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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

This week is Melanoma Awareness Week so its quite appropriate that the Marie Claire article is out now. As well as a moving article about Katie it gives a list of suspicious changes to look for in moles. Marie Claire have also asked for permission to write more about Katie based on her postings on her blog.
Also this week the aerobics girls at Hanbury will be unveiling the bench that they have raised money for and had inscribed with one of Katie's favourite poems. It will be placed in the formal garden behind the swimming pool.
On the 2nd June we held the Interment of Katie's ashes with close family and a short service from Jo, the Vicar. It was another beautiful sunny day and Sophie played Pachelbels Canon at the graveside before letting off a helium balloon with a card that she had written attached. I still need to order a head stone but if anyone wants to know its - Hertford Town Cemetery on North Road, block F, row E.


Anonymous said...

Hi Giles, Sophie, Sam and Evie, good to hear from you. Ursula has also told us about the article and we are looking forward to reading it. I know that our daughters read Marie Claire so am grateful that you have written it - it will carry more weight coming from you than me! I look forward to hearing about what the children have been up to. Terrible twos passes quite quickly and then you miss it! Remember that you are all in our thoughts. Love Pam and Gary

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles, well done to Team Katie for completing yet another run and also for yet again, sharing Katie's story with others so as to raise awareness, this time through Marie Clare. I am also grateful to know of places where we can go to remember Katie on special occasions such as her birthday - I missed my card from her on mine this year. I don't think she forgot once in 30 years of friendship. Just shows what type of a person she was. Love from Amanda x

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles Sophie Sam and Evie- have just read the article in Marie Claire through floods of tears.
The article is so moving and honest- it must have been so difficult for you- well done- Katie would be so proud of you.
Thinking of you all so often

with much love from us all

Clare &Co xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles Thanks for letting us know about the article, I look forward to reading it. I check into katie's blog every now and then to hear how you are all doing and what is being achieved so thank you for keeping it up. with love x

Anonymous said...

Thanks Giles for updating us. I was thinking of little Evie around the time of her birthday so am very glad she enjoyed it. I've just read the article and it really is a lovely tribute to Katie. Its funny but I look at her photo and it still can shock me to think that she is really gone. I often look to the sky on a lovely day and ask "where are you now Katie"...in a happy place I hope.
Well done to Sophie for the beautiful musical tribute, I know Katie was so proud of how Sophie and Sam were following in her musical footsteps.
Much love to you all
Bronagh xx

Jenny Crewe said...

Dear Giles Sophie Sam and Evie
I read the lovely article in Marie Claire yesterday and was so moved. It must have been so hard for you to recount all the difficult memories. I found it hard to read between the tears.
Giles, it must be a battle to get through every day and my heart goes out to you. Thank goodness for those wonderful children to help keep Katies memory alive. What a gift she left behind.
I still cannot believe she is gone either and feel so so sad.
Take time for yourself if you can and make sure you bring in some help at home to do the things you can give to others. I know both Mums have been wonderful and I enjoy catching up at school with them but it must be hard to keep up with the everyday chores.
I know its a cliche but time will help with the pain. We are all thinking of you.
Much love to you all.

annie said...

Dear Giles.
The Marie Claire article was so emotional. I really hope it helps others to be sun safe. Katie is always here in spirit and I still think of her often.
It was lovely to see Sophie, Sam and Evie at the Zoo. Which were their favorite animals? I like the naughty monkeys..loved the butterfly house too..and meercats are ace characters.
It was great to meet Ursula..hello!..at Posh frocks. The jacket is with Liz! Hope you enjoy lots of activities during the school holidays and rest days too!.
Love to you all
Annie x

Anjella Coote said...

Hi Giles, Sophie, Sam & Evie
I have been thinking about you as the Summer Holidays are progressing at a rapid rate. I trust that you are filling the days with fun & frolics, but cannot help but think it must be tough, so
all my continued thoughts & prayers to you all x

Anjella & family