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Sunday, 14 February 2010

So the district nurses came early at 9am. Giles' parents were already here at 8, helping with the children and then my sister came - but unfortunately the boots would not fit! By 10 we were downstairs and 10.30am, all the family loaded in the van. After a bit of ordering everyone around to check all things were running smoothly at Adventure Castle, I could relax a bit! I had to be wheelchaired out and around the side of the building and through to the food room before I could see the children on the go-karts (that room a little quieter than the soft play one!)
Sam had a great time and I think most of the other children did!
How tired was I afterwards, though! I think I've only really woken up after coming back at 1.30pm - and it's 8pm now!
The fatigue is getting worse every day and I have to admit, the tumours are getting bigger. Just hoping I'll make it to my party on the 7th March.


Anonymous said...

Come on Katie,

You have done so well, we are all so proud of you. Today you made it but you made your little boy so happy! what a super trouper you are!!!(Had to get the Abba bit in!!!) Rest up for a few days, you have done such a lot in such a short time, Ferrari can't even make as many cars as you did yesterday with Sophie & your mum!!
The Greenfields!

Anonymous said...

Katie you've done an amazing job over the past few days and anyone would be tired so give yourself a pat on the back for doing so well. Keep fighting every day as we're all here believing that this horrible disease will give you a break. The positive energy that surrounds you is so powerful that I'm sure I'm not alone when I say, we're all fighting with you every minute of every day!

Keep smiling that beautiful smile
lots of love
terri xxx

Marianne said...

Dear Katie

It looks like Sam had such a wonderful day, thanks to you and everyone around you. What a massive achievement. I think you deserve a little rest now to get over that and to build up strength for your party. Keep fighting, you have done so much to keep in control up to now, I know you can keep on doing it.
lots of love
Marianne xxxx

Rebecca said...

Katie - it looks a great party and all the cakes looked superb. Sam must have loved it all. I am so impressed (yet again!) at the all the effort and level of detail you've managed for the party. And to get everyone out of the house by 10.30am is pretty good too - I don't manage that with Amelia sometimes (as you know!) and there is only me and her to get ready!
I know you've battled intense tiredness before and have come through it, so do keep going - you are doing amazingly.
Much love, Rebecca. xxx

Dawn (Oz) said...

Katie, only you could be surprised at being tired after such a huge effort. Sam's party was a wonderful triumph and I'm sure a day he'll never forget. Take it easy and regather your strength for the Abba extravaganza. Booking my flight today so hope I'm invited! Got my super-fab Abba boots packed and ready to go. Can't wait to see you! Lots of love, Dawn x

Karen Watt said...

Looks like a great day was had by all. A good effort Katie. Rest up now.
Love, Karen

Sara said...

What a whirlwind weekend! We haven't really done anything much by comparison... no wonder you feel a bit pooped :)
Wishing you another great day - lots of love, Sx

Anonymous said...


You are truly a totally amazing person and a fantastic mother.

So selfless and loving.

I read your blog everyday and you never sieze to amaze me with your inner strength and courage.
Nicola (pharmacy cmh)

pat said...

looks like you all had a wonderful day, get some rest now you've done so much. Praying for you every day.

Much love Pat xx

Jenny Crewe said...

Dearest Katie
It was so lovely to see you taking charge yesterday. With so much in your life you cannot control well done for organising everyone at the party. Don't feel bad for giving out orders as we are all in your awe for finding the strength to manage to do all of this.

I know you are frustrated at being so tired but your body is fighting all the time so you just need to rest sometimes. All this activity would tire out any of us!

I know all the kids had a fab time and Sam looked so chuffed with his cake. Tell your Mum the car cakes were delicious(managed to sneak a bite!)

Take a well earned rest for a couple of days dear Katie and I hope your plans for the party are coming along well. You will make it, you are the strongest person I know. Just keep fighting.

Thinking of you.
Love Jenny

Christel Ainge said...

Dear Katie,
Elise had great fun at Sam's party. Before going, she wasn't sure about the Go-Kart but really enjoyed it. Standing in the room where they were having their party food, I thought they were all a really sweet bunch of children:very well behaved and having a good giggle all together. It was lovely to be able to see you to even though it was so noisy. I was tired too when I got home and I hadn't had to worry about the party like you did. I am hoping you will have a day or two to rest before planning your next venture!
lots of love,


Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
It seems that you and everyone else great day yesterday and the most important Sam seemed to have enjoyed the day as well.
It is only understandable that with all the preparation and excitement you are going to be tired.It seems this fatigue is cause of reduced spirit
Do not loose your spirit. Have faith. You are being sent lot of positive energy through prayers and love from all your friends and family.
Even though we haven't met you, you have become part of our lives and our hearts.

Anonymous said...

Glad everything went well yesterday, as usual you look fab!!

Have some 'me' time, I know that will be difficult with the children on half term, but you are so lucky to have a wonderful and supportive family.

God bless

Cathy xx

Fiona Allen said...

Dear Katie,

It is obvious that Sam's birthday party was a success due to a lot of hard work from you (and your family). You are bound to be tired, so take it easy, rest up and look forward with your usual courage and positivity to your extravaganza on 7th March.

Thinking of you.

With love from Fiona x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie - I am worn out just reading about your hectic weekend no wonder you were pooped, the drugs must make you tired too.
You are amazing, recharge those batteries and have a well deserved rest
Thinking of you everyday.
Mum and dad and Mand and Rick also send their love
All my love and big hugs

Jo xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Hope your feeling bit less tired today.
Ruby had a great time at the party yesterday, she really loved the go-karts, thank you.
Car cake looked great but didnt get to taste it as Ruby ate the whole lot very quickly!
It was lovely to see you,
love Shelley x

Melissa said...

Hi Katie

Glad the party went so well! Take each day as it comes and I'm sure you will be ready for the party on the 7th. Let us all know if you need any help with the arrangements, though Team Nicholls/ Pratt seem to have the hang on organising!

Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit and you can rest up and then get out on Ian. Oh I had a thought as well - do you remember sitting at the back of the bus on the trip to Germany and singing that Paul Simon song You Can Call Me Al? That could be a dodgy one for the party. I seem to remember eating 3 boxes of Choco Leibniz biscuits while singing along with Mrs. Read!

mmmmm I do hope someone remembers that!

Rest up - keep smiling!

Melissa x

Anonymous said...

Katie you deserve another medal for your determination and strength- no wonder you are tired you have achieved so much these last few days.
Do hope tonight is better and you have a good rest ready to enjoy tomorrow.

With all our love Clare Ian & family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx