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Sunday, 7 February 2010

This morning Giles and I managed to lie in till 8.45am as the children stayed at my parents (unfortunately Evie woke at 6am for them!) The methadone is still making me very drowsy even though I've now dropped my Oxycontin (like long acting morphine) dose by 20mg twice a day. After all the children came home we had a nice afternoon round at our neighbours, Mel, Rob, Harry and Charlie's. Good food and company! The children were very happy, especially Sam , playing on many more Wii and PS2 games than he has at home! The men were pleased to be able to watch some of the Arsenal match - and it didn't matter that we left before the end seeing as they lost! I have since been asleep and vaguely gave the kids a kiss goodnight. Still very much lacking in energy! No ride on Ian today.


Anjella said...

Dear Katie

That sounds like the perfect Sunday to me.

Always in my thoughts

Anjella x

annette said...


I only found out yesterday you were so poorly, after reading all of your blogs, David & I laughed, cried and just didn't know what to say to each other than what an extremely strong and courageous person you are and your family to be able to write what you do each day, George our son saw Sophie's picture on your blog and we had to explain in simple terms what was going on and the only words we could say was that sometimes angels get sick as well, god bless and I hope you get lots of goods times

Anonymous said...

What a perfect Sunday, a good lay in and a meal cooked for you !
Poor Ian though i bet he missed you.
I hope this week brings you more laughter, love and and happiness.
Keep fighting Katie, you are doing great xx

Sara said...

Ah... a lie-in :)
We have lots of new parents over here and they are just getting used to the fact that they won't be able to lie-in for years... which makes me giggle... perhaps that could be classed as tempting fate!!
We are glad to hear that you had a good weekend... despite the od's. We were snowed in for 3 days and ended up sledging down the very steep drive on the lids from the plastic packing crates... lots of fun but as the result of too much vodka and we really felt it yesterday!
Wishing you another good day - lots of love, A & S xxx

Marianne said...

Ah, that sounds like a lovely Sunday. You have wonderful neighbours. I hope you get chance to have another ride on Ian really soon. It must feel so good to be able to get around outside more easily.

lots of love
Marianne xxx

ragg said...

Darling Katie,

I have been off your blog for the past few months as i was so sue that you were doing well and for some reason today, I checked in and have been horrified to hear what you have been going through.
You are taking it with such humility and peace, I feel so much for you, Giles and your kids.
Thinking of you reena

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie- its lovely to hear that you have had some pleasant days and have managed to get a lot of things done.

The methadone sounds like good stuff apart from the drowsiness of course.

Poor Ian - he must feel rejected hopefully you can take him out again soon!!

You look fantastic in the photos.Keep going and keep strong.

Love Andrea

Anonymous said...

Hey katie,
M sure Ian is waiting eagerly for your loving touch.
You and your family are in our thoughts and heart every moment. We are unable aren't there physically but are there spiritually with you and pray daily to the divinity which is in all of us to shower you and your family with love and light.
Lot of love

Anonymous said...

katie -- it's reena again.

i ahev been going through some old pics from SOP and fund a few of you with karen and bronagh. i'd love to send them to you if i can. can you send me your address? my email is raggarwal73@doctors.org.uk

katie - you remain in my thoughts and prayers and i wish you strength and time.