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Saturday, 6 February 2010

I've overdosed on opiates again today. That methadone is strong stuff and I was struggling to open my eyes for much of the morning! My sister's friend Sophie has so generously brought her late sister's mobility scooter (Ian) to us today. Her dad drove "Ian" to her in London from Brighton and then had to get the train back. She then drove "Ian" to us in Hertford and has now driven all the way back to Brighton, before travelling back to London. I am stunned by their generosity and willingness.
Lisa (easthertsphotography.co.uk or lisasummersphotography.co.uk) has also come back to take photos of me with each of the children and also with Giles and my mum. Evie and Sam proved a little more challenging. Evie wouldn't smile and Sam was more interested in watching the rugby! (And I still don't think he has registered that I have "Ian" yet!) I need something to strap my legs together while on Ian, as they keep falling to one side - we used one of my belts today. Also some kind of seatbelt to stop me from sliding forward in my seat. Just wondering how we'll cope with Stanstead Road - one of the steepest in Hertford which happens to be on the school run.


Anonymous said...

Dear katie, glad you've had a good couple of days. Ian looks fab sure you'll be zooming around in that. Also read that debs from manic ceramic came round and did your hand prints. Debs is lovely isn't she and sure she'll do a great job for you.  every night and every morning i pray that you are comfortable and know that we are all behind you fighting this all the way. Take care. Lots of love terri xxx

Anonymous said...

Hiya Katie
Ian looks fab, soon you will be zooming around Hertford with people hitching lifts!
Glad to hear your coping, you truely amaze me, you are always so positive and lovely.
God bless you and your family.
Cathy xx

Chere said...

Katie, we haven't met yet, but I'm the person who's looking after St Andrew's Cuffley and St Thomas Northaw, whilst we are " Vicarless". I know your Dad of course. The congregation pray for you continually and I do personally too. It doesn't matter that we dont know each other- God knows you and He knows me, so I guess that's a good enough link! Your blog is both fascinating and inspirational. Yoy keep fighting and I'll keep praying - that's a deal? With love and blessings Chere x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Glad Ian has arrived and that you have had a go already. Don't think you will need L plates!!

Sophie too!!

On a practical level maybe try wrapping a blanket or sleeping bag round your legs to contain them safely. Also a good idea in this weather.

Have a wonderful Sunday with your family.

Keep smiling

Fran xxx

Liz said...

Hi Katie & Giles

Its wonderful to read that you have had some lovely days with your family and how amazing that you got to Sam's assembly. You are such an inspiration.
Hope Ian is behaving himself, could be an exciting ride down that hill.
Love Liz

Jen Tickle said...

Hi Katie,

A totally superficial comment from me today - how on earth do you always manage to look so great in the photos? Do you have a full hair and make up team plus Trinny and Susannah just hiding out of shot?! You look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

How lovely you all look - what a wonderful family! You are always so ready to take on the next challenge with a vengence so hope you will soon be back at the school gates on Ian. Well done supermum! Love Pam and Gary

Christel Ainge said...

what you need to hold your legs in place when coming down the hill on Ian is a custom-made mermaid tail to just slip your legs in. Something silky and shimmering in the February sunshine!
Now that would looked good with your lovely long blond hair!