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Thursday, 11 February 2010

The excitement is rising in the household. It's Sam's last day of being 5. I think it will be an early start tomorrow! Presents are wrapped, cards written. Everything ready! Just hope that Evie doesn't get too upset that she won't be able to open any presents. She's started to have a few paddies today!
I've had my nails redone by Jill and Sharon has also brought fruit and chocolates (won't last long - especially with Jane in the house!) Jane is still wonderful - she brings me my craving of cheese on toast with tomato puree (under the cheese) - and that's most days!
I've had an Indian head massage from Jaqui, a volunteer from the Isabel Hospice and then Paul has returned to deal with my elephant-leg. New support stockings - but I think it is looking very unlikely that I'll fit into my boots for Sam's party on Sunday.
More details about our party: I want it to include children, starting mid-afternoon, hopefully at Hanbury Manor and we're looking for an ABBA tribute band - as this whole cancer journey has started with Mamma Mia when we saw it at the cinema - and watched so many times by Sophie & Sam the following Christmas. This Christmas it's been about the karaoke on singstar - and seeing Mamma Mia at the theatre while I was admitted to the Marsden.
Now a job for all of you. Please write down songs you associate with me that can be played by the DJ. I've got so far: "We are family" - Sister Sledge, Mr Big Stuff, Fame (theme tune - Irene O'Cara?), Boogie Wonderland (and probably more from Priscilla), Saturday Night Fever - Disco Inferno & Bee Gees stuff. A bit of Michael Jackson. What else? Sorry - this is a bit of a long one!


Karen Watt said...

How about:
"I Will Survive" Gloria Gaynor
"Dizzy" Vic Reeves
"Sadness" Enigma
"Under the bridge" Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Just a few relevant ones we used to listen to at Uni.

Anonymous said...

Always looking forward for these updates.they are so full of energy,love and spirit. Jane is a very good girl and great OT.I was trying to unscramble the waste matter in my brain and came up with a cheesy song "uptown girl"not sure of the singer.:)
Lot of love

Christel Ainge said...

Right, I'll have to think about song titles. Would Dancing Queen be a good one? Surely some Marilyn Monroe numbers are required to fit the whole Beautiful Blonde theme: Diamonds are a girl's best friend???
Humm, still need to think.
See you tomorrow with or without your shiny shooooooes!

Anonymous said...

Hope the birthday boy didn't wake too early!- Happy Birthday Sam.
Wow Katie you are so full of energy I feel exhausted reading your daily news.
The party theme sounds a fab idea-I now feel so old as Ian and I saw Abba live at Wembley in 1979 when you were 7 years old!!
Enjoy every moment of Sam`s special weekend
Much love Clare Ian & Co xxxxxxxxxx

Michaela Menich said...

But I want Mr Big Stuff!! I will have to think hard for an alternative.... my second one would be Fame... who got in there first?? Jo - is it you??
ha ha! Happy birthday Sam - have a lovely weekend Katie and Happy Valentines for Sunday!
lots of love
Mic xx

Tom said...

Katie, I always remember 'Holding Out for a Hero' by Bonnie Tyler and how upset you were that it didnt get to number 1. We were watching Teletext for the updated charts on a Sunday.

Other bands have to be A-Ha and New Kids on the Block. Have you still got those pictures of Morten Harket somewhere?????


Anonymous said...

"It must be love" By Madness springs to mind straight away from all those crazy nights at the Firkin on the Holloway road!!!

Lots of Love Sharon and Rob
Ps Enjoy the birthday celebrations!

Robert said...

So we agree that Adam Ant and The Frog song are big No's No's. George Michael (Faith) and Terence Trent D'Arby (Wishing Well) are more songs I remember because of the trauma I suffered when you decided to take both albums from me in hospital rather than choosing one.

I am sure Five Star (System Addict) was one we both liked, but probably shouldn't admit to!

Otherwise, I have this memory of long car trips to France being fed your Madonna album with "Into the Groove", "Material Girl", "Borderline", "Papa Don't Preach"....take your pick!

I'm not sure you want an 80's theme (hence we need some Gaga, but there shall be no family encores), but if you are going to have a few 80's songs I wouldn't mind a Depeche Mode or Duran Duran song on the play list for me (well if you don't ask....!)

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie
When I was at my disco dancing best (many moons ago) no disco was complete without Greased Lightning, Footloose, Ride on Time (Black Box)to name but a few.
Uptown Girl is a Billy Joel song I seem to remember.
Enjoy planning the party!
Emma (Amanda's sister)
ps how about Dirty Dancing!

Anonymous said...

Remember hearding these songs lots when you got a new superbass stereo in Lyndale Ave, and my bedroom was above yours!
St Etienne, Only love can break your heart; Brand New Heavies, Midnight at the Oasis; Love is in the air/Copacobana (when we were trying to learn how to Salsa dance)
Jamiroqui- probably virtual insanity, All Sat night fever and Fame too....
You probably were also involved in loud renditions of Fairy Tale of New York, Winter Wonderland, Top of the World (Carpenters).

And one last song that should definitely be played "You've got a friend" James Taylor

Bronagh xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

I hope you have a brilliant time both at Sam's party, and at your party - it sounds like the latter is going to be a hoot!!
You deserve the fun,
lots of love
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

hi Katie
I look every day at your blog to see how you are. Its been really great to see you doing well this last week, and all the lovely things you've been doing.
Look forward to seeing you on Sunday,
love Shelley x

Sarah Holmes said...

Hi Katie. I'm really showing my age.......

how about another brick in the wall(Pink Floyd) or call me (blondie)... Everything little thing she does is magic(Police).... or Don't you want me baby. (Human League)..

Whether you'll be the lead singer or backing singer, you'll need a hairbrush ;-) xx