admiration.
Thinking of you daily - and glad to hear that you made a sneaky Friday nighter.

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie

We've been reading your blog - you're an absolute inspiration.

So glad your stairlift's installed and put to good use immediately to enjoy your girls' night out. You're a really lovely friend of so many, our own daughter included, so we know what a very special girl you are.

What great photos of Sophie, Sam and Evie - they're so lovely, just like their mum!

We're thinking of you so much, Katie, and send you our love.

Pam and Andrew Scudamore xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Fantastic news!

Great escape -Katie's style !

So good you have your freedom via the chair lift.It sounds like it provided some fun for all!!
Hope the evening went well.

Love Andrea

Christel ainge said...

I heard about your night out this morning when I bumped into Jo ( Matthew and Alex's mum) in Tesco. Nice girlie chats I bet. I'd like to come and say a quick hello if you're up for it. In the meantime, take care and get your strength back for the next night out!
Christel Ainge