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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Thanks to the BBC coverage today the blog has been visited by thousands of people - over 16,700 visits according to the stat counter. (If you have not looked at it scroll down, click on view my stats and take a peek - it's quite interesting) I have had lots of comments and emails from well wishers, people in similar situations, people concerned about lumps and moles, book publishers, other doctors, as well as friends and family. Katie would find this very amusing. She would also be delighted to know that her story is still reaching out to people and hopefully making a difference, making people live their life to the full and promoting melanoma awareness.

A short poem that Katie and I lived by - for anyone else that doesn't know what tomorrow brings:

The past is history
The future a mystery
Today is a gift
That's why its called The Present


Angel said...

I haven't heard that in a long time...wise words which I will pass on to others.

Thank you for reminding us all


Anonymous said...


Such a wonderful poem. Such an important reminder to focus on the big stuff and not sweat on the small petty day to day things.

I have sent on the BBC weblink to several friends who have been moved by Katie's story.

Elizabeth, Trevor and kids x

Anonymous said...

A perfect little reason to make the most of every day - thank you Giles
Nicky Max and Aurelia xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi, Katie's Mum, Marian here.
I just wanted to use the blog as a way of thanking all those people who have sent us letters, cards, flowers and money for charities. We have been overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity but most of all by the words you have used to describe our wonderful daughter.

We miss Katie so much and we are finding it harder to face each day now all the final events are over. Mother's Day was hard because not only have our darling grandchldren lost their mother but I have lost a child who was so loving and considerate on all those special days. David gave me a card p.p. Katie which had the most beautiful words and that set me off!

In the Thanksgiving Service the theme was to look towards tomorrow remembering with happiness what Katie had been to us. Surely the best way to do this is by helping promote the quest for a cure to melanoma or at least more research into its cause. Tom has made it a labour of love to put all 600+ pages of the blog into a 'Word' document and then to have it printed. He then contacted a friend of his, Jane, to write the article for the BBC web page. It is a brilliant article but it is only a beginning and if we sit back and do nothing what is the point in Katie having written such a personal account of her illness.

I am just her Mum but there are people out there who could have the power to promote the cause.
I once asked Katie why there was such little research into metastatic malignant melanoma: she turned her head to me and said. "Because none of us live long enough Mum!"
I don't want this to happen over and over again to other families.
Please if you can do something - do it, NOW!!

emma said...

The poem is so true,we have to stop ourselves sometimes and enjoy yhe present moments its to easy to worry about silly things,it would be a great idea if the blog was made availble to buy,reading your words marian made me happy and sad at the same time i can only imagine the pain you are going through,katie has an amazing family,thinking of you all.
Emma Chesterman and family.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this story with the BBC. This is a huge help to others suffering with melanoma. Marian is right in her comment that it does seem like there is so little research and awareness about melanoma. More really needs to be done to improve the odds and find a cure.
Thank you and all the best.

Jenny Crewe said...

Hello Giles, Hello Marian
Its good to see all the publicity, but heartbreaking every time I see the photos of your lovely children with their beautiful Mum. Still seems unreal.
You are right, we have to try and bring something positive from your terrible loss.
We will support you in trying to make sure more people are aware and I know many of us are planning the race for life this year in Katie's memory.
I wish I could comfort you Marian. Remember part of your wonderful daughter lives on in every one of those grandchildren and given time it won't hurt quite so much. Sending you a big hug.
Thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles, This is just such an amazing achievement that Katie continues to reach out to so many people - I'm sure she would be proud and bemused by the numbers who are now visiting her blog.
On a separate note, I was very moved by the pictures of you and the children releasing the Chinese Lantern on Mothering Sunday and thought about you all all day. I also met up with Sam Appleford last week who I was also at school with but hadn't seen for many years but am now back in contact with thanks to Katie. We have agreed to start meeting regularly as it makes us each feel closer to Katie, so, you see, her legacy lives on in so many ways. Speak to you soon Amanda xxx

Anonymous said...

Giles and beautiful family you are all truly amazing. I felt for you all on Sunday especially for Katie's mum I'm a mum and a grandmother and was just thinking of you all day long. The bbc article on Katie and family was fantastic.
Sue Patterson x (HC)

Anonymous said...

Giles & Marian
You don't know me but I went to University with Katie, and I always saw her as a very kind, gentle and generous person. She has demonstrated these traits repeatedly as she fought. I agree that research needs to be done, and any activity to raise awareness should be sought. I, too, have forwarded links to both her blogg and the articles, to help raise awareness.

I thought about you all on Mothering Sunday as I spent time with my own children. I really admire your determination Giles in looking forward when you can and choosing to live on... this was the message I received from the memorial service and have been thinking deeply about life and living.

So you see - Katie's reach has been felt in so many ways - I hug my children more, I live in the present and cherish my health.

Thank you x

Nicky said...

Dear Giles and family

When I read the Blog it made me cry, but Katie's spirit is so inspirational she has shown me how I should live my life and how lucky I am.

Nicky Rees x

Anonymous said...

Dear Marian,
Those words are echoed throughout Hertfordshire and the whole of the UK.
Katie was a beautiful lady, who inspired so many people when she was here, but the amazing thing is that she is still touching people's hearts and making an enormous difference in so many peoples lives.

Dear Giles,
You still seize to amaze us all with your spirit to continue this journey, to find help for people who are suffering now, even when it must be a very difficult time for you. I'm sure the children are keeping you busy and when you look into their eyes, you see Katie still living through them.

Just for anyone who wasn't aware, there is a sponsored walk at Hanbury Manor, this Sunday at 12.30 to raise money for Katie's charities.

My love to all your family
Terri x

Rebecca said...

hello i live in kentucky--my 19 year olds stepson's melanoma came back in january stage 4--still fighting. Your wife seemed to be a beautiful woman inside and out and it has helped to read her words. may God Bless you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Terri and all who are running this weekend.
I am so sorry that the Nicholls' family will not be there to support you in your marvellous fund-raising effort: we have to go a family wedding in Northern Ireland - life goes on.

I am so pleased that Katie's spirit is with so many people and that through her courage she has helped so many, and is still doing so!
Thank you for showing your love to her still,
Marian - Katie's Mum

Anonymous said...

Katie's family - never forget that you are all in our thoughts. Katie's spirit and love was very powerful and that it not going to go away. She will never be forgotten. Life does goes on and Katie would want you to keep going and make the most of every day just as she did -what an example!
Glad that the blog has reached out to many. Katie will continue to guide and support. Good luck to the fundraisers on Sunday. Keep us posted Giles! Love Pam and Gary