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Friday, 5 February 2010

A good day today. The methadone didn't make me so drowsy as yesterday. I had 3 friends and then Mel from next door popped around at lunchtime. Then a reflexology session with someone who volunteers for the Isabel Hospice. The highlights though - making it down to school for Sam's assembly. We phoned to let the school know and were able to park the van right outside the front doors. We were then treated like royalty and ushered in by Mr T, the caretaker, who sorted out where I would sit. The assembly was very well done - all due to Mrs Saliah's organisation. Many people came up to me and wished me well. Even some of the children! Then I was able to collect the children with Giles in the sunshine.
We then had Debs from Manic Ceramics come to the house to do my handprint. One for each of the children's boxes. We also did a big family plate of all our handprints and my fingerprint in a silver pebble for them all. I'm so pleased to get this done. Debs came at such short notice - I only spoke to her on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Well done you for getting to Sam's assembly - you looked fantastic as usual - how do you do it!!! Sorry i was little emotional - i guess seeing you and also hearing about my friend was a little overwhelming but i really was SO very pleased to see you collect your gorgeous children in the Fab Mobile!! and so pleased you have had such a great day plus the sun shone just for you lovely lady xxx ps my friends hubby is a doctor too! so like you, she is in the best hands so to speak....xx

Jill Murray said...

Absolutely agree with the above comment. You looked gorgeous and spritely, and you would have stolen the show apart from your son doing his Simon Cowel impression. Very funny! What was that all about? Excitement? Or needing a wee? It was a lovely assembly, they never fail to make me cry whenever I see them. I don't know how the teachers do it. Have a great weekend, and I'll pop in to see you next week. Jx

Anonymous said...

It was so lovely to see you today as the girls have said looking fantastic.
Lots of love Nicola Mc

fiz said...

Hi, I was told about your blog from a friend, having just sat & read it through, I was inspired to write. My best friend had breast cancer, I lost my mum to cancer. I do the race for life each year to raise money for this horrible desease.
I am touched by your braveness. What a lovely lady you are, a gorgeous smile and what a fabulous family you have. May I just wish you all the best, you and your family and friends and just say to you fight and continue to smile!! You truly are a brave lady and inspiration to all xxxxxxxx

Rebecca said...

That's so great that you managed to make it to Sam's assembly Katie - I bet he was so pleased you made it. And it's also great that you managed to fit so many things in today - I expect the day flew by! I look forward to seeing the plate, handprint and silver pebble - I am sure they will be cherished. Much love, and see you again soon, Rebecca xxxx

Ruth said...

Hi Katie,
Ruth here from Suzuki groups at SAMS.
Thought I would send you a 'best wishes' message! Love from me to you and all the family x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

sounds like you had the perfect day - may there be many many more!

Lots of love

Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

What a fab day for you all - well done to you all - Katie you never cease to amaze us.
With much love Clare Ian and Co xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi katie. Was so pleased to see you yesterday at school. You are an amazing, beautiful and strong woman. Put the rest of us to shame. Giles looked so proud and happy. Bet the children were made up to have you there. Love and hugs to you all.

Lisa and ellie (and their rather silly dog lol) xxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you had a good day! I'm sure Sam was so pleased and proud you made it to school. Keep fighting!
Sharon and Rob

pat said...

Dear Katie.
Glad you had a better day yesterday, praying for many more of these for you. So pleased you got to Sam's assembly and also to pick the children up as well. Have a good weekend.
Much Love Pat xx

Anonymous said...

The memory boxes you are putting together sound beautiful and really thoughtful. Lovely to hear you got to Sams assembly it would have meant so much to Sam and glad that you got looked after so well by Mr T and the school (although wouldn't have expected any different).

I came across one of Bethany's pillow cases yesterday whilst changing Megan's bed and it had a ribbon that we had sewn onto it just before we went to EuroDisney. The ribbon was used to help hold Bethany's head back when sitting in the wheel chair. There was us with our beautiful girl, with a hat on her head that was tied to a pillow (which incidentally had a piece of wood down the back for extra support) walking around EuroDisney!! It was a sight to be seen but despite her being just days away from the end put a smile on our faces at the madness of it. Just shows that even at the most traumatic times you can find something to smile and laugh about, something you and your family have been doing so well.
Keep smiling
Louise Walker x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie.

