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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

So tomorrow we’re back at the Marsden – a trip to the psychotherapy unit for a counselling session, followed by the CT scan. Physically I am feeling much less tired – apart from first thing in the morning when the amitriptyline (pain relief for neuropathic pain) hangover effect occurs! However the pain is much less intense and is now only an annoying sensation. It doesn’t wake me up in the night anymore (– its just Giles snoring that does that!) but clothing, jewellery and strands of hair aggravate it. I still have to build up the power in my left arm; eating a meal with a fork in my left hand is hard work. And I have yet to drive the car. Giles is worried about my ability to reverse with my reduced neck movement (I’ve previously backed into a car and a dustbin with a perfectly functioning neck!) I thought I was able to turn it 90 degrees each way until I looked in the mirror and saw it was just my eyes turning 90 degrees and my neck more like 45!
It’s lovely that Giles is still off work and we’ve had a really nice day today. We got out of the cleaners’ way and ate out at a good restaurant in Hertford and I was then able to enjoy a bit of retail therapy (thanks to Lesley) and bought the bright blue (teal) double breasted coat in Monsoon. (NB: girl-friends - don’t buy this one because I’ve got it!)


Celia said...

Love the coat. Glad you got out and did retail therapy and a meal. Good luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you as ever. Keep positive.

Angie said...

Beautiful coat - bet it looks gorgeous on you.

Hope it goes well today.

Angie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie

Hope all went well today. Glad to see that your sense of humour is still going strong ie comments about driving and snoring! Hope to see the coat "in person" at the weekend. Amanda xx

Dawn said...

I want the coat! But you were there first so I will respect your rights. I bought a new coat on Thursday so must have been thinking of you. Glad you're feeling so positive and good luck with the scan. Good luck with the driving - you've got a ready made excuse for any little nudges....

Love Dawn

Clare Ian and family said...

Hi it was great to see you all on Wednesday - you looked great, so good to see.So glad you had some "retail therapy" time- I love the coat and promise not to buy it!

Thought about you so much on Thursday - will be thinking of you all week especially Thursday. Lots of love Clare and Co xx

Steve Harris said...

Hi Katie and Giles,

Having shared a room with Giles last weekend I can understand what you mean about the snoring.
Thinking about you lots - Ali sends her love. I've told her that although Monsoon is nice, Primark is closer for us down here in Plymouth so there's no danger of her getting the same coat as you.

Steve, Ali and family xx