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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Today the pain has been a lot better, thankfully but I'm still so exhausted! Another hairwash has done me in - but it was much easier this time. I have sides and a back to the bathing chair so I don't have to hold on for dear life with my hands!
Managed to get Sophie's portrait done - but the eyes and mouth are still not right. She's much more beautiful than this!
Tomorrow we're got a hired van arriving as sister, Jane doesn't reckon I'll be able to get into either Audi. I'll be just wheeled in! Really hoping to get to Paul & Angie's Sandwich street (Uni) reunion on Saturday.


Marianne said...

I just posted on your previous blog, Katie, and then saw this, so good to hear that at least the pain has been a bit better. Portraits are fantastic, you are such a perfectionist! Glad you're still aiming for the reunion. Sweet dreams tonight.
lots of love

Anonymous said...

Portraits are amazing! Glad the pain hasn't been as bad today and you have got transport sorted out. Hope you get a good night's sleep.
love Sharon D

Dawn (Oz) said...

Wow Katie. Still so talented, when so tired. Sophie's portrait is beautiful. Look forward to seeing a picture of the new van! Glad the pain has eased a little and good luck with the party. Wish I was going to be there too. Lots of love, Dawn

Nicola Keeling said...

Hi Katie,
I just wanted you to know that I've read all your blogs and have been in floods of tears. Your son's teaher's blog was so lovely and your mums was heart breaking. But I wanted you to know that I (along with many others obviously) log on daily to read how you're doing. I'm so glad you've had a better day with less pain today but what astounds me in all of this is your sense of humour!! I am in total admiration of how you write all of your troubles down which helps those around you read the terrible things you're having to deal with but you write with such humour and wit I find inspirational! I will never forget some of the things you have written which in reality are horrific for anyone to be told or have to deal with but to read you write them for the world with such wit I will never forget! Keep going Katie - you have really helped many people and who knows in this life which of us will have to deal with this terrible disease in the future and maybe take solace from you and how you have dealt with it all. Lots of love to you and those around you - keep fighting xx Nicola Odam (Keeling) xx PS John sends you his love to!!!! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Every day I read your blog and want to post a message, I write something and then delete it. I want to say yet again how brave you are. Love your picture of Sophie, it's just great and something she will treasure forever. Keep fighting, you are an inspiration to us all.

Nichola, Simon, Maddison, Sonny & Evie..x

Anonymous said...

Wow Katie Sophie`s portrait is amazing - you are so talented. Sophie obviously takes after you as hers is fab too.
So glad you had a better day and everything sorted for the weekend celebrations- have a wonderful time

Much love Clare Ian & Co xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

am so pleased that the pain relief is doing its job. An your portrait of Sophie is AMAZING!!!!!! As is hers of you - no wonder your children are talented and beautiful - they take after you.
Take care and have a wonderful weekend - especially at your reunion,
ltos of love
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

hi Katie
Just wanted to keep in touch as was concerned that you were in quite a lot of pain weds so very pleased to hear it is a lot better. I really hope you get to the reunion at the weekend.
I also love yours and Sophie's portraits of each other. Lots of love Lynne C xx

Jill said...

Wow, Katie and Sophie. Your portraits of each other are fantastic. Think we should all be encouraged to send you our self portraits so that you can get yourself a little Tony Hart gallery going in your boudoir! Will make an attempt this weekend and send it in the post. Keep smiling. Jx

Sara said...

Well, Sophie definitely got the eye-lashes right... you always have amazing lashes :))

And your portrait of Sophie is really wonderful... it captures that cheeky light that her face has when she is happy and mischievous.

We are so happy to hear that today has been a better day and hope that tomorrow is even better still.

Please give my love to everyone at the reunion... which has reminded me to get in touch with Angie too!!

We hope that you have a fab weekend - lots of love, S & A xxx

annie said...

gosh Katie the portrait of Sophie is just fantastic..you are so woderful!! Sophie's drawing is great too, she is showing your naturally glam side.
Enjoy your trip out to see all your Uni friends, what fun.
so pleased the pain relief is more more effective (wanted to use efficacy that you taught me but too dim!)
love annie x x x

louise and david said...

Hi, So pleased you are more comfortable, that was so worrying. God it's so hard to concentrate on anything if you are in so much pain ! You do remarkably well.
I really hope you have a good weekend with friends and family and a positive start to the new month.
Love Louise David Austin and Amos.xx

Anonymous said...

Katie, Glad to hear that the pain has eased a little for you and that your beautiful blonde hair is even more beautiful now it is washed! My Dad is now in a wheelchair and has an adapted car with a ramp that my mum drives. He too has been reading your blog and has just called me to say that you can borrow the van whenever you want. So please Giles I know we have never met but please call my Mum or Dad (Veronica & Mike) on 01707 873989 if you feel like you just fancy going for a drive or getting out somewhere. My parents live in Cuffley still and send their love and would love to help in any way they can. Love Charlotte Morrissey (Earley)

Anonymous said...

im blown away reading your blog what an amazing person you are, so positive and such an inspiration,im glad to hear your pain is more under control,and i will pray for you and your family best wishes kelly h

Anonymous said...

We are really pleased your pain has lessened and hope you are able to go out tonight. The new van looks really impressive on your drive and the portrait is fantastic; we didnt know you are so artistic. Let us know if we can do anything to help. Lots of love Julia, Steve, Clare and Chris XXXX (no.10)

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
So glad that the pain has eased a little. great idea hiring a van so you can get out tonight, sure'll you will have a lovely time surrounded by your close friends and family. You are doing an amazing job, keep fighting and we'll keep sending those positive thoughts. Take care and have a good weekend with your beautiful family. xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely , lovely portraits! Sophie obviously sees her Mummy as all smiles. You have done this Katie - what an achievement! Out of the most dire circumstances you have brought hope, happiness and a way forward. Our leader! Get to the reunion if you possibly can. We all look forward to hearing about it. love Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Oh my word Katie the portrait of Sophie is fab! Have a fab time tomorrow. Remember if you need anything do not hesitate to call us. The Hanbury creche girls.

Sue Patterson said...

Dear Katie, Your portrait of your Sophie is fantastic, thinking of you, Loads of Love x
Sue @ The Hertford Clinic