It was so lovely to see you down at the school yesterday. As usual you looked very stunning!
What a lovely idea to do some memory crafts from manic ceramics. Debs is lovely, i was there the night before with my friends and made a photo frame (not sure what the outcome will be as some wine was drank to accompany the painting!) Yours will look and be so very special. It sounds like you had such a lovely day. I hope the weekend continues in that way.

Keep strong Katie and keep fighting

Chris Cowan xxx

Jenny Crewe said...

Dear Katie
It was wonderful to see you yesterday at school and I am so pleased you were well enough to see Sam's assembly. Wasn't it sweet?

I bet the kids were thrilled to see you there and I am sure Sophie would have beamed when she saw you there to collect her too.

I think its a great idea to do your hand and thumb prints. By making the memory boxes, at least your children will always have wonderful memories and treasures from you in their lives and they will always know how much you cared.

I am keeping everything crossed for you to have more happy days with loved ones and I look forward to seeing you at Sam's party (maybe with your other new man -Ian!)
Take care all of you
With love
Jenny and family

louise and david said...

Hi Katie,
Have a lovely weekend making the most of this lovely sunshine - long may it continue. I hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy it, inbetween all your visitors !!!!
Love Louise David Austin and Amos.
( Loving the Lady Ga ga gig!!)

sarah said...

How fantastic that you made it to Sam's assembly! That must have made his (and your!) days! And what a lovely idea with the Manic Ceramics stuff!
You look fantastic in all your photos-must be all those beauty treatments!
Take care and hope the weekend continues comfortably for you!
Sarah, Alice and Charlotte xxx

Julie Ball said...

Hi Katie

Just wanted to mimic all the comments made, you looked amazing at school yesterday. I think the sun shining said it all and made me think of the dream again. I hope and pray that the sun coming out yesterday was a good omen.
I was dumb founded that Aimee came up to you at the end of assembly to speak to you, I hope you did not mind, that girl wears her heart on her sleave and cares for everyone she meets.

Keep fighting, so look forward to seeing you again very very soon.

All our love, and special hugs to you all.

Julie, Gary, Aimee and Teddie

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
How fantastic to be making your ceramics, i often look at my husbands hand and wonder how it would be not to be able to see it of feel it again, you are making it happen for your family which is truly wonderful.
Your babies must have been soooo proud to have had you in their company at school and it must have made you proud too.
You are such and inspiration to me Katie, I have shed many a tear for you and pray many a prayer to give you comfort.
I hope tomorrow is a brighter day for you and i wish with all my wishes that life will treat you kind,
much love to you xxx

Christel Ainge said...

Dear Katie,
I had wondered all day about you making it to the assembly so was delighted when I saw the Renault monster in the school car park. You really did look fabulous and much less tired than when I had been around yours last friday. It was lovely to see the smiles on Sophie and Sam's faces when they walked in. They looked really chuffed and Sophie in particular had a very proud glint in her eyes.
Well done, Katie. It was a very special day for everyone involved, including many of the mums at school.
lots of love,

Marianne said...

Dearest Katie

I feel I have missed out by not reading your blog for two days now, as I always wait impatiently to get your latest update. Thank you soooooo much for your texts and for having space in your heart to remember about my insignificant operation, it means a lot to me. I'm thrilled to hear that you made it to Sam's assembly, and have loved reading everyone's comments as well to get the full picture of what a lovely event it was. Speak to you soon, and hopefully I'll come and visit again very soon. lots of love, Marianne xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi katie,
I'm not very good with words but have been wanting to say that you are not only brave but also a wonderful person. You teach us daily the lessons of life. You are loved not only by your family but also by the OTs (Jane's colleagues)at CXH.
Lot of love.