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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pleased to report that the bowels held off till 7am this morning - so we got some sleep! Still feeling very unenergetic and hoping this new inconvenience is just a bug and will go away very soon! I'll be back in nappies (37 years of age and in nappies - my God!) from tomorrow when the order arrives so that will help prevent all the problems with messed up clothes etc. Shame they can't take away the smell too! Sonjia has done reflexology on me while Jill has redone my nails (and Jo has talked), so I have enjoyed being very pampered! The pain seems to be controlled adequately at the moment too.


Anonymous said...

I hope it is just a bug, I had one at the weekend except that i made the toilet almost every time, and I have the full use of my legs, lots of sweating, tiredness and vomit, i pray for a peaceful ay for you and you family, you are my inspiration in life, whenever i feel hard done by I think of you, Much love to you

Jill Murray said...

I hope we didn't tire you out too much yesterday. Am still chuckling a the thought of your legs as smooth as a babies bottom, where mine are lucky to be de-fleeced once a month! There is so much love in your house it surely is the recipe for your strength and courage, and for Sophie, Sam and Evie in the times ahead. You talked about them today, and yes it is truly difficult to know what memories and thoughts to leave behind. This breaks my heart. They are the best memory because imprinted in them is you and that can never change. Reading this blog as they get older will also show them your true personality, and where sometimes their faith in human nature can be lost, they will find it again right here. The love of friends and family is empowering.

See you next week my beautiful blonde friend.


PS can you believe the verification word I have to write is Fattee - charming!

annie said...

hello Katie
poor you what a horrid time..
really hope its all cleared up now...some people pay for that sort of thing!!
hope the pain relief changes help.
do feel free to contact me for anything..i can shop for you, get prescriptions, whatever would help at anytime..often walking near yours.
much love to you and Giles x x

pat said...

Dear Katie
Hope very much it was a bug you had poor you. Glad the pain as eased and continues that way. The pampering sounds lovely glad you enjoyed it. We are always thinking of you at work and do not hesitate to ask us if you need anything, we're close by.

Much love Pat xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie, Glad your bowels are under control - I have the opposite problem at the moment but at least have managed to keep Cameron from accidentally using my Germoloids cream as toothpaste!!! Changing the subject, did you know that NEXT sell really nice leather trunks - would be perfect to keep all your handbags, boots, dresses etc in. Will bring the page out of the directory tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie
Don't ever apologise for what you are writing. The whole point of this blog is for you to say how you feel and for us to try and understand even a little bit. Hopefully you did just have a bug, there's plenty going round. but glad to see your courage and humour are still in tact.
Keep fighting this Katie, we're all rooting for you!
Catherine Wakelin (Grainger)

Jenny Crewe said...

Dear Katie
The last few days must have been surreal for you.
Lady GaGa followed by Lady Goo Goo. You poor thing. I hope its all settled down now and you are feeling more human.
Your family look wonderful putting on such entertainment for you - what a scream. Bless them.
Hope you continue to keep the pain at bay and have many more fabulous memories. I bet those children of yours enjoyed the show. Adults don't normally act so crazy. Its good for you all to have a laugh.
Let me know if you feel like a visit.
Thinking of you

Sharon Day said...

Hi Katie
I hadn't read your blog for a few days and was so sorry to hear that you have been in a lot of pain. Just all that you need! Glad it seems to have improved and hope your waste control is still behaving itself! Glad you got to your reunion and fabulous Lady Gaga party - didn't realise you were a fan!
Really hope the rest of this week is better for you. You really are a star. I know exactly what Jill means about your house being so full of love, because that's what I felt when I called in last week- lots of chat, fun, love, despite what you all are going through. You've definitely made a mark Katie.
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Glad you managed to get some sleep and the pain is under control. Thinking and praying for you.
Enjoy the pampering!
Sharon and Rob

David said...

Dear Katie and Giles
The things children say!

The week before last Bruno( who never tells us anything about school apart from the fact that "It's boring!") told us how Sophie was telling the class about you at Sharing time. He told us that she had said that your legs were not working properly and how Sophie's Daddy had to carry you upstairs and then said " Daddy when Sophie's Mummy has to go out they have to put her in a wheelbarrow!" I laughed and cried at the same time. I've seen the pictures on the blog and am reassured to see it's a wheelchair and not a wheelbarrow!
You are in our thoughts.

Love David and Beverley

Anonymous said...

Phew a better day! Never mind the nappies - only temporary -you are not alone - they have adults size for a reason! Seem to remember that you can put frilly knickers over top if that's your style. Go for it - I know I will! Yes I agree with a fellow blogger the verification words are getting crazier! How does it happen? Sorry it's my age! Thought about you so much in the Cathedral today. Love to you, Giles and all the family, Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Hope things have remained quiet on the bowels front!!

Can only reiterate the words from the work gang if you need any extra help in any way please ask, i will help in anyway possible.

With love Andrea

sandra said...

Hi Katie ,

Just wanted to send you a wee message to say glad the pain relief is working better and its so nice to see you smiling in your photos. You are a true star (and Giles too !) thinking of you both and the kids . Big hugs from sandra. alan, olivia and lewis xxx