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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

So it was 5am this morning when things started going again. Unfortunately Giles had added night disturbances from Evie who wasn't managing very well with her cold. Tonight Jane has reported that things are looking better with the stinky stuff (ie more formed!) and of course I have my nappies! So really happy about that. The district nurses have been in 3 times today. I'm now up to twice - morning and night as a standard. They are all absolutely brilliant. I can't believe how much they do for me. Giles had to call them in the second time because my catheter was blocked but they managed to clear it without needing to change it.
Giles has managed to go out tonight with the boys. I'm really pleased - but he was feeling very tired when he left - bless him! Sophie and Sam are thrilled that Auntie Jane is staying the night. Not sure she'll get all the sleep she needs though!
Evie has a little go on the potty now - but she hasn't got the hang of it. She still has her clothes on. Ask her to do a wee and she pulls up her top and holds her tummy button in front of the potty. She thinks it's her willy!
Another amazingly moving thing: Jane's friend, Sophie lost her 29 year-old sister to cancer just a year ago. Sophie has offered to bring her sister, Lucy's mobility scooter (called Ian) all the way up from Brighton this Saturday for me to use. How stunning is that?!


Melissa said...

hi Katie

You sound much brighter today which is great to hear!

Love the fact that the wheelbarrow has a name :) and that your daughter thinks her belly button is a willy! Priceless!

Hope you continue to feel stronger and better and have all the pain under control!

Mel x

Suze said...

Katie, when it comes to dignity, you have given new meaning to the word, and anyone who thinks dignity resides in their bowels is talking out of their backside!
I once had my knickers cut off by a very camp St John's Ambulance volunteer after sitting in some battery acid at Billing Aquadrome, (sorry this is a disturbing image late at night), - at least you have a manly qualified doctor in the house!
Love from Suzexx

louise and david said...

Hi, Katie.
Have great fun with Ian !!
The lady Gaga night looked brilliant.
You're doing so well xxx
Louise, Dave Austin and Amos.

Sara said...

Hi Katie,

Personally, I am a big fan of the catheter... had one after my ops last year and it was brilliant. Would still be awfully useful on occasions. However the poop is a different matter... glad you seem to have it all sorted out now thanks to the team.

The mobility scooter sounds like fun... hope you enjoy using that.

Please give our big love to all of the family - wishing you a good day. Lots of love, Sx

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I am so pleased for you that you will be getting a ride on Ian, I hope it is more comfy than the wheelchair.
Great news on the stinky front too, I hope Giles has has a relaxing evening, and you too.
Wishing you a pain free day xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie -the scooter sounds great- you can take Sam on at his go -karting party!!
Love the image of Evie.
You sound so much brighter today - hope you and Jane had a peaceful night and today goes well

Much love

Clare Ian and Co xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Katie - you are an inspiration to everyone. What amazing courage and dignity you have. We are praying for you all. Love from Patti & Harish xx

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Love Evie's attempt at potty training! Fab. Our daughter, Raven, went through a stage of wondering where her willy was, as with three brothers, I think she felt a bit left out!
Ian sounds great too. You are right - it is a very kind gesture -and one Sophie will know more about than anyone after what she has been though. Your courage makes people want to help you - in any way they can - even if they haven't met you. It makes us all be grateful for what we have and puts life very much into perspective. I for one want to thank you for that. So, Thank you Katie!! Love Hollie and the gang xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie,

yet another awful hurdle masterfully handled by you and your amazing family.
You are all truly amazing and each time I log on to read, I am inspired by you all over again,
lots of love
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Nicola Keeling said...

Hi Katie
Your blogs are so distressing but written with such humour and dignity. You've got such wonderful family and your courage is inspiring... I send you our love.. Nicola and John Keeling xx

Jenny Crewe said...

Dear Katie
Ian sounds like a freedom pass to me. I hope you feel well enough to enjoy some trips out with him.
You never know what is going to be thrown at you next but you really do just get on with it in your matter of fact way. Well done dear Katie. As everyone says, we all have a lot we can learn from you.
I am so glad Giles managed a night out. He looked a bit pooped himself the other morning at school. I am sure the break will have done him good.
I am hoping that you have some more enjoyable experiences to tell us about on your blog next.
Take care
Thinking of you

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Sadly my grandad is poorly too but at the ripe old age of 89. He no longer can use his mobility scooter, and sure my mum would be happy for you to use it, he is in Cheshunt. So let me know if this helps.

Take care, Nichola (Williams) and family..xxx

07944 519610

Anonymous said...

Sorry should have said, if you do not get 'Ian' you are happy to have. Or even if you and Giles would like to race, whatever puts a smile on your face.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Ian sounds like a fab idea. My Dads got one and its given him a new lease of life. When we visit the girls love having races around the garden!!!

So keep it well charged.

Nice to see Giles at the gym this morning and Evie too.

Keep smiling

Fran xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

My Sam had a little accident in the night too and he told me he really hadn't peed himself, he just had a "sweaty willy" (with a wet patch reaching all the way down to his knees). :-)
Thinking of you, take care

Jen Tickle said...

Hi Katie,

I haven't posted for a while as back to school life took over. Your drawing is wonderful! Evie sounds a star - our two and a half year old, Emil, will only wee on cushions! Mind you, his brother spent a year refusing to go anywhere other than under the coffee bush in the garden when we lived in Sri Lanka. It must be something to do with my mothering skills.....
Ian sounds fab and I can heartily recommend that you find a friend who uses one as well and get into racing!
I'm sure you already have these, but a combination of tea tree and lavender essential oils work a treat for lingering poo smells - and so much nicer than expensive perfumes!
Your bravery still inspires. I left the mountains behind in Bulgaria and the Caspian Sea is a bit grotty for me to throw positive thoughts at, so you'll have to make do with my balcony geraniums which are still flowering, despite the snow last week.
I did a shoulder stand at yoga today which was a major achievement for me - I know you are much stronger than I am, so stick with us and keep positive despite the pain.
Jen x

Anonymous said...

Can't begin to imagine you on Ian! Go girl! Also love the potty training - what fun. Someone once said to me "What's poo between friends" One of life's important thoughts or what? Don't you worry! love Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie
It is remarkable to read how you continue to adapt to the challenges life is throwing at you day after day at the minute....and keep on making us all laugh with your wit. I don't know where you get your strength but it has to make it so much easier on those who are around you at this time, that you can still smile and find something positive amidst all the changes.

Lots of love Bronagh xxx

PS Elsa, 2.5yr equally challenged by toilet training....refuses to sit on the toilet...but will stand holding private areas, same as big brother. I thought the girls were supposed to be quicker!