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Friday, 26 September 2008

Yesterday was – what seemed like - another long day at the Marsden. We both came home with headaches! No results this week. I spent an hour talking at the counsellor - an ex-oncology nurse. (He didn’t get to say much in that hour!) Talking about things does help though. I then had the full CT scan with the contrast media injection that gives you a hot flush and makes you think you’ve wet yourself! We then saw the research doctor & nurse and I signed the consent for the Avastin trial. So they are getting all the pre-trial tests done with the assumption that the scan will be clear – which makes me feel a bit less anxious about receiving the results next week. If I am clear I may know next Thursday evening whether I am to have the active drug or am just on the monitoring arm.
I am off to do my first school run in a minute. I wonder whether Sophie & Sam will react indifferently to my presence – or be pleased to see me!

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