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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Katie had chemo late this afternoon and this evening we came home together through the snow and ice. She is exhausted but so relieved to be back home. Hopefully all those cancer cells will now be shrinking and dying off. I know it's a bit of a bloggers cliche but all of you - THINK SHRINK!!!


Marianne said...

HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY! I'm so glad you're home, Katie. Been thinking about you all day and hoping things were going your way xxx speak soon lots of love


Anonymous said...

That's great news Katie. I've been checking your blog all day as you have constantly been in our thoughts. So glad you are home.

Jo B

Dawn (Oz) said...

That's such great news! So glad you got to go home, Katie. Wrap up warm and enjoy being back with your family. And don't forget to let people do things for you!

Rebecca said...

That's great news that you're home Katie! It must be such a comfort to be back there, as I know you wanted to get out of the Marsden as soon as you possibly could. Am thinking of you all.
Lots of love,
Rebecca. xx

Liz said...

So thrilled to read that you are home and that you were able to have the chemo.
With your determination those cells don't stand a chance, they'll shrink!
Lots of love

Debra Foley said...

We are so pleased that you are home at last. You must be so relieved. We are picturing all those little bu***rs shrivelling up and disappearing. Cliche or not, it's still a flaming good idea, THINK SHRINK!!!. All our Love and Prayers, Debra, Kevin and The Girls oxox

Anonymous said...

What great news to find this morning- we were thinking of you so much yesterday and constantly checking the blog for news.

So glad you are home and hopefully tucked up in a warm bed listening to the children's excited plans about building snowmen and having another day off school!Enjoy and please just ask if you need ANYTHING.
all our love Clare Ian &Co xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
SO glad you're home and enjoying this winter wonderland from the comfort and warmth of your own home. We are thinking shrink!! Lots of love Amanda, Neil and Cameron xxx

Ruth said...

Hi, I also know Sara in Baku and have a daughter Evie too. We have been thinking about you and we are inspired by your courage. xxx

Jenny Crewe said...

So glad you are home Katie. Best place to be amongst the ones who love you, to give you a top up on the strength factor.

Thinking of you all.

pat said...

Dear Katie
What wonderful news I was watching your blog all day yesterday and praying, thinking SHRINK big time and will keep praying too.

Much love Pat xx

marie said...

Dear Katie....I have been away in Australia for a month and have only just caught up with your blog. You have certainly been through the mill !!!But you have come through it again..Attagirl!!
Great that you had your chemo yesterday.Shrink...Disappear and Recovery.....all that I wish for you. If anyone can do it you can.
I have got to an age where I cant remember good jokes... but i can recommend a good free ecard website... which kept me amused...care2.com/ecards... Its really good and you can email animated cards for all occasions to all and sundry. They had a great Biker Santa card which would have suited Dan to a tee.
LOts of Love MariexxxJames too!!

Anonymous said...


So pleased to read this morning that yesterday brought better news for you; that you had chemo and were able to get home.

Thinking of you.

Caroline James Alice and Ben x

Anonymous said...

Kept checking for news all day yesterday until late last night. Hope you are waking up so much happier this morning with 3 little smiling faces around you (and giles too of course!). We all kept praying you'd get home and now we'll focus on the chemo doing it's stuff.
Bronagh xxxx

Anonymous said...

What great news!!! So, so happy for !! Will keep fingers and toes crossed that it helps!
Thinking of you
Sharon and Rob

Oksana said...

Hola dear Katie,

I am very glad to read today that you are back at home.

I have been very moved about your story and just wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you and that I am praying for your quick recovery!! I have been reading the blog, looking at your photographs and the amazing and beautiful pictures of you and your family. So gorgeous!!! I asked the angels with fervor to help you and support your strength!!!

From Baku sending you good vibe and THINK SHRINK!!!!

Lots of love.


Anonymous said...

Great news,

Sit back, relax and enjoy this special and magical time, and, most importantly,bad cells,
Take care,

Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

That's great news that you could have the chemo, Katie. And of course that you are back in your own home with your lovely family. We are thinking of you all and sending good and healing vibes to you. With love, Patti, Harish & the girls XxxxX

Anna said...

So glad you are home! Lots of shrinking vibes from Welwyn Garden City xx

Tracy Keddie said...

Hi Katie
I have been thinking of you and can't believe how quickly things have changed since we were ice skating. I am glad you are home and would love to see you. Let me know if that's possible.
Tracy Keddie 01279 843031 t.j.keddie@btinternet.com

Anonymous said...

Best news I've had all week. I'm so pleased you're back home safely. Been thinking about all week, I got my Mum praying for you too. We're thinking shrink now.
Love Rachel x

Sharon Pomfrett said...

So glad you're home now Katie, sure things will start picking up now you're in familiar surroundings, been thinking of you constantly and keeping everything crossed and of course positive thinking "SHRINK"

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Katie, I am so glad you are home around your family. I am sure all those tight hugs and squeezes are helping with the 'shrinking'.

All our love as ever,

Nichola, Simon, Maddi, Sonny & Evie..x

Christel Ainge said...

They are shrinking as I think. So I'd better be doing a lot of thinking...just as well I'm a brunette then!!!I am so glad you are at home. Take it one day at a time. Carpe Diem.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie


What wonderful news.The tide has finally turned against those cancer cells - and shrink they will!

Love Andrea

Sally Jaggs said...

Dear Katie, so pleased that you have had the treatment and are back at home with the family.

A few jokes courtesy of Tommy Cooper.

One kangaroo said to the other, "I hope it doesn't rain. I hate it when the kids have to play inside!"

Do you know, I went window shopping today. I bought four windows. Then I went to the pet shop and said "I'd like to buy a wasp please" and he said "We don't sell wasps." So I said, "Well, you've got one in the window."

I went to the Doctor and said "But seriously Doctor, I have broken my arm in several places." He said "Well you shouldn't go to those places."

You've heard of the Lone Ranger? I'm his brother, Hydrangea!

Lots of love Katie

Sally J

Anonymous said...

Have been thinking 'SHRINK' all day since I read that you have had the chemo and returned home. We have everything crossed. Sending you lots of love and 'SHRINKING' vibes! Just yell if there is anything we can do.
Love Jan, Mark, Chloe and Abby

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, I heard your were poorly, but didnt know all about it. I'm so glad I have read this blog so that I can catch up with how you are doing. I asked after you the other day at Hanbury as I wanted to see how your trip to Lapland was and how you were. (it looks like you had an amazing time).Keep smiling you are doing amazingly well you are one brave girl. Im thinking shrink, big time for you. Make sure you rest up and take care. Lol Louise from the Gym! with Mia and Zac xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

So glad to hear that you have had chemo and returned home to your family. Been checking your blog and thinking of you everyday. we have everything crossed for you.
lots of love


sue said...

Dear Katie,
So pleased to hear that you have had your first chemo and that you are back at home- the very best place to be, tucked up safe and sound with your family.
You are in our thoughts every day.
lots of love
Sue & Eddie xx

Lynne said...

Dear Katie
So pleased to hear you are home with your family.Keep fighting,those cells don't stand a chance against your determination.

Lynne & Sue(Hertford Clinic)