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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Katie was moved to the hospice at about midday. Unfortunately the nausea is no better and she feels worse than ever. She has a nice room, which looks out over the courtyard garden and earlier on the sun was shining in beautifully.
A short while ago a new combination of drugs was started via 2 syringe drivers (small battery powered syringes that deliver drugs continuously via needles placed under the skin). Hopefully that will ease some of her suffering.


Anonymous said...

We are so glad to hear that Katie is now in the hospice. We hope the pain relief helps ease some of her pain.

Katie and all of you are constantly in our thoughts.

Charlie and Jacqui (friends of Jane).

Anonymous said...

So glad you got into the hospice today. Fingers crossed for the new drug combo busting that nausea.

I'm here at your virtual bedside Katie, holding your hand.

Angie x

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie and Giles
I am so sorry to hear how things are moving. Wish there was some comfort that I could offer. You continue to be in my prayers and thoughts, and the way you have both carried on life to the fullest in spite of the challenges is remarkable. Thinking of you all and wishing Katie a calm and peaceful night
All my love,
Bronagh xxxx

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you've made it to the hospice. Hope you are more comfortable and the pain eases soon.

Your in our thoughts and prayers.
Sending you lots of hugs.
Sharon and Rob

Anonymous said...

Katie, sounds like you are in the very best place you can be. I hope you get to see a bit of sunshine today & that the nausea eases. Sending you a big hug from all of us.
(Thank you so much for updating the blog Giles?/Marrion?).
All our love & prayers,
Kim & Warwick x

Anonymous said...

We think of you constantly Katie and continually read your blog. Glad you are now at the hospice where hopefully it is calmer and quieter. I know you will be in good hands as we know someone who works there.

Our prayers and thoughts are always with you and with Giles.

Lots of love
Julia, Steve, Clare and Chris xxx

Anonymous said...

Dearest Katie and Giles, We're glad that Katie's now in a hospice and that they're administering some different drugs that will ease the pain. We are thinking of you and praying for you. Please also give our love to Marion and David. With all our love, Neil, Amanda, Cameron and Bumps xxxxx

Anonymous said...


So pleased you are now in the hospice, I hope you have some of the peace and pain relief that you so need.

You are in our thoughts night and day and hope you have a restful night.

A big thank you to Giles for updating this blog.


The Greenfield's

Laura Layton said...

Dear all
your blog is much appreciated at such an incredibly personal time, Katie we wish you peace and ease of pain, it is nice to hear that the hospice has bent the rules for you on a Sunday and I sincerely hope the drugs take all your pain away so you can enjoy your view and your beautiful family.
Believe me I would gladly suffer to give you a break, but I doubt I could do it as gracefully as you !
May you have a better next few days and get yourself fit for your party xx
much love to you all, but especially to you xxx

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are now in the hospice, Katie. I hope that the drugs take effect quickly.

Sending you, Giles and your family all my love tonight.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Katie,

Always thinking of you love. I hope you have a much better night tonight, especially now you are at the hospice. As my dear little Nana use to say... Goodnight God Bless xxx

Giles, thank you for the daily updates. I, as many others, are continually checking to see how your beautiful wife is doing. Hope you and all the family are doing OK and still supporting and looking after each other.

Karen B

Christel Ainge said...

It hurts to read that Katie is feeling "worse than ever" so I really hope that the pain relief will provide her with some respite.

I feel that I ought to reach out for Horrid Henry Mighty Joke Book and try to make you smile (a must-have for Sam: the jokes are truly bad and therefore mine love them!)but tonight it does not feel right.
I feel sad and powerless tonight and I wish I could just wrap you up in a snuggly fluffy magic blanket that would make it all allright for you and yours.
Let's hope you have a decent night and some warm, gentle sunshine tomorrow morning.

lots of love


Rebecca said...

Katie - am so pleased to hear that you've moved to the hospice and away from the busy hospital. The sun didn't shine here in Kingston all day, so that's lovely that it's been shining into your room - it must be directing all its rays to you! I hope that the new drug combination helps you to feel more comfortable tonight.
Thinking of you all, always.

Much love, Rebecca, Danny and Amelia xxxx

Anonymous said...

We are so relieved to hear Katie is in the hospice and hope the drugs will now do their job to relive her anxiety,nausea and pain.
Katie we do hope you have a peaceful night and send you, Giles and your beautiful family big hugs and much love.
You are constantly in our thoughts.
Giles you are so strong updating the blog at this immensely difficult time - thank you

Much love Clare Ian &Family xxxxxxx

reena said...

Thinking of you Katie and hoping the new drugs will get to the bottom of the nausea.

Sleep well sweetheart.


Chere said...

Continuing prayers and love to you all from everyone in the church at St Thomas Northaw and St Andrew's Cuffley. I would, of course be happy to come at any time to be with you all. Just call me 07958 662637. I'm praying that the nausea eases and that the syringe driver does its job effectively. Thank God, as I do, for the Hospice movement. Blessings, peace and love, Chere ( Hunter)

Anonymous said...

Katie and Giles,

Our thoughts are with you and your family.

We wish you a nausea and pain free night.

Much love

Steve and Alison x

Debra Foley said...

Dear Katie & Giles, You and the little ones are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Our hearts go out to you all, along with ever wish, prayer and hope from every fibre of our beings. I hope the drugs give some ease, and that you will feel a little perkier tomorrow. All our Love, Debra, Kevin and The Girls (Niamh & Sorcha) xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

I can only echo the sentiment of all those who post here...your courage and bravery in the face of this dreadful disease is truly inspirational. I hope that you get some relief from the pain you are in and that you have a restful evening with your loved ones nearby.

Thinking of you with love,

Alicia(Caden and Scarlett)

Anonymous said...

Dearest katie, so glad you are in the hospice and hoping that new combination of drugs will help with pain and nausea.
If only we could all take your pain and spread it between all the people who follow your blog, I'm sure we'd all wish you could have a break as you've battled so hard.
I feel so lucky to know such a courageous and special person, who has touched so many peoples lives.

Giles, I hope you are trying to get some rest and our thoughts are with you and your family.
Lots of love terri xxx

Debs Bonfield said...

Have a peaceful night Katie, rest your body, lets hope for some sun shine tomorrow.

Love to all your family

Debs Bonfield.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Katie,

I am so glad that you are in the hospice and hope that you are now pain free, I hope you have a restfull night and that the sun shines brightly tomorrow!

Thinking of you as always.

Kathy xx

Anonymous said...

Dearset Katie
Wishing you a restful night with less nausea and pain than previous nights. May tomorrow be more peaceful than the recent days in hospital.
Giles , hope you can get some sleep.
All our friends in Kent are praying for you.
Lots of love
Mum and Dad xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, Giles and family!
I am not known personally to any of you, but I do think of you all every day and probably every minute of the day! Life is so cruel to those who always least expect it, certainly least deserve it and those that can give the most to this cruel world- although you all are already aware of that so not really needed to be said!!!! In a way it gives me comfort to read so many people supporting you all, I am be a stranger but do fear and worry! Are any of you believers in the spiritual world? I myself am not a religious person a such but I am a strong believer of the spiritual side and I do recommend a few words from a few books perhaps Giles may share with you Katie or even you all???
It may give you a little comfort when you cant find any else where??? As none of us can give anyone answers of what the future holds.
I do wish you manage to be total pain free and you all are coping to the ability to where it is managable!!!
If theres anything I can do, or anything you need all you have to do is say!!! We are all happy to help. Elize xxxx

Naomi said...

Dear Katie,
my prayers and thoughts are with you, you are very brave and an inspiration to us all.
Lots of love, Naomi (Uni)

Marianne said...

Dearest Katie
I'm so glad you were able to move today to the hospice. I hope that the more peaceful surroundings have helped you feel more yourself. I'm so sorry to hear the nausea continues to worsen, but trust that the new drug combination has already kicked in. Wishing you a peaceful night and calmer morning.
All my love
Marianne xxx

Anjella said...

"Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."
I hope tomorrow brings beautiful sunshine to a beautiful person - Katie.
Wishing you a restful, calm night's rest

Anonymous said...

The sun is trying to shine up here and my first thought when I woke up was of katie and you, Giles, wondering how you are today. I do hope the sun is beaming through the window of Katies room. Of course you have three permanent rays of sunshine to help you through even the worst moments. Will be thinking of you, all day. xxxxxx
Love Hollie xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,
I am thinking of you and your family every day and praying for you.
I write this as I am sitting in the car waiting to take my son into school and I feel restless for you, want to make everything better for you and your family, even though I can't and you don't know me you are in my thoughts

Mrs caroline spires

Anonymous said...

So wanting this nausea to be controlled Katie. You are doing so well just want you to have a break from feeling so ill. We are all here constantly thinking about you at this moment and what you have achieved over these last few months - not just for you but for many others. Much love Pam and Gary

Michaela said...

Thinking of you day and night Katie, and hope that you have a better day today and that the pain relief is helping.
No sunshine today, but hopefully it's all beautiful and white outside your window like it is here! Enjoy the view and enjoy your family in peaceful surroundings.

All my love always
Mic xx

pat said...

Dear Katie
So pleased your in the hospice constantly thinking of you and your family, hope the drugs are working. Praying for you all.

Much love Pat xx

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you all. Thinking of you every day.

love Margaret (from surgery)

Anonymous said...

I know I haven't seen you in years, but you were a big part of my childhood - school, brownies, guides. You are a beautiful person both inside and out, and I am sending my thoughts and love to you and your family. Keep fighting.

love Catherine Wakelin (Grainger)

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie

I hope the medication has eased your suffering and that you are feeling more peaceful this morning.

With Love Andrea

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

you couldn't be more loved than you are now, or more deeply thought about. You are surrounded by prayers and our wishes that your pain is eased. You are an incredible woman - your bravery and grace humble us all and if I had only a tiny part of your ability I would be a better person. I so so wish there was something we could do - keep strong, both of you.
lots of love

Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie and Giles ,

i hope the drugs are easing the pain and just wanted both of you to know that you are all in our thoughts.

all our love sandra , alan , olivia and lewis xxx

sandra said...

sDear katie and Gile ,

I hope the pain relief is working now and wanted you both to know that you are all in our thoughts all our love sandra , alan , olivia and lewis xxx

Nicola Keeling said...

Dear Katie
I think everyone who knows you now or has known you in your past thinks of you every minute. It is so cruel and I just wish and pray that you're comfortable and that your adoring husband is there for you holding your hand and making sure you are not in pain. You have truly touched me by your strength and your spirit and your husband and children will have you in their hearts for all their lives. I am so sorry this has happend to you at such an early age Katie and I wish it wasn't. It's cold today so you're better off in a warm bed watching the snow fall! I hope you recover enough to see the 7th March and enjoy one last party with everyone who loves you. You truly are an inspiration and one I will always remember in my heart. Love Nicola and John Keeling xxx

marie said...

Dear Katie... Hoping you are feeling better now you are in the hospice. We are thinking of you all the time and pray for a miracle. Lit a candle for you in church on Sunday. What an inspiration you are to all of us , your family must be so proud of you... you are blessed with so much love ... what an achievement!!!Love marie and jamesxxx

louise and david said...

God bless you Katie xxx

Louise David Austin and Amos

Anonymous said...

You're in our thoughts and prayers...
Big hugs to you all
Lots of love
Beth, Nick and Grace

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie

We're all hoping you may be feeling more comfortable today and are thinking of you.

So much love shines out from your blog. Your love for everyone, your dear, beautiful family whom you love most and for all your friends, will live forever in their hearts and so will all their love for you, Katie - it will be with them always. Love like that is unceasing and unending.

God bless you, Katie

With our love, xxx

Karen Watt said...

Glad you finally got a syringe driver. Hope it controls the pain and nausea. An addition of haloperidol may help the nausea. Or how about the new cannabis nasal spray - go on, you deserve it! Seriously though I don't think it gives you the euphoric effects but has been great in trials for oncology related nausea. Have no experience with it myself.
Sorry, forever a pharmacist, can't help myself. You, however, are a great pharmacist but what about those amazing portraits - incredible talent I never knew you had Katie.
Wishing you much comfort and sending all my love (love from mum aswell who has just arrived here in Oz).