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Friday, 12 February 2010

A very excited Sam woke us at 6.30am this morning - which wasn't too bad apart from the fact that Evie was coughing and moaning in the night so I had to shout to Giles, who stumbled from his bedroom to see to her! Unfortunately I have to sleep on the hospital bed's special mattress in the other room now because of my (grade 2) pressure sore.
Sam has been obsessively into his Tops premier league football stickers and when we got him away from them he got very cross because he lost the 100-pin bowling to Giles and his brother Dan (who kindly stayed while Giles went to get fish and chips - that I seemed to fancy tonight!) I think Dan was a little anxious about looking after the 3 children and followed Evie around quite persistently but he fared well!
Sam has had a great birthday, though.
The teachers from Sophie's and Sam's class have also been to the house to do our parent consultations - which was extremely kind of them, seeing as they missed half of their lunch break.
Changing the subject completely: Giles has set up a new email account so you can let us know whether you can or cannot make Sunday 7th March at Hanbury. Absolutely everyone is invited - so we just need to know if we need more than one room!!!
Here it is: katiesfight@googlemail.com


Rebecca said...

Katie - sounds like Sam has had a very happy day - and, I agree, he does look particularly delighted on opening the card with the money! Hope you all have a lovely birthday party on Sunday too. Will give you a call this weekend. All my love, Rebecca xxx

Marianne said...

Dear Katie
Glad to hear that Sam had such a lovely birthday today - and with more to come too! Your party plans sound very exciting too. Hope you sleep well tonight after all the birthday fun.
lots of love
Marianne xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sam had a great birthday which is lovely. If he's anything like my son. He'll save that money for something he Really wants( some remote control car or plane!!!! To add to his collection) that was great of the teachers to come to u, I'm sure they told u how wonderful your children are and how proud u should be of them. I'm still staying positive for u and find that even when I'm half way through teaching a routine u.pop into my head. Take care and have a lovely weekend.
Lots of love
terri xxx

Christel Ainge said...

I'm glad you write in so much details in your blog because I had convinced myself that Sam's party was today and was going to turn up at 11am! Thanks Katie. I very much look forward to see you on SUNDAY!

Jenny Crewe said...

Dear Katie
Hope Sam had a fantastic day - certainly looked like he enjoyed himself and Alex is looking forward to Sunday. Its lovely to see you enjoying so many special moments. Thanks for sharing them on your blog.

Its wonderful that the teachers came to you. Just shows the level of support they are giving and you can take comfort in that.

All these nasty things you are having to deal with is so unfair but you are still managing to make sure they do not consume your daily life. You should be very proud of yourself beautiful lady. Keep fighting.

Look forward to catching up on Sunday. Hope you have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Always look forward to your updates. Have a happy weekend. Thinking of you.
Love Viv

Anonymous said...

Always look forward for your updates. have a happy weekend and birthday party.
Thinking of you. Love Viv

Anonymous said...

Well Sam is now the same age as our Ythan and Sophie is the same age as our Raven. My kids think thats great. Ythan was concerned though, because Evie doesnt 'match' one of ours - she needs to be 10 years or (frighteningly) 16years!!. He thought she might feel left out - so I assured him that I thought she would probably cope!! No doubt you will all have a fantastic birthday party. We will be thinking of you from afar. Happy birthday Sam. love Hollie Deryk, Lachlan, Fyntan, Raven and Ythan xxxxxx

Nicole said...

Dear Katie and Giles, after being so happy last summer, that your illness was a closed chapter I was devastated to read your news - just wanted to say hello. Felt, that it wasn't kind just to write when you were ill, but wanted to send greetings from Switzerland anyway. So I believe that I have never been so touched by all your amazing things you live and do. You make the most of every day - a thing we should all do. Your children are beautiful and your friends and family a immense support. You must be such a wonderful person - this shows by all the people that try and be of help. I admire you. Keep your face to the sunshine and live every day to the full. To you all much love from Switzerland, Nicole

reena said...

hi katie

sounds like your kids will be keeping you busy this weekend! have a wonderful half term week with them, hope yo get some good sleep and rest and continue with your indomitable spirit.



Anonymous said...

Dear Katie, I hope today has been wonderful for you and your family, especially your gorgeous Sam on his special day, I hope you leg is not causing you any bother and that Ian can fulfill you this weekend, I think he deserves a Valentines card! Most of all I pray for you to have an enjoyable evening, a peaceful night and a Very Happy Valentines day, Much love to you all xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Sam - looks like he had a wonderful day, hope he enjoys himself tomorrow too!!

As usual you look lovely and serene and full of beans, hope you enjoy the party too.

I feel as if I know you.