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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Gone off the lattes a bit with the nausea which has worsened along with increased physical fatigue. A shower and washing my hair, yesterday then rendered me bed-bound for the rest of the day! Still taking every day as it comes. Hoping I'll soon have a bit more energy but still absolutely loving being at home!


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie - bed seems a very good place to be so just let everyone look after you and enjoy family times around your bed!
Am sure it seems like a good option from Giles`s view too as you cant see all the jobs that need doing!!

Much love from us all

Clare Ian & Co xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the picture - very creative!

Anjella x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Your brave and strong attitude of one day at a time is the best way to cope.
At least you can look back and reflect on one glorious day over the past week.
The positive is that the chemo is now inside and working against those cancer cells.But unfortunately the nausea and fatigue are all part of the process.
As you say - its lovely for you to be back in your own bed in your own home with your beautiful family around you.
I hope that as you recover your physical strength over the next few day's that you will be able to experience many more of those "heavenly day's" like thursday.You so deserve that.

Keep strong and rest for the moment.

Love Andrea

p.s the picture is great - and mummy is smiling !- wonderful.

Anonymous said...

As Dorothy said "There is no place like home!"...Get on your best red shoes!
Love Bronagh xxxx
Sophie's really is excellent at drawing!

Rebecca said...

Katie - hopefully resting in bed will help you regain your strength, and you'll be up and playing games with Sophie, Sam and Evie again soon. Sophie's picture is great - she's got a good eye for detail as she's positioned the window and chairs etc all very accurately! Hope to speak to you soon.
Lots of love
Rebecca xxxx

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the nausea and fatigue are inevitable as you well know. It'll pass soon. Must feel good to have a hair wash though! Rest up for now. Much love, Karen

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I've been skyping Karen and the kids today over in Oz and she was updating me on your progress.
I just wanted to leave you a quick note to say hi and let you know that we are all thinking of you, Giles and the kids.
Love all the pictures of the kids, they have all grown so much since I saw them in summer!
Stay strong, keep smiling and make sure you make the most out of the family looking after you (for a change I imagine!).
Lots of love
Jenny & Nick Hill
(Karen's sister!!)

Sara said...

Hi Katie,
A shower and clean hair are a good start... good things will follow :)
I have been reading 'The Art of Happiness' by the Dalai Lama. He has much wisdom appropriate for tough times. The thought for the day is to do things that make you happy... not necessarily the things that bring you pleasure but the things that make you truely happy. Hopefully there is lots of that happening in your life right now.
Wishing you lots of love and luck,
S & A

Anonymous said...

Hello Katie,
Hazel here ,yes your very own areobic instrutor!I've just been on the phone to Tina at Hanbury and she told me you're poorly. I just wanted to send you lots of get well wishes, hugs and fitness energy your way....do you feel it?
Thinking of you lovely lady.

Anonymous said...

I meant aerobic instructor( I can't bear incorrect spelling)
Lovew Hazel

Marianne said...

Hello Katie
I hope you had a good rest over the weekend. I hope it helps you a bit to know that the nausea is a good thing, showing that the chemo is doing its stuff. It must be so hard to put up with it. But at least you are tucked up all snug in your OWN bed with everyone around you looking after you.
Thinking of you.
lots of love
Marianne xx

Anonymous said...

Hi katie,
I have been watching your blog and only just found out how to add a comment(ancient or what)!.
You are absolutely so brave and I am rooting for you all the time.
Here is a joke and remember our Yorkshire accents-
Lady goes into a jewellers and asked to look at gold earrings. "Eighteen carat" says the jeweller."No just chewing gum" says the lady!
Hope this cheers you up. Also think of the lovely day we were last together.
Keep going Katie and enjoy your lovely family. I am there with you.
Love to you both
Christine Horner(Karen's Mum)

Liz said...

Hi Katie
Its lovely to hear how much you are enjoying being at home.
Sophie's drawing is amazing she has a real talent. We treasure the card she made for us with Mickey Mouse on it.
I'm sure the energy will return, in the meantime allow yourself to be spoilt rotten, you deserve it.

Love Liz