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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Today has been wonderful. Giles went to get the children from my parents this morning and I had them all back with me plus my mum by 11.30am. I have never been more exhausted but I'm only a little nauseous so far. I've had a heavenly day: two cinnamon lattes with our new nespresso and then just to be able to sit playing games and talking to the children has made me so happy! I am so moved by all of your kindness/ support/ concern/ generoisity. You can all be really proud of yourselves. I can't get over how much everyone cares and is there for me. It's humbling. No change to my legs yet. I still walk like a 90-yr -old and stairs prove tricky. I'm still sleeping on an incline and the pain gets a little worse overnight but it's nothing like it was. So thank-you everyone for all you have done. It has helped so much.


Anonymous said...

We are so pleased to see you are back home and enjoying family time with Giles and the children.
Let us know if you need anything i.e shopping etc and we hope to see you out and about soon.

Lots of love Steve and Julia (no. 10) XX

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you've had such a great day. Keep enjoying every minute!
Sharon and Rob

Rebecca said...

Katie - am so pleased to hear you've had such a happy day back at home with your family.
Lots of love Rebecca xx

Anonymous said...

So glad that you have started your chemo and are now back home with your loving family.

I read your blog for the first time last night and have been moved by your courage and bravery.
(As a virgin blogger I hope this is coming out ok!!!)


Fran xxx

Dawn (Oz) said...

Hi Katie, so glad you're all back at home together again. It does indeed sound like a wonderful day. Fingers crossed side effects don't get worse - you're doing great so far! Love Dawn

Anonymous said...

Fantastic your home with your family - Enjoy enjoy enjoy!
Jill T-J

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie. So pleased to hear you're home and that you had a good day today. Will be thinking SHRINK all night tonight.
Best wishes

Anjella said...

Dear Katie

A wonderful update - and so pleased to hear it. The magic of children is amazing.

Bless you and your family

Anjella, Richard, Natasha, Eldon, Ridley and Xanthe x

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie your update was just what we were all hoping for. Do hope you had a good night and enjoy a family day full of games and children's chatter and cinnamon lattes!
with much love Clare Ian & Co xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Morning Katie,
So glad you're back home with your family - it's the best therapy there is. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. Will call you one evening next week. Lots of love Neil, Amanda, Cameron and bumps xxx

annie said...

Hey Katie

Very pleased to hear you are back home with your family. Enjoy being surrounded by those who love you and all those out there who also do too.

Annie x

Anonymous said...

Time with your children,playing and chatting....priceless...
Enjoy every single minute

Lots of love

Nicky, Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Katie! So pleased for you all. Enjoy being tucked in and indulge yourself - far too cold to be out anyway. Let the chemo do its job but focus on your own power too. Lots of love Pam and Gary

hazel said...

Dear Katie so glad to read that you are back home with your family.
Keep strong you have been incredible so far and an inspiration to us all. Thinking of you and of course thinking SHRINK.
Enjoy your cinnamon lattes.
Please excuse any errors it's my first ever blog.
Love Hazel.

ors it's my first ever blog.
Love Hazel.

Sharon Day said...

Great to hear you are in good spirit and back home with Giles and the kids. Hope the walking gets better soon, although you sound exactly like me in the snow!
Keep getting better. Love to everyone and hope to see you soon.

Love Sharon, Simon and co.

Ps The only jokes I have come up with are of the same ilk as the Burple one!

Fiona Allen said...

Hi Katie,

So glad you are back in snowy Hertford and feeling happier. It is difficult to feel down for long with children around!

Keep warm and keep drinking the cinnamon lattes - they sound delicious. Hopefully you will get some energy back, but in the meantime, take it slowly and let others look after you.

Thinking of you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie

So pleased that yesterday felt so happy for you.I hope Giles has been keeping you topped up with cinnamon lattes(sounds delicious)

Love Andrea

Anonymous said...

Fab news!! Nothing beats 'little people therapy'.
My little people wanted to send you more jokes, but I decided we couldn't do that to you.
Lots of love from the frozen northern isles. Hollie and the clan xxx

Anonymous said...

Have been following your blog - delighted that you are home with your lovely family.

All the best to you,
Emma x (Amanda's sister)

Tracy Keddie said...

Hi Katie
Pleased you've had a good day you deserve it. Enjoy your beautiful children and of course Giles. If you fancy a jacuzzi, a chat and a cup of not so good Hanbury coffee let me know and I will pick you and the children up.
Love Tracy

louise and david said...

Hi Katie,
Hope you had another lovely day yesterday and a comfortable night sleep.
Have you experimented some more with that lovely coffee machine! A caramel Macchiato with choc sprinkles is good !!
Have a great day.
Louise David Austin and Amos xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
My name is Ewa, and I'm Rebecca's sister-in-law. We have met at Amelia's party last year. I just wanted to say how much we are all thinking about you and your family.
I'm so happy you are at home now!
I wish you lots of fun, happy times with your children!
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Pratt

I thought I'd write a note to tell you we've been doing in Year 1 and what Sam has been up to. The arrival of the snow caused a great deal of excitement and the children have had a couple of opportunities to play in it - Sam's hat is much admired. Mrs Caswell has her eyes on it so watch out! We've been learning about using positional language in maths and Sam really enjoyed hiding objects around the classroom and then directing his team to it. He was particularly quick at finding his object - I think there may have been some sneaking peeking going on there!!
We are learning about report writing in Literacy and will be writing about Bats next week. We made snowflakes this week and wrote words to describe snow on them using alliteration - Sam showed his snowflake in sharing assembly. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help, particularly in supporting Sam and Sophie. My thoughts are with you and your family and I am so pleased to hear that you are home enjoying your time with your family.

Love From
Mrs Saliah

Sara said...

We are so pleased to hear that you got the chemo... and progress is positive :)
We were at the Tiger Cave temple near Krabi yesterday and were thinking of you... I'm not sure that it was praying, as such, but we climbed up 1237 very steep steps to find a peaceful spot with a big buddha and you were the inspiration that kept us going until the top!! We gave alms and lit some insence... and apparently it works - perhaps I can persuade Andy to go again tomorrow :)))
Seriously though, you are always in our thoughts and we hope that you continue to feel better and better.
Lots of love and hugs,
Sara & Andy

Anonymous said...


So pleased you were able to get home. I'm sure the family are taking excellent care of you but please call if you need anything. Love Lisa, Mark & NatalieX

Tracy Keddie said...

Hi Katie
So good to know that you're at home, enjoying the children. Let me know if you need anything.
Thinking of you all

Sarah said...

Dear Katie,

I am so pleased to hear you have started the chemo-am thinking SHRINK! But most of all, it is wonderful that you are at home with your wonderful family and are not too uncomfortable. And hope you're back on the lattes again soon!

Sarah, Alice and Charlotte x