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Saturday, 13 February 2010

I have been so tired today! The district nurses were here for nearly 2 hours - so I think wore me out again. (Another "B" day!) I then needed to sleep - and slept longer than Evie! Giles woke me up with beautiful Valantines flowers and the lovely handprints that Debs from Manic Ceramics has done. (The writing made me quite tearful.) Sophie, my mum and I then had great fun decorating the little cakes my mum had made for Sam's party bags but I was tired after 2 hours. Just hoping for more energy tomorrow for Sam's big day and my trip outside!


Anonymous said...

Katie, you have done so much over the past week that even I feel tired!!! Sam looked so happy on his birthday and you deserve the flowers!! Have a wonderful Valentines day and a fantastic time at Sam's party. The hand print brought a tear to my eyes as well, such beautiful words. Your doing great and whilst at church tomorrow I will light a candle for you for extra energy!
The Greenfields

Anjella said...

Dear Katie

I'm in floods of tears - the words on your handprint are just so loving and I am certain that your beautiful children will cherish them forever.

I hope you sleep well tonight and have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Night night x


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words on the handprints, also bought me to tears, but a wonderful gift that will be treasured forever. I hope you have a good nights sleep so you have more energy tomorrow. God bless! Terri xxx

Marianne said...

Dearest Katie
The little racing car cakes look so special - such lovely details for Sam's big party day. I loved the hand print photo - the words are very poignant and would make any parent tearful, so much more so for you right now. But what a great gift for your children. Sleep well and have lots of energy for tomorrow!
lots of love
Marianne xxx

Anonymous said...

Have fun today, reserve some energy for half term!
The hand prints are wonderful, such a good . Thinking of you and still sending those positive vibes.

All my love and hugs xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope Sam has a lovely day today I am sure he will! My sons 6th birthday is coming up, can we ask you to make us some car cakes please LOL... they are fantastic! The kids will love them! I love the handprint, its such a beautiful idea for his little hand to hold in yours.
I am not surprised you are tired a lot, you do so much more than what I do with my 3 kids! And they are hard work!
Stay strong in strength and emotions, thinking of you every day xxx E

Anonymous said...

Have thought about you all so much this birthday weekend - have got caught up in all the excitement! So much happiness and positivity has been generated - you are truly gifted Katie. Much love Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Can I put an order in for that cake and cars - they look fab! I was overcome reading the words on that hand print, how lovely.
Hope you enjoyed your day at the party
Happy Valentines day to you.


louise and david said...

Wow what a busy weekend!!
He looked great in that car. You must be so proud, what a lovely boy. Well done to you all .xx
Louise David Austin and Amos.xx