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Monday, 11 January 2010

Just a quick entry tonight - as nothing has really changed. I'm still at absolute zero on the energy front and I think patience must be my biggest asset at the moment as it seems to be taking forever! They did tell me the side-effects of chemo would be worse on top of the radiotherapy. Just hoping the dizziness I'm feeling is side-effects and nothing more. (But then I've always been dizzy!) Getting up to useful stuff in the house - sorting out years-worth of photo memories and Sophie & Sam have nearly finished their scrap-book of Florida. We even attempted some violin practice today - but they're very rusty! Oh and the house is filling up nicely with flowers, cards and chocolates. Thank-you!


Anonymous said...

Katie - you are so strong and brave,so glad you are back home surrounded by your kids. The scrapbook of Florida must be amazing.
Hope the side effects ease off soon.

Lots of love
Liz x

annie said...

Dear Katie

Morning fab girl. you rock.

love annie x x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

take good care of yourself - don't stand if you can sit and don't sit if you can lay down! (The health visitor in me!!)
Have fun with the photos
lots of love
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie
Just a thought as you are going through photos. Do you have a digital photo frame? I was bought a Sony S frame recently and it's great looking at photos playing on random - lots of smiles and good memories guaranteed. Thought it might be a "cheer me up" tonic whilst you have little energy and need to rest a lot.

Hope the side effects start to lessen soon,

Love Dorothy Barnes

Sara said...

We have heard that the weather has been crazy cold and snowy in the UK so you are probably best off indoors sorting the photos... very amusing no doubt :))
We hope that the side effects pass swiftly, but from one blonde to another, you just can't expect the dizziness to improve... it is programmed in to the blonde gene for sure!
If you are still in need of some cheer, check out www.chucknorrisfacts.com - hilarious!
Lots of love and hugs,
Andy & Sara

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, bound to be dizzy with effect of drugs. Rest of us also busy with those jobs you never get round to doing -knee deep in photos but still can't organise! Not much snow in Sandwich now but dogs congegrate in small available patches of it - what does this tell us?! Love Pam and Gary

David said...

Hi Katie
Beverley here, just wanted to say that we missed you at the ballet. But thought you might like to know how it went.
The first half was suprisingly funny and it was good to see that Sadlers Wells employ ballerinas of all shapes and sizes. Tall ones,short ones, thin ones and slightly more sturdy ones. The males swans were amazingly athletic and the lead swan quite good looking. In the second half I have to say, though I really enjoyed the dancing ,I was not sure what exactly was happening.David did not either but that was because he had too much to drink in the interval!

We hope you start to get a little bit more energy by the weekend.

With Love

Beverley ,David, Isobel,Joel and Bruno

Ps. What do you call a girl who stands between two posts?


pat said...

Dear Katie
Hope the side effects ease soon I'm still thinking SHRINK big time every day. Keep resting and have fun with the children, what a great idea the scrapbook of florida.
much love Pat xx

Celia said...

Hi Katie
We have been away, so have just caught up on your blog. You continue to amaze me with your stoicism and courage. Keep at it. Thinking SHRINK.

Lots of love to you and Giles, Sophie, Sam and Evie


sarah said...

Hi Katie,

I hope the side effects of your treatment ease soon so you can feel a bit more 'normal' (whatever that is!!)
I definitely have to agree with one of your friends, that dizziness is a trait on the blonde spectrum!!
Enjoy looking through all your photos with your family around you.
Thinking 'shrink' still!
Sarah, Alice and Charlotte xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

I do hope the side effects have eased now.
When you have been so active and fit it can be extremely frustrating to feel so fatigued.I hope your patience is prevailing!

Still thinking shrink.

Love Andrea

louise and david said...

Hi it sounds like you are doing just great. Definately more energy than Ive got for this time of the year!!! It's just so yukky and dark outside.
Yes keep meaning to sort things like photos out myself!!
Ive heard of a machine you can now get ( sorry don't know what it's called ) whereby you can copy old photos in albums ( pre digital) and get them scanned into digital format so you can view them on the computer slide show along with all your others. Giles might know ?
I'm gonna get one so we can see all Austins baby pics regularly instead of then sitting in a box under the stairs!!!
Well done x
love Louise David Austin and Amos x

Melissa Chappell said...


My over riding memory of you from school was how much you made me laugh (oh and you letting me copy you in the music exam!)

Just found your blog and had no idea you were so unwell. I'm willing you to get better and I know my family all want to send their love and best wishes.


Melissa Chappell said...

Keep laughing if you can - if nothing else, if only to stop the tears.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and wishing things were different. Dan. x

Anonymous said...

Dear, Dizzy,
I pray you're not dizzy for too long.

Christel Ainge said...

Hello Katie,
Every day i think of you and your family and I always think Shrink in the shower (I don't know why but it's always when I'm having my morning shower!)Sam looked gorgeous this morning with his LOVELY hat. It looks so warm! Take it easy and enjoy those lattes (am a big Nespresso fan myself.) SHRINK,SHRINK,SHRINK!
Christel Ainge

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie- well done for continuing to be so strong and brave- you are brilliant.
Hope the side effects are now easing and you can enjoy the lattes again.
Look forward to seeing the scrap books of Florida and Lapland

Much love Clare Ian and Co xxxxxxxxxx